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oil cap was bouncing - so i changed the old pcv valve, which it and the hoses were clogged up was well, (oil cap stopped bouncing after) i cleaned everything out. the new one seemed to work great for about two days, the car drove great too. but the oil cap is bouncing again, car is laggy and unresponsive, gas mileage is way down, white smoke comes out of tailpipe only on startup along with a high idle until the car gets up to temperature.

My van started shuttering and then cut off and now won't start. Barrowed a diagnostic computer from a fried and all it says in misfire detected, there are no numbers or letters. I need to know what is misfiring so that I can fix it.

The noise continues even after i remove the key and goes off only when i open the car door.

seems lower then the valve cover?

These are showing up when they check my diagnostic codes. My car is also having trouble when I first start it in cold weather. When I push the gas, it takes a minute for it to get going fast. This only happens the first time I push on the gas pedal. I'm not really sure what to do and can't really afford to take it to the dealership to have them check it out.

once my car heats up, however, i can turn the switch off, and it doesn't blink at all until i start the car up again and start driving. (my car has the turbo, and its automatic)

we have a 4 door with a sliding rear window and it's leaking. We've bought the new seal and can't get the window out.

bucking surges at a stop. i have replaced mas and computer and truck still bucking and surges. no codes.

Was put on the rack (under pressure)July, 2011, couldn't find leak or evidence of leak. Every 2-3 weeks, check coolant message would appear.

I can feel a click in the cruise control module when it is turned on and there is vacuum to it. The only othing would be the pick up. Where is it?

I am replacing my headlamp socket. Current one has two orange/brown wires attached at the socket along with a white wire. The "compatible" socket has a black and yellow wire. I assume the black wire connects to both orange/brown wires and the yellow to the white. Is that correct?

I check under the truck i dont see anything broken or loose.It only does it when your driving straight.It a 4x4 truck with automatic.

I found mine outside the transmission on the left.It a 4x4 automatic

I need to replace the amplifier in my 2002 sl 500.Does anyone know where is it located???and yeah one more thing...the cd changer has stopped working i mean that the option of the cdchanger has disappeared from the screen...any advice on what to do???thanx in advance...

Not getting any brake at all and slipping.
Also low brake pedal and can hear grinding noise.
How can i fix it?
Brand new 4 tires.