i installed new compressor,new drier. and had prof. recharge system. ---no leaks...got ice cold but now it acts like it heats up and shut the power going to the compressor to deactivate the clutch. then i get hot air..if i let truck sit for awhile then start it up the ac is ice cold, but in time the clutch loses power and i get hot air...what is my problem besides being lost...and having tried all i know to keep from paying the very very high dealer prices in my area.
Thanks Alot

spark plugs replaced,air conitioner on seems to make it worse

I have done everything from changing stark plugs to spark plug wires too the ignition coil and it still only turns over just will not start although it tries too

It works until you drive it and they blow back out.

It acts like it wants to start be just cant, i have did everything from spark plugs to spark plug wires to the ignition coil and it still is having a problem starting but it turns over

ck fuel ck spark eng turns over .still no start.....if you let it set and try to start. it fires for a second.then stops.

i need to drain the fuel tank on my pathfinder, please send me the steps needed to take.

I have an OBD receiver available

just put a new belt and everything on it

no activity on bank 1 sencor 1

I have changed the compressor, and the accumalator however trying to change out the orfice tube and having no luck. I have been pulling on it for two hours with a needle nose and it is not moving.

i accidentally hit a mirror and it was cracked,so the owner would like replace the whole mirror with the plastic covering.what's the cost for that?

My car will not kick over but it is making a clicking sound. So I think it may be the starter. What do you think?

how do i put antifreeze in my car 98 vw cabriot i know where it goes but i cant figure out how to put more in

Hi Guys,

Sorry if I've typed this twice - I think it got deleted when I signed in.
My battery, brake, and bulb lights went on suddenly while driving yesterday. I've heard squealing but it has been very hot and rainy here. I've checked all fluids etc and car starts and runs the same. New battery and brakes in January.

I'm about to go look some more - did I perhaps have an alternator belt break?! I'm a novice so any help will be appreciated. I have a good mechanic but I am about 40 miles out of town and will take it somewhere closer if that is safer for me and for the car.

Thanks so much!