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Not sure if EGR is correct, I have spent 4 momths trying to diagnose my Jeep have been to dealer and several local shops nobody can figure it out. The car constantly sends 02 codes and when the sensors are replace it sends same code again: Symptons are tttrembling and shaking feeling especially at idle and in reverse. Have checked for manifold leaks and have been told rheir are no vacumn leaks, thought I read somethng on hear about EGR Valve can this cause this and where is it on my Jeep would this valve send a code, I know this has everything to do with the emissions they keep telling me they want to look deep in my engine and I know what that means however the engine seems to run fine and still takes off just fine and the trembling isn't noticible at high speeds it has to be something simple like valve or wire just totally baffled can anyone suggest anything...this car only has 59,000 miles and has been well taken care of never had any engine light before this happend...and thats pretty good for a 12 year old car...HELP Please any idea would be greatly appreciated...

how do i know if it's the thermostat, heater core, or blend door actuator? when defrost is on, floorboard is warm but dash top & front panels blow cold air.

ive checked fuses , i cant find any wireing diagrams so i can trace down the problem, dont know what relay to check, any help would be great. i know my way around cars and wireing but i dont have any way to get the diagrams so what should i try.

Did tune up 800 miles ago including file filter I have 141680 miles it stalls at gas pump, no leaks on hose but still runs good

Did tune up 800 miles ago including file filter I have 141680 miles it stalls at gas pump, no leaks on hose but still runs good

comes on randomly cant see a specific cause

when applying brake pedal brake lights will not work and car will not go in gear. what part may not be working.

what should i check?

Then i will try again to take the car out of park and it will work. then when I put the car in park again and try to put it in reverse .it want come out of park again so now I'm not driving it .because I don't want to get stuck at a gas pump for 30 minutes anymore b/c my car want get out of the park gear this just doesn't make any sense I brought this car brand new have a few more months and it will be paid for & now its doing this need answers now!!!!

does anyone have suggestions
seems to happen going over any time of bump big or small even hear it when closing driver door

or is left or right sides individually ok too

For the past two years this Lexus has a hard to describe loud noise, like a high speed scraping, well you reach 5200 RPMs. To reproduce the noise, all you do from a stop is floor it and when it reaches 5200 the noise happens. Then the trans shifts and the RPMs drop to 4600 and the noise is still there, but slightly less. It isn't speed dependent and A/C or alternator load doesn't matter. I just changed the timing and standard belts and pulleys. I was going to try it with the A/C and Alternator belt removed. Then if I can drive it with the P/S belt removed. I replaced the exhaust front pipe and welded all holes in the exhaust behind the rear cat. In the two years the noise hasn't gotten any worse or less.

but is not shifting properly

Last couple of days now, gage light will come on,water pressure running hot, but then will go back to normal,heater takes long to work.twice I had to add coolant.I checked for leaks,radiator,hoses, around engine,no leaks that i can see,no coolant on ground either.

There is a crack on the head gasket causing me to sometimes loose power when driving.