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i lost the keys to my 1997 golf chico 1600 I have replaced the ignition key but what can i do to disable or bypass the immobiliser , at presnt the car is sat in the garage and i cant start it
fuel smell at start up no fuel leaks visible
My wife took the truck in yesterday for a warranty repair. Last night she tells me they recommended that the transmission be flushed and the rear differential service be performed. First response was that they w...
even when put in netural the starter does not seem to catch and it takes several tries before it happens
Everytime I put gas in my Ion, the gas nozzle shuts off every 3-4 seconds. I have made sure the nozzle is all the way in, that doesn't help. I have put the nozzle in only a little ways, that doesn't help. The only ...
While driving, suddenly my speedometer & odometer quit working. The check engine light came on & the D4 transmission light began to blink. I drove the car home, the car drove ok. Ive had the transmission fluid chec...
When you start to turn you can feel a little thumping in the floor but when you tap the brakes it makes a loud thump noise
My ac is not blowing cool air they try to ad freon and it still not working.
After my car is warmed up I have to hold the pedal to the floor and as it's cranking over I take my foot off the pedal. This is the only way it will start. When it's cold it starts just like it's supposed to. Can anyo...
I have had two incidents (actually 3rd total) where the car will not start. Lights, locks, radio all work but the car will not turn over. There is no starter sounds just dead silence. The Techs have so far been una...
when vehicle is cold it runs good. but as it warms up it runs bad
FUEL DOOR LIGHT / no codes-- no wire-- no nothen-- can a switch rot away or is it the gas cap I CAN SEE CLEAR IN?
I went to start the car up and it won't start up, and I have gas in it already; is my fuelpump the problem?
i go to start it and it starts idles high and then low then dies what wrong with it?