The fan on the front of the raditor does not come on. Ive tested to see if power was comming to it and there was none. ive checked the wires and they are fine. Could it be a relay? and where would it be located?

I just bought this thing the other day and just replaced the freeze plug in front of the transmission. While driving it home I started noticing that it has a hard time taking off (petal must be floored), but when its started to move it seems to straighten up. Also there is some raddeling sound under the cab of the truck. When Idle it seems to shake real bad, kinda makes me worried

removing the cooling fan

I tried to push brake and release shift but it will nit release from park.

my car started running hot and so i looked under the hood and there was antifreeze coming out of what the mechanic called te tensioner and the elbow?? what does this exactly mean and what causes this?? could it be a bad thermostat?? water pump??

I was told the "retest" would be no charge if
done within ten days.

I can be on the street or freeway and suddenly I can't accelerate even if I have the pedal all the way to the floor.
This has happened twice in one day, it's sporadic and if I turn off the car for a while it's fine for a bit then suddenly
it occurs again. Is it the engine or transmission

Tried MAF sensor, upper intake gaskets (possible vaccum leak), IAC (had to change whole throttle body can't buy IAC alone). Unable to find any vaccum leaks.

my abs light and service traction lights are on. when i start the car in the morning and i put the car in drive it makes a sound then acts like its making a grinding noise but when i let off the accelerator its stops and letsme proceed to move forward but at random times you can feel like a vibration or some kind of noise like its trying to engage.

Is it the one that looks like an engine?

After it warms up it runs ok. Check engine light is on.

mechanic said sounds like a spun bearing or stretched rod... anyone had this? any easy cheep fix? should i look for a motor or what?

remove transmission fluid pad

A/C inop compressor not turning. Checked relay & swapped with horn relay, fuse is good, jumpered low pressure cutoff switch...no luck

could it be a head gasket. the Temp gauge does not regester hot. I stay normal.