The clip that hold the automatic transmission cable linkage to the transmission broke. What type of clip is it and can you buy it?

It runs good, but won't start without a splash of gas in the throttle body. I can't figure out what is wrong.

it is not the camshaft

my car makes a scratching noise when I turn my wheel to the right, what would it most likely be and how much should it cost to get fixed

The gage started to show that it was getting overheating. I was not running the air conditioner. I put the hearter on and that brought the temp down. When I did that, my car did not actually oveheat.
This was the first time this has happened. It has 150K miles.

i replaced all 6 plugs on my friends 04 tribute 3.0l. the engine barely ran. i put new upper intake gaskets on it and now it its runs but i have a clyinder misfire on cylinders 4 and 6. the coils were replaced and are firing but plugs are soaked with gas. im absolutly stumped. any help would be great

What is the nearest repair shop in The Boynton Beach area?

this car was purchased brand new a few months ago and i have made a few oil changes (at 1,000 miles, then at 3,000 and at 5,000) at 8,000 miles I started using full synthetic oil so i could Increase my oil change interval to about 8,000 miles between changes. the car now has 14,ooo miles on it and this oil change only has 6,000 miles on it but it has BURNED oil entire quart of OIL so far!!!! this is not good. Does anybody have any idea if this is common in a Hyundai I have never owned one before.

i change all shift selenoid and still getting code 100

I need Help

need to remove and replace the coil

Engine failure on highway. Trying to evaluate whether to try to fix / rebuild or replace car totally.

Last weekend, I noticed that my hybrid battery was not charging when I stepped on the brake. The car was also hesitating a bit when I would accelerate. I thought it might have been bad gas because as soon as I refueled it stopped, & my battery was charging again. A week later, I noticed that the car had again stopped charging the battery, & later that day, my car stalled out, "Stop car safely" was displayed on the message center, which according to the manual indicates hybrid component failure. I was able to restart the car & I brought it to Drum Hill Ford in
Lowell, MA, which was luckily 0.5mi away. They haven't returned my call yet about my car- this is not the dealership I bought the car from & I'm not sure if they have mechanics certified to work on hybrids. I just would like to have a little heads up about what this repair might entail. Thank you.

the key wii not turn the cyclinder to start the vehicle

Trying to pass smog test & the guy there said I needed to put about 150 miles on it, which I have, but a guy at AutoZone checked it and the same 4 sensors are not working right.