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My car overheated and red fluid is on the ground. The fluid is sitting on top of the engine. Does not appear to be leaking around the hoses or hose connection
after replacing the altenator on this car the cruise control stop working.
hi i just got a cabrio 1996 how can i open the knob for put gas on it
car says theft system problem. car may not restart. what do i do to correct this problem?
I changed my oil and the the oil will not go off.I hit reset it stay on.How do I reset?
99 lincold navigator. 5.4l sohc Coolant is coolecting in the bottom of the intake manifold. Causing excessive white smoke. I replaced the upper and lower intake gaskets. 10 miles later coolant was sucked down in ...
can you replace bulb(s) or do you have to replace entire third brake light assembly?
I was having problem with my streeing fluid being low and foam. I was adding fluids and would be fine for two three days and after that the same problem again. Whe I took it to get checked, the told me it need power s...
check engine light came on, took to have it checked, code P2422 showed on computer. what is this? the check engine light is still on.
where is the starter located at??????
The "sevice transmission" reads on the dash. I purchased an OBD II code reader, and it retreived code "PO717" input turbine speed sensor "A" circuit / no signal.I've ordered and received the new AC Delco speed sensor,...
Ok the defrost switch is on but wnt turn off when I push the button. What's wrong? How do I fix it?
i have a 6 speed when i am at a red light it idles funny also sometimes when i give it gas it makes a ringing noise
Lately I have noticed my fan does not always come on when I turn the heat on. I can feel some warm air from the vents but the fan is hardly blowing. Then sometimes if I run over the ridges they put in the road for a...