at the bottom. Can you tell me what it is? I don't have owners manual. Thank You

the fuel delivery system is new. fuel pump,filter,relay. new distributer cap & rotor also

When I bought this used car (100,000 miles)it had a new catalytic converter on it. Shortly after that I got a SES light and the dealer said the catalytic converter had failed again. He replaced it. 5000 miles later I have a SES light and had a local garage I trust scan it. They got code P0420, converter failed. They say the dealer used an aftermarket converter and you need to use an OEM unit, $586 is the friendly price for a Magnaflow unit!

need to determine if my timing belt has slipped by looking at it

i need to replace the rubber gasket it is leaking oil i was wondering if any one knew how to remove it?

The mileage was incorrect.

I've been using 10-40 weight for several years. I've not had any engine problems. Although, there may be some coming up! I'm being told by Jiffy Lube it's outdated, not in use. They don't stock it anymore.

have changed oil weight.

what does it mean

air is still very cold but condensation is building on plastic housing next to blower

All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.

All other windows work. Hear a noise when the button is pressed to work the window but it will not go up or down. Door locks okay.

My automatic transmission jetta won't switch from 2nd gear to 3rd gear sometimes (more often now). When it works all the gears work. When it fails only 1st and 2nd and reverse works.

The tracking light goes off as soon as I start the and I am wondering if that could harm the car?

If the Crank Shaft Position Sensor is bad, will you still get spark at the plugs? If one coil is bad the car should still start right? It is cranking but not starting, fuel pump is good. Checked the pressure on the fuel rail. Could it be the Cam Position sensor?