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I just rcently replaced the front rotors and pads on my 2006 RR Sport HSE 4.4. The stearing wheel starts to shake as soon as I apply the brake (when slowing down from 30 mph or more speed). The brake pedal does not sh...
did all the changed filter fluids all at rightlevels and it is a automatic overdrive no button
I had my speed sensor changed but my check engine light is still on. also my abs and brake lights are on and my speedometer doesnt work unless i am on the highway goin over 60 miles a hour
what is the "induction System" on this car?
I had 4 new break rodars and 4 new break pads put on last april 2010. less than 15k miles. the one back break is now for the past two days metal to metal- does this mean he only put on break pads and didn't replace t...
My service engine light is on and sometimes codes flash. The codes are dte 26 & dte 36. Could you tell me what these codes are for?
i I had a dead battery and I CHANGE IT now my radio dont work my bass and trible toggle swiches keep on blinking please help. 7
When it rains water gets in my trunk could it be from my sunroof drain holes?
Should the body control module be programed or replaced?
Low fuel level warning light is on all the time since I had the fuel regulator replaced. I cannot ever seeing that light on when the tank was full. Dealer says its ok, I do not believe them. Book says that it could...
Car has no heat one of the heater core lines is cold to the touch while the other is hot have flushed out heater core several times lines are my next check when I replace the therostat
car has a little vibration between 65 and 85 mi an hour. dealer has blanced tires also repaired two rims. dealer told me that this more road vibration, on some roads.some times not as bad thank you.
if my car sits for 7 to 10 days without starting the engine, my battery will be dead
ac always very cold, slowly got warmer, system fully charged, however I FOUND METAL/RUBBER HOSE VERY HOT TO TOUCH. IS THIS AN EXPANSION VALVE PROBLEM? THANK YOU!
I cannot tighten the belt anymore and believe it to be because of wear.