Sorry but will try again,it won't let me type pass the m.S I have a 2001 Tahoe LS 5.3L 4x4 sweet.I'm changing out the compressor out because of a clatter sound when turned on,it also has rear air that only blow's warm air.I beleive the problem with that is the exspansion valve is bad,and the front is cold only when you drive and get's warmer when you are at a idle,also I'll be changing the dryer,and orfice tube.So my quesion is I don't use the rear air at all,so do I have to change the rear exspanion valve out,in a nother word can just leave the rear air aloan and not touch it at all.Could you please give me a answer asap.Thank you P.S.the truck is great!!!!!!!!!!

when every i turn the car off and put gas in the car the engine check light comes on after the machanic decodes the car. how should i run the car to reset the sencor after the work is done?

runs from the tension housing to the engine

feel a jerk in the vehicle when it does that, getting worser

the pump for the air ride comes on but not long enough to pump up the rear end, it shuts off after about 5 seconds. if the rear end is pumped up then over nite the back end is low again any ideas?

needs parts & labor cost estimate

All the time now. and its getting worse.

the rear end is very low to the ground. now i have replaced the pump about a year ago but lately the pump is shuting off to sone, what could the problem be

I felt the refrigerant escaping from the fitting when I finished a recharge.

The hood latch broke and even the cable that was once attached to the latch has rescinded enough that I cannot grab it with plyers. It seems my only option would be to somehow open the hood through the grill somehow, but I can't figure out how.

At first when I turned the steering wheel to the right or left it would click, now when I signal it does not shut off? What's the problem and how to fix it?

description of the code on the scanner says it is a stuck O2 sensor is that really all it is or could ther be something else

My "check coolant level" display keeps showing eve thou my coolant level is above the full mark. Not sure but i recently changed my water pump and i thought that might make it stop coming on . also i changed the coolant reservoir about 2 months ago and i'm still getting this reading. what do you think it is ?

i have a 96 vw jetta and i closed my sunroof and when it got to the closed position it opened all the way and now it will not budge, when i push the buttons i hear a clicking like a relay and it wants to move but isnt im confused why it retracted itself please help me!!!!!!

This occurs when I'm driving on highways.