The car drove fine for 8 miles, we parked, and when we came back out, terrible grinding and other noises.

and i was wondering if there was a safety switch on it or something

I did and the replacement part was nearly impossible to find. Nearly impossible, but I did find one - a Southco M1-44 Flush Pull Latch, also known as a slam latch. And it's lockable, too! Bought it on eBay. Fits perfectly. Was a little annoyed that I couldn't find it on a parts list from Chrysler.

the dealership wants to charge me 350 bucks to reprogram 2 keys and replace positive battery terminal and cable. I feel like they are ripping me off. Am I wrong?

the dealership said the terminal was too corroded to be cleaned and they had to replace the terminal and cable

I have replaced master cylendar, wheel cylendar everything

There is no power to the interior cab of my 1989 Camaro RS 2.8 L V6. No lights, radio, etc. Completely no power. What can cause this to happen. Found a cut wire at the stater and connected it back together, still no power. Could it have blown anything else?

So The pump is connecting positively, but the negative is not connected to the ground its going into the relay or computer!!

I tried to start my cad dts sometimes it would take me a couple of turns . Sometimes it would take 20 minutes but it always started. Now nothing at all please help me get it started.

My Navigator has a rear seal leak that happened all of a sudden and I would like to know if I can get some type of solution to slow it down until I can replace the seal?

blower relay motor on 2004 Nissan Quest

coolant is leaking at the union where the flange meets the motor....obvious crack in the "plastic" part (seriously...plastic!?!)

how do i reactivate my car key

93 4.0L 4x4 a/t

Going forward is not a problem. only reverse. i checked A/T level, it was empty. I put some in, tried to go in reverse but it still wouldn't go. Looked under car and noticed a small puddle. Checked fluid level again and it was empty. Even if I fix the A/T fluid leak, will that fix my reverse issue?