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if u have any aswer for call me plz ... 773-299-2909 rich ok...i check the hot and the ground with a b.s volt tester so i found out that the ground power stops at that gray box on the fan and so i have to hook a p...
service stability light comes on frequently. also when going down a hill and turn left abs seems to kick on. has a growling noise from left front possible hub bearing?
How to refill transmission fluid on a 1994 540i BMW ?
we cant find it some places call it a pump we need to buy it
My Caravan is over heating,there is a small leak on the side of the block, can that be change and is it dificult, its on one of the engine block plug
driving car 60 mph and it redlined. Tried to shut off by turning off key and it kept running. Friend (mechanic), says he found the "turbo" behind motor and in front of firewall seized up and it was running on oil? ...
I just replaced the temp sensors in my car but the temp gauge is still reading very high. The fans work when they are told to by the computer but it has no effect. Also my tachometer doesnt go down all the way after ...
I've taken the 2 outboard screws off, but can't get the lens off. There seems to be no other screws.
Swith is cracking in the center consol for the drivers side. How do you replace it ?
horn will not work at all
I have a knocking sound in the engine of my car. Can you tell me what could this be and if i get a new engine how much am i looking at?
steam coming out of vents after the radiator was replaced
I want to know the best way to check wheel sensor to find which one is defect I took resistance nothing for front sensor
4x4 stop working last week,manual shifter engage but control light doesnt show anything,is that electrical problem or mechanical
I have a 98 2wd blazer with a 4.3 v6 vortec motor if it sits more than a day it wont start and if it rains it wont start ive changed the fuel pump ,plug wires and plugs and the distributor cap and rotor button and the...