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Tries to start it yesterday. Started, then conked out after a few seconds. Did this 3 times in a row. Then wouldn't do anything, not even a click, just all the dash lights came on. Let it sit overnight & started right...
my bus stopped on the highway will not fire though engine rolls Changed the crank sensor and it fired first hand and ran 30 minutes stopped. Put another crank sensor did the same thing. Whats the matter
Hi, Could you tell me where to find the gear ratio for this truck Thanks
I have a 1990 ford festival thats not getting fire I've changed the coil and it still has no fire so what do i do
my key will not turn to the off position. which means the key is stuck in the ignition.
need to * Disable the air bag system to replace the heater core but the only thing am not sure about is how to * Disable the air bag system. can any one help me out ?
do midas shops do EPA warranty work, replacing the catalytic converter
The passenger side door lock wont open, the key will only go in 1/2 way?
when i press in on the clutch it sticks at the bottom i have to keep mashing in on it for it to come back up
my battery died on a 1996 toyota camry brand new battery what could be wron
my car says service anti theft system how can i fix it
srs lite on. Was told when I purchased the used vehicle that the pass. air bag was replaced and the lite was never reset. I have been told only the dealer can reset it.
I performed a load test on my battery and the alternator came up not charging. so I would like to know the location of the alternator so I can change it.
does the escape have timing belt or chain and when should it be changed, a interference or non inter. motor
i have a 07 hhr and the battery went bad for being not ran for awhile. We jumped it and for some reason this caused the powersteering pump to malfunction. we put a new fuse in bought a new battery but now after runnin...