It takes me a long time to put in 10 gallons of gas. The part a long pipe with elbow and spring ball was replaced. It did not fix the problem. What else could it be?

Is there a fuse for power windows and if so where is it located?

stering controls do not work

I just bought a battery. I can start it up ill run for round a min then cut off until i keep touching the gas.

can you tell me if its the actuator or the selector

I have replaced the fuse several times in the last week. The first time I replaced the fuse, it worked for a few hours, since then it blows right away. If I replace the fuse and don't turn on my ac, it doesn't blow-I know this because my turn signals go out when the fuse does. Is it a short in the compressor?

Since the car is all electronic does anything need to be done with the computer.

at first it wouldnt unlock the back doors but not it only unlocks the drivers door sparatically....please help....

A/c cycles frequently, mostly at idle at stop signs and when idling. sometimes cold air disappears altogether. the ac works ok the highway at highway speeds. the air comes out at about 39 degrees when it is on recycle. Is this an electrical problem or an ac refrigerant problem?

can't find the hi- amp alternator fuse

why does my car vibrate a lot when stop at light.

I removed the cap and the rotor fell off in the cap. Does the flat side of the stub mean anything as to how to position the rotor correctly?

I own a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 v6 manual transmision and the other day I experienced was very scary. I went over a bump and the front end of my truck shook and bounced violently, like a blew a tire out. I came to a stop on the side of the road, looked and saw my tires were fine and I looked under my truck and I saw nothing broken or dangling. I dismissed it for the time being and got back on the road heading to work. Then literally 2 or 3 days later. I hit another bump in the road and it did it again, same thing, came to a complete stop, got out and evaluated, saw nothing. I did some research on line because I am now scared to drive it because the next time I might not be so lucky. I found on the new later models they were calling their experience a "death Wobble" I have never had this happen before and it is scary to experience somthing that can all of a sudden end your life in a crash or cause a crash. Can anyone tell me without me replacing my whole front end and breaking the bank what could be the culprit? I would consult Dodge, but everyone on the web states that they deny such a problem.

Window is inside door and the motor works fine. Just the regulator is broken. How much should it cost to fix?

power to coil but it doesnt engage