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my email is My eng check light stays on most the time. Goes off when I fillup sometimes. The test code is p0449. What does this mean and what's the simple solution.
My lights on my Celica look so low can I put straight?
While driving I am hearing a Roaring type noise coming from the front of my truck. The noise is only heard from inside the truck and not outside of the truck it seems to get louder the faster I drive at speed exceedin...
how do you get in to the license plate bulb to replace?
No problems for a while, then will not start. Then will again with in hours or days. Then not again...lights come on, etc. clicks but nothing. Not a starter problem. Mechanic thinks maybe a fuel pump draining to muc...
At what mileage does the timing chain needs replacement in Concorde 1995?
The a/c & heater are no longer blowing at all. If we drive on the highway, we can feel cold air when the a/c is on & warm air when the heat is on, so we know the temperature is fine, but the air does not blow into th...
my light to my car isnt voming up like it should when i turn the lights on what should i do?
have 03 duramax heater and ac were workin and stopped pulled resistor replaced still nothing,anyone now what to replace next. FIINNNN electrical. also abs brake lights been comin on since installl hypertech tuner./
Miss fire# 2
I have a 2005 nissan titan that wont come out of park.
Just bought a 2005 Touareg and noticed that it shifts very fast. The car runs good and did not notice any problem with prefromance
Its shifting a little rough. Had computer read out the problem code was P0751 or P1751 Shift solenoid "A" stuck off.
while heat comes thru vents,,,,engine light is on
change trmostat and cooling fans