driving over bumpy roads cause a rattling sound in the front brakes. When I ride the brake pedal over the same stretch of road the rattle sound goes away. I pulled the front tires off, put load on the shock and tapped with a rubber hammer and couln't replicate the sound.

I did a tune up and all was well. Shortly after I developed a random misfire. New plugs wires, fuel filter. It is a coil over system so its not there. The only thing I can find is the fuel pressure is low. Around 48 psi instead of 62 psi. I didnt get this filter on wrong thanks to the little arrow thats points that way ---->. I have wondered it the fuel trim adjusted so far out with the old plugs that it is just relearning but how long should that take? Could my fuel pump really just be putting this low pressure out all of a sudden? I have stumped myself.

there seems to be no pressure going to the calipers. I treied bleeding the brakes but all it would do was just dribble brake fluid. what should I look for?

Where is the DRL relay located?

low coolant level no leak white smoke???

i have a bad pressure sending unit and need to find it so i can replace it if anyone has a picture of it i would appreciate it

I replaced the spark-plug wires today and after doing so started the car. It started up and runs regular in park. In neutral it shakes a bit more but runs ok. When I put it into reverse it starts to shake hard and eventually dies, same thing when in drive. Pushing on the gas-pedal causes it to die instantly.

I checked to make sure the wires were installed right, they are. I put the old wires back and the problem is still there.

So far from research and more mechanically inclined friends the culprits could be...
One of the sensors, Idle control valve. It could be the fuel filter although I wouldn't think that would make sense since the car runs and revs up fine in drive.

The car has gone through two more major accidents, and numerous small bumps or scrapes from kind people in parking lots.

More info I can provide is... I frequently give rides to my friend who weighs quite a bit and that has worn the car down. The tie-rods need to be replaced. The engine mounts are worn and make the motor shake more then regular.

That's all I can give. I am clueless as to what it is, and I don't have a job currently so replacing parts until I find the cause isn't the biggest option.

Any ideas or helps would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I don't have any diagnostic codes yet.

how do i replace ckankshaft sensor on 2005 kia sorento

I went to Acura dealership and they gave me a drawing showing the relay was on the driver side under the dash, close to the fuse area? I can not find it.

powersteering fluid squirts out from gearbox at the lid

Motor is good. Acts like it is getting stuck in the track or something.

I was cleaning behind the center console and in putting back together plug the clock wiring harness into the flasher harness and vice versa. It was this way for about 4 minutes before I switched it back. Now, half the radio and tempature control lights, clock light and exterior rear lights do not come on.

My Ac started blowing hot, i was told it was the Ac cycling switch, where does it go?


it doesn't happens when i put my car in "parking"