a month or two before then my highlight blue light kept flickering and making a click noise.

seat won't go back.

change plugs and cam senser and crankshaft sensor

The increased emissions light has also just came on.

its not over heating after it sets about 10 mints it ok what is wrong with it

i want to do it by myself

How can I replace myself-is there something unusual for this car compared to my Chevy and Dodge?

Can not figure out how to take off the pressure washer

warining displays only when cracking then disappears

Check engine light came on, A/C stopped running and car began to run rough all at once. Was working fine then it all happened at once.

I'm replacing the grommet in the inner, left side tie-rod. It's missing right now and assume it has been for a while since it shakes like crazy and goes through tires like theres no tomorrow. Anyway like i said i know the basics...how it works etc. Through experience, i know there's always little pieces of information(tricks)that can make the difference of 3 hrs or 3 days.........Do i take the tie rod out to replace the grommet or replace it with the outter still connected? Easiest way to get the grommet in the eye of the rod? Q&A like the ones above. Thanks

I put a whole bottle of coolant this month because it kept running out of it. I just forgot to mix with water. Did this create the problem?

1997 mustang fan inside only works on high - if you turn the dial to any other setting - nothing happens

Seems like everything is working but the tail lights...I dont see a fuse in the fuse box marked taillights

speedometer also stops and starts, high beam light indicator is backwards