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the blower motor does not come on i can here a noise chirping what do i do
no power to pump, replaced the fuel pump, relay, filter and oil sensor still no power to the fuel pump
how do you recharge the ac ?
the van will not start. it makes one click then all power is lost. I wiggle the neg. battery cables and power returns. How can i get it to start?
Hot air stops blowing out of heater. I put heater on for the first time since summer this week and I started getting hot then cold air from the heater. Levels are fine on fluids. Air conditioner works great but the...
i changed steering wheel recentlt due to leakage Now the power steering is stiff when driving There is enough oil What could be the problem
The brakes feel spongy, sinking to the floor when applied. Pumping brakes slowly helps some. No change in brake fluid level. No noise from brakes. When stopped at a light, brake pedal slowly sinks further unless pumpe...
replaced thermostat and it is still running hot. I have no leaks i can detect. The top radiator hose gets hot but the bottom doesn't, thats why I replaced thermostat, but it still is not getting hot. The fans don't co...
has not been changed out by the prior owner since 2006. Tvehicle only has 35k miles. Has been a very good car.
My BMW 325i sat in the drive-way for a week without me started it, when I got ready to start it, it didn't start. Never had this problem. Had the car now 4months. feature: alarm system
roar noise in my front right tire
i have a 04 serento with a noise when turning it is coming from rear of car. it makes a growling noise and rear wheels lock up when turning left or right at low speeds at higher speeds i dont notice it does anyone hav...
On starting 2 days ago, tachometer pegged to more than 7000 RPM and made 3 clicking noises like it was pinned. Tach indicated 6800 RPM at idle, more than 7000 RPM at 65 MPH. Next day it indicated 6800 at 65 MPH. Toda...
my monte carlo just heated uo i yhink the fans arent working how long do they take to turn on what gurgles in the radiator
when i trie to start my 99 seville it just grinds like when you have your car started and you accidently start it and it grinds thats what it sounds like