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can shift gears when engine is off, cannot shift into any gear when engine is running.
the car does not get hot air in the cab, blower seems to work and the different modes shift the air around like it should. but the air just wont heat up?
changed sparks and wires check engine light on what is the promblem
Brake" and "ABS" lights flash on as power to the speedometer, gas gauge, and temperature gauge fails.
why does the d button and abs and battery light come on at the same time also the truck jumps out of gear
I'm considering buying the Mazda5 2010. I've noticed earlier years have problems with tires being worn out quickly and also complaints of expensive brake repairs. Also, earlier models needing alignments often. Anyt...
(Manual Trans) When I put my car in reverse and start to ease off the clutch, you hear this loud thumping noise. If I try going too fast its almost as if the transmission tries popping back into neutral. And if I hold...
So i was messing with the sync in my focus and i notices several displays at the left and right of the display that never lit up. i was just wondering if there was any way to activate them or somehow make them work.
Does anyone know what the proper torque spec is for the volvo v70t engine connecting rod?
Is 50,000+ miles the best time to replace tires? My fronts are 4/32 and rears 5/32.
how much is the gas filter ?and how to change it?
what is the problem when the abs light and battery light comes on and the truck jumpes out of gear
battery light came on what could it be
My exterior driver side door handle on my 2007 Ford Escape came off in my hand today. How do I replace it and how difficult would it be? Or, would I go to a body shop if I didn't want to go to a Ford Dealer?
What is the average cost of a scheduled tune up and what is involved ?