ced. What would a reasonable estimate be? The underside of the car is badly rusted from Northern winters. The mechanic is quoting $700 for labor alone.

service engine soon came up and i use my scantool to read and get p0128 and clear it and it cameup again a week after. Please what do i do?

the fuse in panel under steering colum looks good

Is this a blower motor ,or what ?Does this motor replacement involve removal of dash board or on the firewall under the hood ?

I have called several shops who have given me estimates of 1200-1700 dollars to replace a front differential. I got my hands on a used differential and am toying with the idea of doing it myself. Has anyone done this, and can they give me information on things I may come upon while replacing my differential? Thank you very much in advance.

The reason I am replacing it is because there has been metal shavings in the fluid for months now, and it has recently begun to grind, specifically when I turn corners. I do not want to run of the risk of doing anymore damage.

When I replaced the hub assembly on both sides, I took the CV shafts out to inspect them, and they both appeared to be fine.

This only happens when the I drive the car, park it for 5mins jump back in and start it up. I have replaced the gas cap and its still pulling the codes

I did buy 2 hole head lights for my bug. but my lights still burn out after a month.

starts good after it is warm, checked glow plugs check ok. Glow plug relay seems to be fine.

There's a penny LODGED in the dime section of the coin compartment. I tried placing ice on top to "shrink" it then am whacking one side with a screwdriver and hammer, tilting it and trying to pry out the other side. But no, it is STUCK. Superglue on a pencil is not going to work. Can I drill it? Would love to split it somehow. THANK YOU.

starts right up with short shots of starting fluid,R&Rd used engine,replaced TPS...could bad ajustment of this cause engine not to stay running

we already replaced the thermostat and the coolant sensor

oil swich was replaced

two i put in the thermostat pin and the other two i have no idea. under the wheel cover next to the tire.

Was my repair estimate reasonable? to replace intake manifold and three gaskets?

The dealer recommended this be done just after having an alignment. Does this sound fishy?