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If I use regular unleaded in this car one week and then next time it needs gas use Super Unleaded (alternating due to costs of gasoline) will it hurt the engine? The cost of gasoline is really expensive on this car. ...
I think the line is plugged because no water ever collects under the car and although the lines going through the fire wall get cold, no cold air comes through the vents
My check engine light has been coming on and off for over several months. Within the last day my tachometer stopped working.
Check engine light is on code P0300
replaced broken radio antenna recently which we thought caused dead battery...found dcc fuse a problem, but what does it control and what now?
Power steering level is good and pump is not making noise but P/S light is on and power steering is not working
I replaced the engine(professionally) with a store bought rebuilt. After a few miles the check engine light came on but 2 different computers see no defect code. After erasing the code, the light comes back on after d...
I just had my timing belt replace, along with the water pump all pulley's and hydraulic tensioner. Started it up ran beautiful took it for a drive pulled back in driveway turned of ignition and started it back up and ...
How do you replace the drivers seat belt strap?
I believe the motor for my turn signals and hazards are shot. I have access to replacement parts but I do not know how to get to the motor out after I get to it. Do I have to remove the entire steering wheel?
i smell gas by the driver side door the most also it makes a strange noise like something is loose sounds like that noise is coming from the front of the engine
On accelration around 2000-2500RPM a air hissing out noise, something like a Air gushing out, and all this within 2-4 seconds and accelration is normal, no power loss, check all hoses around engine and Exhaust for lea...
my resistor blower stopped working mechanic said $400.00 for part and labor. He uses genuine honda parts. Is this a fair price?
No problems stop for gas started engine sounded a bit rough. Turn off restart sounds fine but brake pedal very hard I can stop but give me roomm. Listened for vacumn leak but nothing heard.
wereh loceted fuel pressure regulator and how reaplec