Just bout the Car yesterday it has 125K, it began with an estrange wooo when ac on, last night driving home then the low coolant light came on when the car was at rest. This morning drove it on the highway for an hour the ac stop shooting cold air and temperature went high up, I pulled over and coolant was coming out of the cap. I put more water drove home with no ac, got home and the now shows the engine check light on. What can be happenig? and how can I fix it?

truck idles give it gas it dies replaced fuel pump fuel reg. pressure hoses

i cant go more than 15 mi8le per hour if i am accelerating

also hub cap lost after tx dealer worked on it,local dealer has worker on water leak still leaks only 20000 mi

Should I replace the resistor when I replace the motor

i have gone through about 10 starters and they all seem to go bad over a 4 day period and i dont know what the reason could be to make them go bad. Supposely their are differnt types of starters for my car and their is a certain starter with an "apendix" that will hit my torque converter to make it turn over but we found that one and has only been working for at least 4 days and it wont turn on at all.

the tempature gauge never went up past 1 fourth of the way now it sets at half way and goes up to 280 when idleing or the air in on high.

Since it died, I have had the cam sensor and crank sensor and coil pack replaced. Before those were replaced, spark plug 1 was getting fire, after replacing all of that, none of them are firing. The timing belt is tdc so I have no clue what else it could be.

I want to replace the Cabin Air Filter. where is it located?

start. After the car was repair four days later the same problem. The car would not start at all, the car will not turn over. Could it be the starter the reason why it is not starting.

The outside temperature gauge light on the dashboard cluster is out.If this indicating that a fuse is out? If
so, where would I locate the fuse? I did not see anything
about this in the car manuel.


i would think if it was a transmission problem it would have had signs of problems such as slipping etc? The car will shift gears it just wont go any where?

is ther a fused wire in the system that has blown or what else could be the problen will not charge battery after replcement of alternator

Very unhappy with my $14,000 lawn ornament! Have the upgraded 17" rims, now I've got to replace the ball joints/tie rods at 35,000 miles. Was quoted well over a grand for this. There's a lot of play when you grab the wheels and move them when parked, it also is very loud and clunky in the front end. I know how to replace ball joints, but how do you go about replacing the tie rods?? Also, like another put new tires on it and ESP/BAS sensor came on a bit after. Was told that I'd need a new computer quoted $1,400. Wow, this is a lot to put into a vehicle (already have had 2 sensors replaced-$700). Thanks for any help!

I hear from my sister in-law here new corolla has a cabin air filter, does a 1995 corolla have a cabin air filter?