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The passenger side window rolled down one day, and now i cant get it back up. Where is the fuse or circuit breaker, or relay, or whatever that controls it?
My 2009 Santa Fe is in for the 30,000 mile work. I'm told I need a brake system flush and a power steering system flush. Are these needed or are they only to make the dealership money? I feel I'm being ripped off b...
I took the engine apart and put it back together but i think i kinked the fuel line because my car won't idle and it makes a whistling sound
how to set timing
front blower isnt blowing used to stay on even when car was off. cant get no heat either. other night both dim headlights quit working. brights still work though
I need a new air condition/heater motor for my 2002 bmw 325i,what is the cost?
turn switch to heater but only cool air coming out thanks you
Fourth time and still not fixed. Each time they have put my SuV on the computer it reads something diffrent they fix it and it comes back on the next day. First time gas cap then air filter then add antifreeze and thi...
we have oil pressure but the gauge does not show it
im having problems with my brake lights they wont go off and i've replaced the swich and i cant understand what can be wrong now and i dont have my owners manual so im lost plz help
Hi. My car has been cutting off while driving since last week. It started last Thursday when my mom was driving it and it cut off on her while she was driving down the road. She coasted off the side of the road and tr...
When I cut my car off the fan keeps running for a while , what is wrong?
Im told my 99chrysler town and country van does not have a nuetral safety switch...I have to wiggle the gear selector till its starts...then it will start pretty mucj all day aftet told it might be the TRS ...
Can I replace my flex fuel pump with a non flex fuel pump on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan
is there any difference in size between suspension stabilizer link arms for cars imported privately from Japan and those imported by websites list item for import car but will not answer questions