Noticed the car idling rough one evening - shut it off, tried to turn it back on, but would turn over and not start. All fluids fine, took off the gas cap and out came a big woosh! We're not sure if the air is moving in or out, though. Ran it through a diagnostic computer, gave code P0171, bank one, system too lean. (Not terribly helpful.) Tried putting more gas in it, ran fine until we hit the 1/4 tank mark,then the same thing happened. Erased old code, no check engine light yet, so no new code, but it is starting to run a bit rougher at the half tank mark, so it's not just a problem with the gas gauge itself. Anyone have any experience like this with a Dodge Stratus? We'd like to run some more tests on it, but with no problem until we reach a certain point on the gas gauge, it makes it difficult.

hard rattling noises no growling as descibed for bearing replacments by other mechanics

do i have to drive the vehice with the traction module on or can i turb it off? right now though it stays on even when i turn ir off there don,t seem to be any problem with the driving what does it mean when it stays on?

it's really hard to turn.it just had new ball joints put on,and that wasn't the problem.what could it be?

Vehicle is still under warranty.

My car kiss when I put it in gear but when I try cranking it a second time it starts up but it kinda jerks for a lil while then it operates normal after I drive it for like 5 or 7 minutes. Can someone help me with this?

when i turn on the power there is a clicking sound coming from the dashboard that only lasts about 3 seconds. the car starts up fine and there are no other problems or noises.

The ac make a loud tapping or clicking noise when turning on or off the ac.

In I got my tie rod fix in my right ball joint fix in a cuple days later my abs light in vsc in vscoff light came on

never mind i will ask some one else

never mind i will ask some one else

I turnthe on and then it turnes off . then i will try again the it stay on but has trouble startin like if the gas whont pass throgh . I wiil go on revers then it will go off ,it's like if I press the gas it helps so that whont turn off.

the cam cover has visible leaks but not dripping, does it needs to be resealed? fire hazard?

also trouble code 446

Is bank 1 left or right, and sensor 1 pre-cat? I have a P0133 code.