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I have a 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL and recently there is thick black smoke coming out of the tail pipe. why?
diagnostic code: P2004
trying to take transmission
Is it a big job or a do it yourself?
Remove and rebuild the starter on a 1993 Toyota pickup
my interior lights come on and fade off then on and somtimes stay on while driving. after I park and turn car off they do go out with in five minutes. ie thought of relay ,door lock or door lacth swiches,where to start?
How do i replace the filler tube for my gas tank on my truck? Can anybody help me.Thanks
I replaced all the bulbs behind the dash board but my speedometer, tachometer, fuel level etc. lights do not turn on. Could it be the switch maybe? the check engine light and gear select lights etc. all light up though.
I can't get my truck to go over 3000 rpms even in neutral. Its almost like the rev limiter is set to 3000. Any ideas? Suggestions?
What should the shock bolts be torque to
I need to replace my water pump. I am wanting to know if there is a way to get to it easier than disassembling the entire pulley system?
What does the TRAC light indicator mean when it come one. It just started comming on. I think ABS sensor adjust or ABS issues. It occured on a highway trip. thanks
Ineed to know where to locate the hi amp alternator fuse
My alarm will go off while I'm driving my car it will start with the horn blowing then the alarm goes off. I pressed the panic but on my keyless entry key and then it will go off, but its doing it all the time now whi...
How do I get the fuel flap open now that the release button in driver's door is broken?