Last weekend, I noticed that my hybrid battery was not charging when I stepped on the brake. The car was also hesitating a bit when I would accelerate. I thought it might have been bad gas because as soon as I refueled it stopped, & my battery was charging again. A week later, I noticed that the car had again stopped charging the battery, & later that day, my car stalled out, "Stop car safely" was displayed on the message center, which according to the manual indicates hybrid component failure. I was able to restart the car & I brought it to Drum Hill Ford in
Lowell, MA, which was luckily 0.5mi away. They haven't returned my call yet about my car- this is not the dealership I bought the car from & I'm not sure if they have mechanics certified to work on hybrids. I just would like to have a little heads up about what this repair might entail. Thank you.

the key wii not turn the cyclinder to start the vehicle

Trying to pass smog test & the guy there said I needed to put about 150 miles on it, which I have, but a guy at AutoZone checked it and the same 4 sensors are not working right.

My son entered the security code more than four times! Can I fix this with my vin number, instead of taking car to dealer?

After reaching about 50 miles per hour the speedometer bounces around. We were told by one person that it was a speedometer cable but then someone else said it was a sensor in the transmission. I'd like to know what is causing this.

Suddenly the heater/AC blower fan is stuck on high. I can press the down arrows to lower the fan, the controls indicate that the fan is being lowered, but the fan stays stuck on high. FAN won't even turn off when I push the OFF button.

I have asked around and I think I am getting taken by my mechanic...1100.00 to replace the distributor....??? That is labor included and I live in Missouri...What do you think?

The car won't turn on unless I put power from the battery to the starter solenoid.

I just had the oil changed and new fuel filter but the problem is still happening

also replaced the tensioner

white smoke, sweet smell coming from the car, added coolent then coolant is gone, overhearting

The tranny has been serviced and fluid changed. At times it shifts normal, but ither times it is late shifting, hard shifting or feels like I am "towing" something.

A/C not blowing cold air, was told could be caused by a blown fuse.

battery light came on, car abruptly stopped

My gauges on the dash broad are broken. Please email me back at ydambra@gmail.com