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I tried to look up the fuse guide in my basic manual, all of the fuses seem to be good, checked inside the cab and the fuses in side the engine, except for the bigger fuses. I noticed one fuse which is a bigger long black fuse with 2 prongs located on the inside cab fuse box and was wondering if this could be the right fuse for the 120Watt one or not? i dont have the repair manual guide or i woudnt be asking

2006 Mercedes e 350 4matic.

Check coolant light has been on for a while. Jiffy Lube said the sensors can be sensitive on my car model. Just had oil change recently, fluids topped off. 2 days ago in the morning my car was chugging and then I filled the gas and it was better. Today my car almost broke down on the parkway - made it to a mechanic, he said the coolant was low so he topped it off and then it rode better for a while. Took it to another mechanic more local since he mentioned the car should be winterized. Just had the antifreeze changed for 50 bucks, now a few hours later the check coolant light is on the dashboard again. So frustrated, any suggestions, please help. Thanks.

I have the parts and I need to know if it would be worth my wild to attempt this installation myself due to the price.

I know it is the Harmonic Balance Assy. since it did come off when the tempature outside was approximately 09 degrees.

The electric window came out of the track and fell inside door. Got the window back up mostly but now the door won't open . Any ideas ? Can't get inner door panel off to work on window because the door won't open.

no power to the injector or the coil after 20 minutes of running what can i check or fix

truck get less fuel mileage then my 99 gmc with 5.3l towing my 27' travel trailer.

no codes, water pump falure. need to put belt back on

I just noticed today when my brakes felt mushy. I check fluid level 3 months ago, was good.

gas in it the car wont turn over it wants to but wont. can u please help me out with this problem please and thank u.


battery light is on while driving

The mechanic claimed that the engine only had 37,xxx miles on it.

Before the engine was put in the car it sat for two years. I replaced front brake pads, rotors, rear shoes, and drums replaced three months before the engine went out. Now I have a problem at times, when I apply brakes, a clunking noise seems to come from the back passenger side of the car and then, the car bounces up a down. I've had two mechanics to tell me what they think is wrong with the brakes:
Mechanic #1 - Told me that he test drove the car, took the wheels of, saw that there was alot of rust/brake dust, sprayed the car with some type of brake cleaner. After driving the car less than 5 miles, the noise is back. I took it back, the mechanic does the same thing as the first visit. Again shortly after driving it, the noise is back. The third and final visit the mechanic tells me that the noise is coming from the front of the car and that he needed to "turn my rotors" and "adjust the front pads." This didn't sound right to me. I thought that you "bleed the rotors" and "turn the drums."
Mechanic #2 test drove the car, took the wheels off the car, and told me that one of the back brake shoes were cracked, there is a leak from the wheel cylinder, my drums need to be resurfaced or replaced, front pads, and rotors all need to be replaced. They said that the problem with the clunking noise and bouncing is coming from the rear of the car. They also said that the fact that the car sat for two years could have made all of these parts "go bad."

I'm just overwhelmed with this information. Can you give me your opinion. The engine replacement cost me $1,380. Mechanic #1 - I don't believe is telling the truth nor do I feel is qualified to do the work.
Mechanic #2 - I believe as for as the broken brake shoe is concerned and that there may be a leak, because he showed me the wet area & the broken brake shoes. I find it hard to believe that everything else has to be replaced. This estimate is close to $800.

i cant find my transmission dipstick i wanted to check n see what it looked like