how do you know if you need a ider pully

car is slow to shift speedometer/odometer not working

After starting the heat gauge climbs fast to max. The red light comes on! I stop Immediately, and then re-start, and the gauge stays at normal but does fluctuate slightly in the upper zone. I do hear steam escaping from within the engine bay. When the ignition is first switched on there is a 'clicking' sound like a short circuit from the radio area of the dashboard.The car has done 280,000 Km, and has never given any problems till now! Please help

i have a torc converter will it fit on a stick shift fly wheel?

sulfur odor

and again at 65,000 miles

need to know what the fuel pressure should be for a 2002 mazda mpv mini van

Oil found in the drivetrains according to the mechanic. Possible? Please advise. Smoke visible four years ago then disappeared until recent maintenance: radiator, water pump, and timing belt. Help!

It pumps fluid through the system---back into resivour, but when you adjust the valve lever up & down, nothing happens---
stays in the down position. Rides fine, Air accumulators are new, plenty of fluid. Can it be that the valve is faulty and letting the fluid by-pass, instead of raising.

All other buttons work fine, what would cause this problem and how can i get the window back up until i can fix this?

driver side door c loses whenever car is on slope. detent on door is ineffective.

spray starting fluid and it starts what would cause this

how hard will it b to put the torc converter on the stick shift flywheel

Now it seems to be ideling higher - in drive will go 8-10 miles per hour and with air conditioner on will go 15 miles per hour.

It strts to chug and cut out when it has less than a half of tank of gas and the air is running, in the last 2 weeks, before then not a problem... Before i spend a crap load of $$$$ on a pump please help me determine.