I usually fill my tank when its half full

I have run a wire into the drain tube and cleared it.All I can figure out is that the evaporator needs cleaning where is it located and how can I clean it?

also, my abs and traction off lights are on. most of the time the brakes seem to operate normally, but the lights remain on. Pads are new, and the rotors look good.

A friend toldme cuold be the fuel cap infact the sael was crack but the ligth comes again i check the code and become PO442 or EVAP mosly when its more hot temp, i reset the ligth stay off for couple days and back on thankyuo


The air on my air conditioner is cold. The air just seems to decide to change from the regular vents to the defrost vents, or on the floor where I don't have floor vents. This seems to happen when the speed of the car changes. If speed is level it will come out of the regular vents other wise it comes out of the defrost vent mostly. It seems to me it has something to do with the vacuum system. Can anyone help.

it has 102 thousand miles i serviced tranny at 75 thousand the fluid level is good' its only every so often it flashes . the speedometer changes also at low speeds ex if you know you are doing 50 it will read 20 but only sometimes.

1996 honda civic lx 4 door

just happened at once. no key indicators. was in reverse shifting to 1st gear, when shifter went completely limp and floats without any catch.

how to take Alternator out of a 2007 hyundai veracruz

i think the engine somehow got locked because i already take it out and check everything and nothing seems to be helpfull

when i refill my car has a problem starting, once i push thr pedal to gas it, then it will start, until i refuel again,it gives me the same problem again, the code is P0496

AC doesn't blow cold air. I was told it will cost over 1000$ to put a new ac.

the a/c goes to windshield vent when you accelerate the vehicle .

I have to add about a 1/2 gallon of water every week. but it doesnt seem to be leaking at all. However it does seem to run a little warm and steam comes out of the overflow tank. But the guage says its normal temp. about once a week it runs hot and shuts off the ac to save the motor. that is the only tim the gauge says its hot. any ideas? or ever heard of this happening?