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Also swapped Tns relay. I have power at tns fuse but no power at fuse inside. Ran a wire from barrery to fuse inside, lights work but switch does turn or off the lights. The lights stay on. Some one mentioned to verify light control module. Where is this?

is there some other part that could be bad

Does not blow as hard as it used to. it sputters and speeds up and slows on all settings

I think it goes to the emmission system, there is a black box looking thing that it and another hose is coming out of but I can't find where the hose goes.

put a new engine in the car and it dont want to idle very good and im not sure if i got all the vaccum lines right or not,car smooths out and sound pretty good when u keep giving it fuel but it wont idle at all hardly.

Came on first drive after rear-end collision repair. mileage=62K; vehicle checked every 3mos. Shop says unrelated to collision, $943 estimate to fix! Insurance says not related. Awful coincidence or something more?

I was told that it was cylinder # 3 and it could be due to low compression.

i just traded my 2005 Yamaha Raven R1 for 2000 328Ci BMW the day before yesterday. The problem: She won't pass smog. There are 3 problems with "no description available" and then multiple sensor problems along with "misfire" problems (but you would never know driving it). Does anyone have any idea what would cause this many problems? And about how much it will cost to repair? I've already spent $2000 on attempting to fix it. They still haven't found the problem,

Do i need to remove the whole assembly like axle,spindle and the arm? some cars you can change the lug without removing everything..need some help this one.. thanks..

When you step the brake pedal, light on the dashboard always on, then drains the battery. I did change the brake light switch but same problems. Alternator and starter are good.

Are they in the main headlight area?

van starts shaking ans smell turn off and let set for a bit then drive again dose not do it all the time

what could be problem

I dont know what this sound is near the dashboard and steering wheel. I have never heard this noise before until now when I start driving. Also, car jerked like it was spitting out something...what is that about?

items, keeps setting diff. misfire code p0301-p0304, new cat. put on... with cat off, still falls flat on accel and idles rough...sometimes @ high rpms runs smooth.....plz help

thanks in advance...