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I replaced my front brake lines but don't know which brake line to screw back into which port on the Brake Pressure Modulator in the middle of the undercarriage?
The temp gauge went up to the top two days ago. I let it sit and tried again. After a few minutes of driving, the temp gauge started to climb. I turned the heater to max, but it is not blowing very hot. I turned a...
how do you change the power window motor on the driver side on the grand marquis.
Cannot see dash board at night, the directional indicators stay on when headlights turned on.
I am replacing the upper radiator hose and I want to know how much water and coolant to put back in?
Changed all the pads and bled the brakes, changed the booster and same problem exists.
just installed underdrive pulleys on my mustang gt and the oil pump stopped working, is the new pulley the cause of the failure?
How to time 2.0 engine when belt has broke
Recently, I noticed an odd situation with my AC -- when the dial for tempearture is rotated all the way for the coldest temperature, the air comes out HOT. If I rotate the dial "one click" clockwise, it comes out col...
What is the cost for replacing the lower crankshift pully? Also, what is the labor cost?
Car running smooth after recent skip resolved with simple engine gas treatment. This morning runs smooth. Then...pressure washed car under hood, particularly around valve covers... with engine off and resulting imme...
how when should the timing chain be replaced?
How do I find where a power steering leak would be?
my truck is leaking coolant around one of the stud where the exhaust manifold is connected whats the easiest way to change the cylinder head.
head gasket seaping anti freeze fluid. Is this a problem with a history ? Is it a alum head and should it be repaced or refaced before replacing gasket ? 58 K miles. Well cared for car.Under extended warrenty. 2th own...