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At what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?

Truck intermittently shudders/stalls while driving. No check engine light & code "P Done" displays. Replaced camshaft sensor & crank shaft sensor (including connectors for both sensors). Still have same problem. Dodge mechanic believes it's ECM. ECM was replaced a little over a year ago. I'm at the end of my rope with this problem. Can't afford to be "nickled & dimed" to death replacing possible fixes. HELP!

I had some new tires put on today and asked them to check the brakes. They said the break pads were fine but that the front rotors were rusted. They said about $300 to fix the front rotors and put on new pads. Is this a real problem? What will happen if this doesn't get fixed right away? Is this a reasonable price? I am short on $ and can't pay for repairs that are not really necessary. The brakes do squeak a bit but they work fine.

it never shows a code or warning light,i replaced cam and crank sensors, and worked for a few days and now its happening again, help please!

I'm a little confused by what they mean by the "lower console" in my 1999 Silhouette. The instructions for replacing the heater core tell me to remove the lower console to access the heater core cover.

I got my tires rotated last week, November 25, 2011, and ever since I've noticed a yelping (like a dog)/grinding sound coming from the driver's front tire area. It is most prominent when I hit the brakes or turn to the left.

occurs always from all ducts

when I put the gear on D or R and press the brake the car hardly vibrates but when the car is moving or the gear on N It's clear and calm !

Belt squeals when starting engine below 20 degrees.

The dealer says I need a rebuilt transmission. How much will it cost for both the transmission and labor? The dealer quoted $3300 and eventually came down to $2895. I am thinking of using a transmission shop. Does a warranty cost extra? If so, how much should it cost? Thanks.

Oil pressure low/stop engine light on. Back in July same thing and dealer replaced sensor. replaced sensor again yesterday, said not the problem. Now today they said the MIU needs to be replaced - and they can only get rebuilt MIU. They told me $750 plus tax - I'm also worried what if it's not the problem.

Especially in cold weather.

New Battery,alternator & all fuses have been checked. No one can find what is causing it :( It happens about every 3 days. I have to jump start it. Diagnostic test have been done & still can't find anything. Help!!!!!!!!!!

rear shocks not working ,pump is working.code 1726
thanks ken

had a coolant leak car got hot I pulled over and shut down immed ...cooled down and drove half mile back home started twice after that day had it towed to garage who said it wont start and sounds like it has no compression? it never got enough long enough to damage engine what gives? 1997 Lincoln Cont