my dad told me the fuel pump is not turning on..

drove for 1 hour pulled into driveway and died. restarted and left in garage overnight and now won't start.

v8 gas large alumimandrive line twisted bent and tore company that makes them out of buisness chevy can get one in a few weeks 600.00 bucks had one made local 585.00 so if the driveline is inferior the applacation and buisness out of buisness shouldnt it be covered by someone? truck has 50.000 miles

wiring for radio

when putting a load on it like going uphill

The car is overheating and now my hood is stuck shut and I need to find a way to open it

Owner's manual says it is the alternator. Is there something simple I can check b4 I take it into the mechanic? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. 97,500 miles

fuel pump,dist,

manuel says under dash,don't see it.

air comes out of side defroster vent

what is the problem with mopar fans when they jump setting to setting without touching the selector knob? I've seen this in many mopars.

transmission plug

Its supposed to be 100+ fricken degrees the next few days and my AC in the my Alero isnt as cold as it should be... WTF can I do?? my nuts stick to the leather as it is...

the truch will start but then stall

The problem occurs when fueling car, the car has a hard time staying on. turns on then shuts off. the trouble shooting code given was P1441.