the engine light came on....and its smells like smoke....

The OD ON/OFF light blinks. Transmission won't shift from first to second gear.

The red engine light on my car was on. My car sputtered and the radio when out. Steering was fine. I have never replaced the battery in my car. What can it be?

how often should i replace transmission fluid

How many quarts of atf do i need to replace the transmission fluid?

My car found the the sound like two parts hit against under steering wheel, anybody have same problems and how to fix it ?

found broke door

Had this posted before & got help from a David from California but can't get back with him . Had car in for 3rd time now and this time they have had it for almost 3 weeks & still not fixed>

Will the 'How to perform a Basic Drive Cycle' test keep the light out?

When using the air conditioning OR heat, the blower (fan) will stop working and then start working (blowing) again. Turning the fan, heat, or air off makes no difference. Could this be a fuse?

the check engine light came on. the last time that this happened the gas cap was not on tight. I've tighted the cap, got an old changed and it has not gone off. this vehicle has 65,000 miles on it.

hello, i'm back...okay..after the coils issues, i just replaced the intake manifold gaskets, lean code doesn't show up anymore, neither is the check engine light on...but went ahead and did some regular maintenance on it, fuel filter, changed the iac valve, new tps, replaced maf sensor...car was running good except the gas mileage had decreased heavily...today went ahead and changed the pcv and the hose...now the car had a bad idling issue..what could that be?

where is it located how do you fix it how often do you change it

The heat and A/C work fine. When I turn the knob to set adjust the heat/AC from low to medium, nothing comes out. When I set the speed to "high/full blast" everything works perfectly.

How can I repair this problem?