were do i drain & refill my gearbox on my 2003 d5

With wheel off ground, there is about 1/8 inch of vertical play in joint when lifted with a pry bar.

Only when the vehicule is in Reverse the accelerator sticks and grow up by itself until I put in Neutral.

can this be the plugs or the water pump? i realy dont want to replace the water pump so i am hoping it is the plugs? how do i check this? i just replaced the radeator and thermostat because they were broken and it is still pouring out of the bottom

If i let it sit for a few hours it's ok,

After a big rain storm, we started the car and the speakers made a fuzzy crackling sound and then stopped working. The dealership said the amplifier needs to be replaced. I am wondering if this is the most likely diagnosis, and how much it should cost. They said the part is very expensive but the labor is not much.

i have a 2003 nissan altima v6 with 157,000 miles and just started making a knocking noise when cranked and i'm afraid to drive it maybe resulting in more serious prolbems..could you please help me?

When I have the lights set to "auto" they are always on now, even in bright sunlight. This was not the case for the first 6 months or so when I bought the car; they were truly automatic, based on daylight or cloudiness, etc. I washed the car (in a general manner) but don't know where the sensor is to give it a better scrubbing. It's not something I want to bring to the dealer for if I can just check to see if there's road grime built up, etc. The car is 9 months old with 10,000 miles.

I am trying to order the CV Joints and there are both kinds, with and/or without ABS....

how often change spark plugs

is there a fuseable link?
or fuse box that has blown a fuse to cause this
or is the ignition bad?

The vehicle starts up and will idle just fine. As soon as I start driving and accelerating to higher speeds the car sputters and will then shut down. After I wait a few minutes it starts right up- only this time with the check engine light on. I have taken the car to 2 shops ( not dealerships ) and have been told that it can either be bad fuel or the optispark distributor. Either way not sure if this mechanical or electrical. Only 112k on the clock- probably still has plenty of miles left. I am not an auto tech- but my guess here is that this might very well be a fuel pump related issue. I use shell 93 octane for this bad boy and when it was working before this it was really moving. Any other answers here. Thanks.

Very Often this occurs, well when it rains sometimes it doesn't make the noise.

was told front wheel bearing were bad, $500.00 to fix parts & labor do not have $ would like step by step on replacing front wheel bearing on my 4x4 trooper. it has automatic locking hub, illustration would be better. pls help!!!

Today, I slid under the vehicle as it was parked in my driveway to see that the transfer case is oily on the outside. could that be connected? it's a Columbia edition.