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I've tried to lift and shut, but it still won't close all the way...

where is the evap sensor located

When I am driving heat comes out of vents. But when I stop nothing

can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great

After 54000kms, our transmission computer stopped responding. We took it to the dealership, but now are concerned, since it is such a new car with low mileage, can this problem potentially damage the transmission? For now its under warranty, but i don't want to have problems once the warranty is finished, because of a manufacturer's defect with the computer. Thanks for any help!!!

Transmision will not engage after car has warmed up, could this be a sensor malfunction or do I need to replace my transmission?

Hello, I have a 2006 silver chevy cobalt LT. The door has been dented and I was considering going to the junkyard to find a replacement door as my dealer quoted me $1500 for repair. My questions are
1. Did the colour code change in the cobalts between years
2. Are the doors in the Cobalt and Pontiac G5 interchangable?
3. Is it possible to hook up the electrical to work with the Cobalt LT if I purchase an LS door?

Thanks so much for your help!

It only happens when the weather is cold.

My 2004 RX330 was purchased with 24000 miles on it 5 years ago from a Toyota dealership in Stuart, FL. Was told the car came from an owner of another Lexus dealership in Tampa. There were no cracks at time of purchase. Since then there have been numerous cracks appearing all over the dash and around the ignition switch. There is also some issue with the material around the switch as when I turn my key in the ignition swith sometime when my fingernail catches the material it will scrape it easily off. Has anyone gotten an issue like this resolved from the company? What is the best approach at this point? Thank you for any input.

2002 taurus ohc 24 valve engine.

When you use the left turn signal or the horn, my windshield wipers turn on in the low speed. They make a few strokes and then stop. I changed the multi-function switch out with one from another truck and it still does it. Could it be a bad ground and where?

what is an ICM I here people talk about it have no clue what it is Larry

I work for a scrap yard in the crash book I have it says that 00-04 is compatible. But i now have a dealer telling me its not im sure he just wants to sell my customer his computer.

When getting out of car I remove key and open door no dome lights and radio stays on, but if I open passanger side of car as if someone was exiting all things work proprerly. Radio will go off after the time laps ,but should go of as soon as i open car door with key out of socket

why is this smell of burning rubber coming thru my a/c vents. Could it be the valve cover gasket leaking?