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replaced 1 yr plugs with 5000 miles, is getting fire and fuel which prtessure is fine, exhaust is not plugged, no timeing chain problem. was flooded to the degree that some fuel got in my oil which i let drain thoroughly before replacing w/filter. Still will not start - just keeps turning over - local mechanic can not figure it out either - Help !!!

The rear heat/AC fan,motor, etc working great. The front is not responding to any combination of fan and selection like defrost/vent/foot well, etc. Before it stopped working, I noticed I drove a little while before the fan came on in the front only.

intermittant charging from alternator. alternator replaced with new but no help.

Customer brought vehicle in for a timing belt change. Drove the vehicle for 2 weeks came back complaining that the engine went bad due to bent valves. The belt did not break. What could be the cause?

where is the charcoal canister and the hoses that could leak?

What does the pinon rockin have to do with the power steering.

I was told it needed it.

need to be replaced due to piston damage. The interior and exterior are in good shape. I want to sell it. What would be a fair price?

my instruments lights and my parking shift lights are out

The windesheild wipers on my 2002 sometimes work,but only on the last 2 settings. Sometimes they don't move at all. I have no idea whats wrong.

I know I need to get it flushed but it is still full could that be the heat problem? temp gage is midway when heated yo. Think I hear a bit of a gurgling sound? Any diagnosis before i go to mechanic?

I need picture this sensor and especially plug.

If I start the car when it's cold and touch the gas or clutch, it cycles between 2000 and 800 rpms repeatedly until warm. I have read that other owners of 93 and 94 Hondas have had the same problem.

Price of cable part, what is this called, can't find it anywhere? And price and hours of labor costs? Thank you very kindly.

it backfire as i give it gas to as it jerks what is that making it do that?