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driving about 55mph..accelerating to pass or increase to speed limit, car will slip from 5th into neutral.can hear engine rev; car does not get power though. stick stays in place. lasts a second or so, then will go back into gear. & rattling/clunking noise also. just started-but have had problems in 1st gear b4/jerking when accelerating from a stop. 5 speed.

i installed a new alternator and it still stays on

How much should it cost for a head gasket, piston rings, timing chain and tensioners on a 4 wheel drive model?

I bought this car new in 2002. It has 154,000 miles on it. I have always ran 10-30 synthetic valoline oil in it since day one and have changed oil and filter every 3000 to 5000 miles and still have sluge in the motor. When i take the oil cap off it has yellow gunk stuff up around cap. What could possible be going on with this motor.

Has far as the coolant problems, the motor does not over heat but, wants to use coolant every 2 or 3 weeks of normal driving. It wants to spray coolant all over the belt and battery on the right side of motor and notice some steam around top radiator and i have black soft flakes in the coolant. Also on the left side motor i ntoice water on top transmission. I have replaced water pump and heater valve tubes and flushed out coolant and replaced with new coolant. Sorry for length message. Thanks!

The key I had made will not unlock doors nor start the vehicle What should I do?

My truck idle runs a little rough. When I accelerate i feel it get a little more rough. Once im up to speed it smooths out. I replaced plugs, PVC valve and removed each plug wire while engine was running to see if I have a dead cylinder. Everything seems ok and there are no vacume leaks either. Took truck into shop & just got call saying they think the vibration damper is bad. Does this sound right to you folks out there based on the symptoms my truck has? Thanks in advance for your help.

not sure how to determine which one

mechanic changed out 2 coil packs. cleaned mass air flow sensor problem still occurs.

check engine light still coming on after reset codes. Says purge flow is the problem. What should it cost to diagnose and repair this problem? I turn check engine light off with OBDII tool about every 140 miles.

The slightest amount of moisture, combined with (barely) freezing temperatures, causes all four of my electric windows to freeze shut! I've had many vehicles with electric windows and have never had this problem before. It's maddening.

I'm trying to surprise my husband with new front floor mats for Christmas. They are no longer available through Chrysler. His car color is Shale Green and the original floor mats were "dark taupe." I don't know what color to order to try to match them -- and I don't know whether to include a grommet or not. HELP! Thank you!

I turn on the headlights and fog light and only the fog lights work but they work when I turn on the brights?

When the car shifts it is very smooth. Transmission fluid and filter replaced about 15,000 miles ago.

How much should it cost to get a new alternator for my 1997 Ford Escort? Also, should I get credit for the old alternator?

the key got stuck in the ignition. you have to detach the battery so the key being in the ignition wont cause the battery to run down, and reconnect it so you can start the car.