El Cheapo here again.
I located a Bosal front cat converter on-line from for $179. (with a 12 mo. warranty). This is much cheaper than the part cost you mentioned ($850). Should I be suspect or is it common to be able to find car parts cheaper on line and I should be delighted?

someone opened the gas cap door and bent it as far as they could agaisnt the car. i am not sure how to fix this

Will removing battery for winter storage deactivate any of the
features codes, i.e. radio, keyless entry, etc.etc. that would have to be re-entered when battery put back in?

have 2004 town car(Sig) and am wondering about Synthetic oil use. I believe in it's better qualities, but have heard pros and cons about it. Any expert opinions about it?

recently purchased 2002 Xterra , left dealership and speedometer/ odometer stopped working? any ideas ?

checked everthing possible,including changing injector and plug,noid light,everything is the way it shoild be but keeping getting,205 code help me loosing mind and money..............

The newest audi's, onto my 1999 audi?

Both fuel pump and eec relays click. Truck was idling high so I replaced IAC ran fine til I shut truck off, restart to high idle unplugged IAC and checked connection plugged back in to find no fuel pump tried test port for steady run with key on nothing. Fuses good inertia switch not reset fuel gauge works even tested pump and will hum on external power and ground, please any help at wits end! Thanks

Had a programmable key made for mustang, got car back and it wouldn't go in gear, took it back to dealership to have it rechecked, have now replaced , pc module twice, pat system, ignition cylinder and wiring harness and still have same problem and its been 3 weeks, ford claims they cant figure it out

In between 1500-2300 rpm car runs rough/sluggish what could be the problem? I just replaced all the sensors, and it still not running correctly.

It also smell very bad when you step outside the car. I just had the car at the dealer on friday. They could not duplicate the issue. The car does not smell all the time. I had it out all day today and I did not smell gas until I was on my way home. It was about a 35-40 min ride on the highway. When I got off and stopped at the light the car filled with the smell of gas. What could be causing this if the dealer check the fuel system and could not find anything?

the that out of the defroster is cool,

code p 2096

customer said put new pump on.i couldn't hear pump run. so put new 1 on and it didn't work.checked for volts at connecter their was'nt any. don't know if check engine light was on before owner hasn't got back with me. but scaned it codes dtc 21 42 43 47 this sight needs speal ckeck 4 old gear heads like me that arn't worth a crap at spealing!

when i start the car it makes a noise someone told me its the starter or can be that i need to replace the camshaft position sensor