Dealer says entire ignition needs to be replaced as keys won't start car and they can't find any other reason. Cost is 1000 warranty is expired. Is this a common problem?

Evaporative Emission control siystem leak Detected gross leak OBD-11 PO455

other code are
P1346 P1346 P1350 P1348 P1345 P1342

Evaporative Sistem OBD11 PO455

My auto shop wants to charge me $624, which include a $75 charge to test the system. Does this sound like a fair price?

Sorry... I'm a bit naive when it comes to the car's internal workings!


Please provide a definition of the troubled codes and issues causing them, and repairs required.


all of a sudden, a periodic beep sounds inside the car when i go from a stopped position to accelerate. one beep. no warning lights of any kind on dash. What could it be?

I wrecked my 07 colorado need to replace full front clip, do I need the transmission and A/c core supports? or do I need to just replace the radiator core support?

Cooling System began leaking through the Water Bypass Tube.

When I pour water into the radiator it just runs out in the vicinity of the water pump area. I have replaced 2 freeze plugs that gave the same symptoms. How many are on this vehicle and where are they located so I can zero in on the problem.

Driverside window is off it's track. how do i get it back on?

Nolight appears on dashboard. The sound seems to be coming from the brake pedal area.

I can find my way around under the hood okay, I do my own oil and filter changes and minor repairs, but I'm not sure where the O2 sensor is located. I have 120,000 miles on the car and I'd like to try to improve the gas mileage, and I understand that replacing the O2 sensor is one place to start.

They said once one goes out, more than likely the rest will. They charged me $350.00 for one. What is the average repair to replace all coils?

I have traced the fuel line and can not fine the fuel filter