i took 2 wires and hot wire it and it works,cheched relays under hood and the shut off shitch is pushrd down,,i don't know

Blower motor only works on 3,4 and 5. I assume its the resistor. Not sure how to get to it. Also when I push button for inside air it comes on then jumps back to out side air by its self. Half to push it 3 or 4 times before it stays.

When the brake pad was taken off the spring broke.

just had the check engine light come on and the code was PO449

After changing these things out, drove her about 5 miles after putting gas in her, she died! Had to wait about 20 minutes for her to cool down...then she fired right up and brought me home (was only a few blocks away).

new distributor,new coolant sensor,new oxygen sensor,new plug wires,new spark plugs.Map sensor checks good with volt ohm meter,also the throttle sensor checks good.no cel codes.

get ticking noise from engine after long periods of driving.

I had the pressure hose replaced and the pwr. steering stilled leaked. went to a shop and it was told to me the rack and pinion bad. this started as a pwr. steering leak. The pwr. steering would come back before i repalced the pressure hose but it leaked awful.

I have coolant leaking from between the engine and the transmission. There is no coolant mixing with the oil in the engine. So that should elimenate the head gasket and any cracks in the block or heads. The only thing left I can think of is the freeze plugs, but I don't knoe if there are any on that part of the engine. The manual is no help and I'd rather find out with out haveing to look myself. Any help would be greatly appretiated.

i added a can because it wasn't cold enough

I am losing oil and there is alot of oil coming out somewhere towards the lower driver side firewall

Happened abruptly. Air blows out on 4 only, not the lower 3 options. No sounds, nothing.

Our mechanic says the part no longer exists is this true and if so what are the alternatives?

can i use a steering gear box from a 86 elcameno

1990 honda accord lx 2.2 i have replaced the ECU the ECU fuse, the cap rotor ignitor coil and even a new distributor, and a new battery i still only get fire to the distributor but not out. and when the key is off the coil is dead. but if the key is in the on position both the neg and pos side of coil is hot..where is my problem and why cant i get fire out of this thing. i got the fuel but i need the spark to start..help please