I have a a 1.5L 4 cylinder with an automatic transmission

The belt is making a noise and the pully needs to be repaired

im getting a whining or hissing sound from drivers side engine compartment. will a faulty purge valve cause any noise? thanks n where is IT located? thanks again

I have no idea what could it be. It has been doing this lately, any help would be great.

When first starting, front air is not working. Sometimes it comes on after a while (few minutes) and the last time it did this, it seemed to turn itself on and off repeatedly. Air temp is 90 and air set to "auto".

and eventually a new engine. Now the car still runs hot with the air conditioning on. a passer by told me that when the engine is turned on, if the car is hot the fan should come on, and since the fan wasn't on and the radiator over flow bottle was bubbling, he said that I needed a heat switch. Could that be my problem and could that have been the problem all the while? I am frustrated.

The book say's to turn ignition on, there is no ignition switch?

defrost is not on when i try the ac

how much for a tune-up and at what milage is it usually req;d

i had to disconnect the battery and the drivers door is half ajar.

I have my reset codes but my radio will not turn on.

There is 108,000 miles on the vehicle. When I shift to higher gear there is a considerable delay between shifting and actual acceleration and great sluggishness. Also the shift gear light stays on or blinks off and then comes back on.


e.mail reddogkzk@wi.rr.com thank you.

what could be wrong and how to fix it? Blower was working fine yesterday, just started this morning.