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Was driving home and all of a sudden, 35 was top speed.

I need to replace my spark plugs(100300 miles) on them my owners manual says replace every 1000,000 miles. There is a lot of plastic covering the area where they reside.That's why I'm asking what do I need to remove to gain access!

please help ,i try a lot of mechanics, i don't what to give up !!!!!!

new oil, and new trans.

its not on the doors

If so where exactly are they located,near the block or the one by the front exaust

My 2005 mercedez, c240 alternator light came on today, can that damange my car if not fixed in a month?

Could it be the security system locking up? Stalled waited 10 min. started, ran 2 miles, stopped again, now won't start at all.

it,,with 2 prongs exposed there is a plug in with the marking 12.8 wagner with 2 prongs exposed.

above is my question

On my 2003 aviator,I have 33K on my tires and hear tires moise on a smooth road which I never heard before. They tell me I have tire cupping.
I have two questions:
1) How does this occur when I regularly align my wheels and balance my tires?
2) Is it safe to drive with cupped tires that have plenty of tread remaining?

got oil changed, couple days later smelled oil burning, saw oil under car. Suspected maybe overfilled oil, sotook it back to dealer. After they inspected said bot head gaskets were leaking. "it never made it to your reciept but on our copy it is noted by the mechanic that the leak was already there." Really?? 2 grand later and theyt wanna add new oil and h2o pump. could it have been the oil pump leaking the whole time and could it be caused by them putting in too much oil? any ininput would be greatly appreciated tnx, Ron

My 2003 has a little over 161,000 miles on it. When should the timing belt be changed and how hard is it to change?

Will won't start - key on 52-56 psi on gas line - put gas in intake from psi. gauge till it starts - turn off gauge supply - then it will run on its own smooth with a steady 55 psi - ture engine off sometimes it will restart most time it will not. Is this machanical or electrical and whats the fix?

Thanks, I would greatful.

runs great when it runs. when i turn it off for the night and try to start it in the morning, the engine cranks like crazy, but wont start. had it towed several times to shop and the mechanic says it started for him and he could not find anything wrong. help