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I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler (manual)and need to change the fluid in the transfer case, what kind do I get? Do I need ATF or will 80W-90 work great also? Thanks for the help.
I have a 1995 buick 3.1 liter engine i am replacing the o ring were the distributor use to be,but i am having a problem getting it out,any suggestions on how to get it out.Thank you randy.
a/c acts erratically, usually too cold, while there is no heat at all. Solutions?
My 2000 cherokee has about 109,000. Recently there is a hesistation once I put it in reverse / drive or when stepping on the gas after a partial or full stop. This doesn't happen every time I perform one of the act...
I have changed the fuses many times didnt help, someone said it could be in the switch just spent money on it, didnt work. We have looked many places for a wire grounding out cant find nothing, any other suggestions??
I need to change the thermostat in my 05 Chrysler Sebring GTC 2.7 L Convertable. Where is it located? Is it easy to access or do I need to take it to a dealer? Thanks
my ford taurus overheated they said the motors for the fan burnt much does it cost to replace the motors for the fan to cool the engine.
Im almost positive my jetta has a blown head gasket and the when I put it in reverse it pops out of gear and grinds. The exterior only has two dents but I am usure whether to repair the car, sell as is, junk it, or se...
i been having problems when accelerating from start. It sputters then will run good. also got two code; P1131 and P1151
Hi, Just brought 1997 pontiac sunfire($800)While I'm driving there's a sound like turning a curve at a high speed. I was told that the sound was from the air condition; after paying for the car was told it was a clip...
I have my own rotors which I want installed and I need brake replacement for the front wheels. how much will the fee for doing the work. thankyou Bob
How do I adjust the valves on my 1991 s10 2.5 liter 4 cylinder?
how do u know when a rack pinion is gone bed
I keep hearing a grinding sound in the rear end. It happens mostly after driving a while and vehicle is warmed up good and mostly when making right hand turns. It sounds like a bearing going bad but, doesn't make this...