What do I need to do?

what does this mean and what is the repair procedure for this

I see that the fuel rail,and fuel injectors are in the way of getting to the back bolts on the valve covers. So I am wondering what the complcations are in removing the air intake assembly, in order too gain access too theses particular bolts. And would like to know if I'm right in my assumptions concerning this matter.

when the alarm started acting up the horn stop working

bought new tires Dobbs recommended replacement of struts. 150000 miles on car.

I replace the pump on the passenger side, and I just need to know if there is another one.

cigarette lighter outlet no power

did not start until about 25-35000 miles

I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles.


can i find the cause myself,without takeing it to the shop

The passenger side works fine.

found the oil, and transmission but not the power steering

how can i tell what the cause is?

any reason for that

When starts runs fine, but have to bump ignition several times to get it to start. Turns over fine. Replaced in tank pump, engine control computer, battery, but still have same problem with starting it. Any ideas?