Our 05 e500 has an in dash cd changer that rercently began to run as if it was trying to play a cd but their are no cd's in the changer. It will run for a few moments, then it will stop, then start again. Sometimes the cover plate will not close when you press the button, then it will close after the car has been turned off for a while.

It seems to always be wet no matter the weather or time of year.

It seems extra hard to shift into 1st gear after initially coming out of reverse gear. This problem does not happen each time but often enough it just seems like first gear has disappeared.


Car is in garage, out of rain, etc.
About a 12 inch area in the middle of the floor on the driver's side only.
Used a wet vac to remove as much water as possible. Now I can feel soggy carpet and water again.

1 time was composesor, 2 time switch by back axel, i know theres power at the switch in the back but i hace no suspension, is there a way to by pass everything and just fill the suspension or do you have any ideas thanks jerry

refrigerant charge is fine.

fuel tank pressure sensor

i was quoted a $155.00 by a service garage in longwood, fl.

This accured after removing the baby car seat on the back seat left side.

And then it won't stay running. Is there a reset? If so, how to reset it?

I have had 2 catalytic converters put on since Jan.'11, alternater, map sensor, 2oxygen sensors, coil pack housing replaced, 2 sets of sparkplugs and the list goes on!!!! Codes are 171, 1171 and 463. I do not know what else to do because I have run out of funds. Today had a fuel pump put on and Sat. a coolant temp. sensor. The temp.needle is reading higher than before but not hot and I was getting only 250 miles to the tank. She is still somewhat sluggish or seems to not have the power when on the interstate..... HELP!!!!

my remote worked fine until i had tires rotated. didn't work when i tried to unlock car, replaced battery in remote no better, found that if i hold remote down by bcm at passenger side kick panel it works, is there an antenna or receiver that could have been bumped or broke during a tire rotation if so where is it

Problem just started today

then had it charged (its holding freon) then took it to a Big Name shop where they claim that I need a new fuse box and harness for a total of $1500 installed. The rest of the systems that are in the fuse box, i.e. brake lights, etc. all are working so I am somewhat baffled. Is there a sensor or something else? Help me, I am just a poor college kid disabled. Thanks.