Removing alternator

Do I have to replace THE WHOLE SPINDLE to a front wheel, to just replace the front wheel bearings.... for a 1993 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L LX ! ? ! ?

What is the size socket (probably metric) to remove the center spindle nut... which appears to be not a solid piece but segmented...anyone know where the procedure to this nut removal might be?

The ABS light is on and stays on, the dash lights also stay on as well as the dome light. Have to disconect the battery every time I go anywhere with the truck. Where should I start looking? I have checked all fuses and grounds.

The low beam lights will not come on at all.
High beam ok.
Running lights will not come on.
Fuses are good.

want to do my own repairs on the car instead of taking it in

The check engine light came on and had a test done, it said something about there was o2 in the fuel tank

engine want idle or go when cold

What is a good estimate

light stays off at higher speeds

maintenance has been done consistently when due per manufacture's guidelines

I took my car in for an air conditioning problem,and the ECM was diagnosed as the problem. What other electrical components and features will be affected by a faulty ECM?

Light came on suddenly and the vehicle seems to not shift properly

I have changed my intake manifold, Throttle body gaskets & fuel filter. I have also checked the hoses/vacuum. PO174 (too lean). Pls Help . Thanks Much

I have a 1990 chevy 1500 series 4 wheel drive it looses power the lights will start to dim and then it will die but cranks right back up. you can give it gas and it will run for a minute but don't want to go anywhere then suddenly it will take off. it runs fine at an idle only when you take off or going down road it just dont have power we have replaced fuel filter and pump put new alternator and battery tried everything we can think of. lights start to go dim everytime it gets ready to die on me. please help we are stumped.

top wont go up or down unless i fill hydrolic oil up after it goes up tank is empty again