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removed catalitic converter cecked for vacuum leaks and all fuses starts off driving very sluggish but after 35 mph seems to straighten out some very slow on take off dies frequently on take off and very very sluggish going up a hill and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I took my 2006 Tundra in for an oil change and the mechanic pointed out that my Water Pump was leaking. I have never had an overheating problems. How can I be sure it needs a replacement?

it was hooked to the diagnostic box and it said it was the body control module but it checked out ok so they said it could be in the fuse link to it but i can not locate it .

I have been having problems with my rpms going hi and low and then high and low and dieing ive replaced several parts in cluding the coolant sensor and now that what my code is, so did i get a bad one my car was and it running pretty much the same way!

it will start with old non functioning key but will not start with new key

There are 3 relays in the glove box and 4 under the hood

The struts on the car now have ride control, can I replace these with a regular strut? What will I do with the sensor that's on top of the old strut.

car stopped completely, and there was oil under the car.

I need to know why when I put it in 4x4 Low, it will not move when put back in drive.

Initially the battery light came on and it went dead. Now it will only start after being pushed off. Have replaced the alternator, battery and battery cable ends. When the key is engaged, the lights work and horn a/c heater dosent work. It wont turn over.

I am not sure when, but someone tried to break into my van, unsuccessfully, and broke the whole lock, and handle. Now I cannot get the back doors to open, and I desperately need to get to the lens on the tailight and change the bulb, but I cant because the handle and all is broke. Any advice??

where is the ac low pressure fiting located ?

im trying to check why my check engine light is on

Lights do not come on

im just trying to get little sarah to start, but she wont. i think its just electrical but idk, someone help?