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My daughters Hold Light is flashing, what is causing this?
My car with 39,000 miles resently started making roaring type sound. With serp. belt on the car sounds like the noise is coming from the lower part of motor. Take the belt off,the sound goes away. Could the belt tensi...
2002 Dodge Ram Truck 1500 with a 5.9 engine stopped running while on a trip all at once. No code found in the computer,checked out electrical system, no voltage going to the coil or coming out, engine cranks but will ...
The VSC on and off lights come on and stay along with the check engine lights?
on the rear axle in the dashboard display,both tires keep flashing check in red. problem #2 drivers side electric door lock will not open.#3 where do i get a door key made as well as getting a key for my spare tire lock
head bolt torque specs
When set to cruise, the car now surges slightly compared to the past when it was very smooth. Is the cc vacuum driven and could there be a crack in the vac resevoir? Where is that?
On a 90,ooo mile tune-up, it refers to a "cabin air filter". Where can I find the cabin air filter?
the #4 spark plug is cross threaded. What is the estimated repair cost?
So what's the key to unplugging the wiring harness sockets? Kind of funny. All the posted instructions say to open the tailgate and back out the bolts and remove the taillight assembly and then discount the wiring h...
I had replace the battery a month before bring for inspection, now the car must be driven before it can go through inspection
Heater blows hot air on driver side but cold air on passenger side and floor. I have dual comfort control.
So I pretty much know what the problem is: HVAC has a vacuum leak somewhere as the entire HVAC system only blows through the defrost. So far after multiple attempts I can't seem to locate where it might be occurring a...
I had this problem when my door locks locked and unlocked automatically while driving and while parked. I took the circuit out and havent had an issue, I just need to manually lock and unlock the doors. Why would th...