The inside fan does not work on positions 1,2,3 but does work on high position 4. Is this something I can fix with a relatively good mechanical skills?

Full of freon, compressor is working, checked the fuses but it will not cool. Only hot air blows out.

When I run the A/C, after a short time, warm air blows out of the vents. I had the freon charged / refilled and the system checked for leaks by mechanic but no leaks were found. It had been in 90's when it first started but when I picked it up from mechanic it was cooler, only 83 degrees outside. I did not notice it happening then but a day later, it still doing the same thing again. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

When I travel about 7 or 8 miles my car gets hot and starts to buck when I cruz and when I accelarate. What can be the problem?

it blows cold at first then blows warm, clutch is disengaging

as if a pressure switch is faulty

what other details do i need to know before i do this repair

There is no estimates on transmission replacements??? ( take bad transmission out and put new one in )

Only seems to happen on a monthly basis

Sounds like belts slipping, but belts are replaced and tight. The squeal will stop when AC button turned off and run fan only, or terminate AC & Fan, or when the clutch is pressed in.

The squeal is intermittent every few minutes, mostly while driving, but will squeal when running idle after start up and is only while AC is turned on. AC runs good, is cold.

check engine light is on and stays on.

I have had this car since 98 and the air conditioning is what has gone out. I have replaced a compressor in 1999 and in 2006 I had to replace everything on both sides of the air (the drivers side and passengers side). The car has been used strictly for highway miles (200 daily) until two years ago. Oil changed every 3000 miles. Engine runs smoothly and has no problems with it.

It shuts down the system which has to be rebooted with the window switches, but you cannot drive the car with the top down because of the warning lights and beeper

Help, my husband took his ES300 to get the brakes done. He left the key in the ignition while the work was done. Once the work was done, they tried to remove the key with difficulty. They were able to put the key back in but could not turn it. The steering wheel looks locked but won't budge. FYI, the key is not the original it is a remake and not with the keyless entry.

Used 2nd key still same problem has occurred twice within a week apart, always while sitting at traffic light, "service Theft system" light comes on, then traction control light stays on!