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I just got a new battery for my 2002 Toyota Camry about a month ago. Since then it hasn't started a couple of times. Once it was jumped, and then started. The 2nd time the jumpstart didn't help, but about an hour late...
Can you give the instructions on how to replace the struts also?
can the stuts be repaired by me and how hard is it to replace?
Whenever I stop and the car is idling, whether it be in drive or park the RPM's go down to 500 and just a few weeks ago it was always at 700-800 at idle. When it's down at 500 it shakes/vibrates, not very bad but you ...
I locked the release latch inside my car and I have lost the trunk key how do I open the trunk?
Seat was working fine, used the lumbar control and power seat controls quit working. Looked for fuse, could not find it listed in diagram? If not fuse any suggestions
problem and heater core valve
reverse lights don't work,bulbs fine, console indicator on. also instrument panal cluster needs replace only works when warm but gas gauge and temp gauge not working properly is that all part of panal cluster?
The gear is in drive, the car does not move. It is an intermittent problem. The transmission fluid was changed and the problem was solved for a while. My car is leaking fluid. HOw much would is cost to repair my tran...
fuel filter quick conect is stuck how to remove i have the quick connect tool but it is stuck on it wont come off
I need to replace the cam shaft position sensor. Can anyone tell me the exact location it is located; and the difficulty in replacing it? Thanks.
how do I change the seal at the engine side looks like the bolt to remove plate to change gasket is not accessable.....
Inquiring on cost to repair timing chain parts and labor
drive light flashes when car is warmed up stays on when caris in park
While driving the other day car started overheating. Opened hood and coolant was shooting out of a little hole in the overfill container. Added coolant but car is still overheating. I had my radiator replaced in March...