computer displays code p1127

Had to jump start the car-turned on but turned off. Second jump worked but now the check engine light is on. Is the alternator? battery or something worse?

correct itself, now the gps light is out most of the time but if it is on then I can drive the route and no issues, the route is 264 to west to new hope rd in ral nc, this exit is not on my dvd I updated my map dvd in 2009 I have a 2005 GX470

It does not seem to be in usual place at top of radiator hose connection. I woould like to try replacing it.

How to flush and refill cooling system

What could cause this? Also what needs to be done to fix?

i have a 94 geo prizm lsi and i have no spark and it turns over just wont pop off i was told it could be the coil pack but i have no idea as to when it is

Had tires checked and aligment. Had front end looked at. Nothing wrong with front end. Shakes between 40 and 60 bad. The only thing is have broke 2 motor mounts (front). What can it be?

about 6 months ago, I started getting the blinker clicking after I turned. Then, it started clicking when I hadn't used my blinker. Then the blinker stopped working entirely. Within the same week, the air conditioner would blow only warm air. Heater worked fine. Month or two later, for 2 days, windows and sunroof wouldn't work. This month, car needed jump started several times. First frosty morning, when defrost turned on, blinker turned on. Then off and still won't work on demand. a few days ago, car just won't start. No noise at all. Dash lights do come on. If attempting to jump start, a little engine action is noted but nothing close to starting up. All fuses checked and changed if needed, but only 2 were burnt. No change after fuses replaced. The first fuse from left in fuse box on battery was melted. I know this car has an ignition coil recall. I found it last week. The closest authorized repair shop is almost 2 hours away and by that time, I didn't trust the car enough to drive it there! I just don't even know where to start!!

i have about 150,000 miles and the car seems to be losing its power .Im hoping with a complete tune up my baby will be on fire again!! thank you ! rob

I changed all 4 o2 sensors, replaced MAF and used injector cleaner and still have all the same issues going on. Could it be fuel pressure problems? Faulty Power train control module? I don't see any gas leaks. Please help because I have no clue what it could be. Thanks!

the battery is new and the connection are tight. When i turn the key it makes no sound at all. the lights are bright and the accessories work fine.

having trouble with the interior lights and think that the trunk switch is related

at first I thought I was breaking traction but even holding at a steady speed, the rpm's still had a 500 swing. mileage is just over 75k with no service done.

Vehicle is a 4x4, Metalic clicking noise speeds up with the vehicle, but quiets down or stops during low speed turning. Sounds to be coming from the front end suspension, possibly driver side. Checked my tires, No Nails, or road hazards, and are at proper inflation.