trying to go cheap, I am aware tarus is not air ride, but want to get moms ride height fixed, its wasting tires and over all drives bad..

It just takes a few seconds before turning over.

Ok so I took it to Acura dealership and of course they told what was wrong was code PO 741 which is the torque converter clutch stuck off and since they don't rebuild transmissions cost is to be 4,800. The original problem was that the transmission fluid was apparently leaking for a while but couldn't be detected b/c there's a casing under trans and that's where fluid was leaking. So they put more transmission fluid in it and car seems to run well for now no problems but the check engine light is still on. I am calling several private transmission repair shops but still seems like transmission might need to be rebuilt and if they are to take TCC out they would do trans work too which would cost like $2,500. Now is there any possibility that only the torque converter clutch would need to be replaced and engine light would come off? I know trans and TCC are connected somehow and if TCC goes bad it emits metal particles which could ruin your trans but how would I know if it got to that step yet? WIth normal trans fluid care runs fine and I don't want it to get to the point where I need a whole new tranny. I hope I get some quick answers please HELP! Thank You

its leaking out pitman arm seal

The smoke test was done and they said I need a new pump

The Hayes manual shows one for the 1.8, but its not on the 1.6.
I have good spark and fuel , just wont run, stopped on the road like it was turned off.
So far it seems the fuel injectors are not letting fuel into the engine.
Does this seem right?
Fuel injectors ..
The book says only one of 2 terminals on the connector for the fuel injector should be hot when connected to ground, but both of them on all injectors are hot all the time when grounded.
It seems to me, that the item (camshaft position sensor ?) is shorted out or no ground. I cant find anything showing a CPS in any manuals and the toyota service dept, who have been helpful , im surprised , say the CPS is located where im looking, but thats only on the 1.8 engine.

after I turn the ignition key to on there are 6 beeps from the dash and then a steady tone. Everything else is fine.

I have to play with it for five to ten minutes before it will shift into drive.

about the evaporative emission system leak

1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

Car worked fine last night. Sat overnight with hot and humid (michigan) weather. Won't start this morning. Acts like it wants to, but just can't seem to roll over. Seems like I have enough power from the battery...lights work, radio works, etc.

I was told this was a thermostat sensing switch. I replaced this part and the problem still exists. Any ideas what else I should look for or do I need to put it on a computer for further diagnosis?

if the starter goes out can you hear the fuel pump when it turns on and off

I have 96,000 miles on 2000 town car now

what should my curb height be on my car