My 2006 300 is burning oil and has the engine light on, repair shop says that guides are worn and need replacing to stop the problem of the plugs fouling and oil consumption.

While on the highway at about 60-70 mph the passenger seat of my car starts to shake all of a sudden along with the car itself. It does not happen at any other time. I recently purchased this pre-owned car with 38k miles.

No heat, Air conditioner is fine, windows wont defrost

the car sit for 4 years i brought it home and put a fuel pump in the car any help would be highly appreciated

I came out to my buick to find out that the battery had been drained. After jumping it, I noticed that the interior lights would not go out. I pulled the fuse for the interior lights, but it still drained my battery. The only way to keep it from not being drained is to disconnect the battery.


all go down from drivers control but none go up.
rear drivers window was going up but not down from back seat. Rear passengers was going up but not down from back seat. Now all windows go down from drivers side but none go up, unless u wait a long while it seems (more than 15 mins). If u could tell me what is wrong that would be great. Thank you!!

i bought a car md i hooked it up and it gave me diagnostic cod of po563 can you please let me know what it means

notting happens.rpm's still high.after driving for 20 minutes it acts normal. what is the problem.

Every time I hit a bump I hear a snapping or rattling coming from both sides of the rear tires/wheel wells. Tested this on my street by placing a 2x4 on the road and running it over with each tire? Is this just bad shocks or another problem?

As i mentioned in the question, the trunk "open" light is on. When the button is pressed near the drivers seat I can hear a click coming from the fuse box in/near the glove compartment. Button on the exterior of the car also does not work. Trunk works however with the key. I cannot find a fuse that works specifically for the trunk. Any help???

tensioner runs good no missing but dies. was run 2 years with check engine light and bad cam tensioner.

My car battery died. Once I jumped it, it now has a check alarm system notification on the dash. Is there any way to reset that notification? The nearest dealership is over an hour away.

Radio, power windows and clock on start up won't work, then come back shortly there after, especially on a warm day

I have to open the passager door to make the radio go off, and for the interior lights to come on.