The car is chugging and going about 20 mph. with a few sudden burst.

1. Is this a common problem?
2. What should be done?

i push in the brake and it still wont move from park position.

olds 2000 silhouette code p 0742

couldn't hear fuel pump run. changed fuel pump.and it didn't work. no power to pump. hot wired old pump it worked.

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus. The blower motor works fine. Heater core was flushed. Temperature gauge reads normal. Doesn't make an odd noise or anything, just won't heat or get cold. Please help!! Thanks

The tank is not full

The radiator had a crack in upper half from a deer strike and the engine over-heated while driving it to the mechanic. We are being told the motor needs replaced and I would like to have an idea of a fair price for this.

Took it to 3 places and heard everything from Blend Door, Servo Motor to Heater Core. Please help my feet are freezing.

Mechanic said it's tire noise but it's so loud I turn the radio up to drown it out! I also have a slight vibration in the steering wheel that almost puts my hands to sleep

Codes P1166 and P1167? I have changed the Mass Air Flow Sensor, Oxygen Sensor on the Upstream (Front/Right) Before
the Cat. Converter. Hooked up the Scan Reader and Cleared out the codes, drove it for awhile and it did stay out, but then it came on again? Hooked up the Scan Reader again when I
returned home and it gave the same codes (P1166 and P1167)???
Do I need to change the Upstream- Rear/Left O2 Sensor and also the Downstream on the Right/Front plus the Downstream-Left/Rear???

This happens whenever i go around a corner or brake more than slightly.

is there a reset button. and were is it located

I can't figure out if the wiper motor comes through the dashboard, or is there a way to pull it from under the hood. I need a manual, but can't find one online.

started ran 10 minutes died then won't restart 4 hours later it started ran 10 minutes died and won't restart can u help me its like it is not getting fuel