what does it mean

air is still very cold but condensation is building on plastic housing next to blower

All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.

All other windows work. Hear a noise when the button is pressed to work the window but it will not go up or down. Door locks okay.

My automatic transmission jetta won't switch from 2nd gear to 3rd gear sometimes (more often now). When it works all the gears work. When it fails only 1st and 2nd and reverse works.

The tracking light goes off as soon as I start the and I am wondering if that could harm the car?

If the Crank Shaft Position Sensor is bad, will you still get spark at the plugs? If one coil is bad the car should still start right? It is cranking but not starting, fuel pump is good. Checked the pressure on the fuel rail. Could it be the Cam Position sensor?

is slipping and makes vibrating noise. Immedialely goes away once car is moving. Can you help determine the problem and the cost to repair.

my emergency brake pads got soaked with oil when axel seal leaked

blows hot for 20 mins then goes to cool and every once in a while cold

I installed a new ignition, key & tumbler. I then took the vehicle to the ford garage and tried to have them flash computer. It wouldn't flash, they said I needed a wireless control module and I have found that this item has bee discontinued. The vehicle does not start at all now.

I have replaced the thermostat and it still happens from time to time

when i try to shift in D at 50 mph it doesnt shift. car is fine for first 30 miles. then has this problem

There is a screw on nut which holds the fan assembly on to the water pump. It is a 1 3/8" nut. I have a crescent wrench which will fit the nut but cannot get it to loosen. Anybody know any tricks to get this thing loose? I did put the crescent wrench on and then hit it with a mallet to try to persuade that nut to come off but to no avail.

which is eaiser pull the motor(replacing it's bad) or pull the motor w/ trans? trans is a two peice solid bell housing. i was told on here 6 bolts to get the lower off, after removing oil filter & exhust. i must be misssing something! thks "E"