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One window does not move at all. The other is sluggish.

The check engine stays on but don't register any codes or anything. He put a new disturber on and ran good for about a day and now it won't shift out of 2nd and winds the rpm up to about 5G just to get up to 50 mph.

when l take off my car starts to shakes and slipping

be it ac or heat, its defrost or off... no other settings work.. can I just hard fix it to vent , and my rear air only comes out on the floor HOT


Happens every now & then

Happened within last week

This happens when I am driving within last week.

The engine has a pinging, at time it sounds like tiny bells ringing. It is always while the cars is in drive. And It can be heard at crawling low speed but also once I accelerate. Once the engine is warmed up (at time 1/2 hours), it appears to diminish. I don't hear it while in park idling.

The ABS warning light stay on most of time while driving.
It comes after the car is started. Other times it does not come on after the car started and stays off. However, more often that not it stays on.

the car has 165,000 miles and have noticed some decrease in power

rd of the car. Could this be a shock or something similar.

When it's 70 or warmer I need to push and hold the accelerator pedal about 1/2 way down and then it will start right up . If not it just cranks and cranks. All maintainence including new plugs has been done.

the bearing froze, dont know what the part is called behind the fan clutch so i can get the part ordered

The variable intermittent speeds on the windshield wipers will work for a few seconds and then the wipers will stutter and stop. They will only function again if I keep turning the wipers on and off or if I leave them on the slow/fast speeds, which is sometimes too much speed for a light drizzle or snowfall. How can I fix the intermittent setting on the wipers?