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how do you replace the rear window brake light?
This has happened in the last month and half. The traction control light comes on and the engine light. It says engine reduced power and idles but will not accelerate.
The headlight works on high and low beam but the high beam icon does not show up. It used to come on the dash and now it is not working
This problem just started. The front seat will not move forward more than a quarter of an inch. There is nothing blocking it. I have removed the front screws in order to remove the seat for inspection. I cannot fi...
There was a grinding noise in the front end of my Jeep. The mechanic is telling me that it will cost me $1100 to rebuild it. Is this a fair price? and if so, what should I ask him about the repair to ensure it is done...
engine stalls if brakes are applied or headlights are turned on. when key is off, the fuel pump runs when the brake is applied or the headlights are turned on.
runs fine untill accelerating, then bucks and or stalls
how longh does it takes to replace the alternator?
ran fine yesterday,would nit start this morning
Where can i find referbished cd player
2001 Infinite I30. I had O2 Sensor Bank 1, Sensor 2 replaced in May of 2010 by a new mechanic. They recommended that, in these cars, all 4 sensors work together so ALL four should be replaced but I couldn't afford a...
car starts sometime and wont start other times.engine turns over but wont start.started today took kid to school and back runs fine.code reader shiwed no codes. car has 39000 miles and orinignal fuel and air filter.
I was told my ECM/PCM engine computer needs replace on a 2003 Nissan Altima with approx. 63,000 miles on it...trying to find out how much this is going to cost
My '05 Lesabre makes a squeak or grind sound on the back passenger side when it is rolling in reverse. I've noticed it "jingles" some as well when it is in park and the engine is off in the same place. What could th...
after driven the truck a short time or once it warms up it will die.. after it cools down it will start