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can't find any fuel ratings on this .
is there going to be a recall on 2002 subaru outback headgaskets
After sitting idle for a few hours (or even sooner then that sometimes), my 2000 Lexus RX300 puts out bluish white smoke from the exhaust. The vehicle also burns up a lot of oil as well. The amount depends on how long...
i have the 2.4ltr altima and the transmission slips but not all the time thow any ideas please?? i did change the filter and fluid also and still the same
I just changed the starter when I drive now the transmission drops into a lowgear and almost making the car stop What could it be
WITH LIGHT does not dim...buzzer does not come on when key removed....instrument panel lights not on....door panel lights not on.
I got in the car and tried to put the key in but it would not go in. I moved the steering wheel both ways and tried but without any luck. Tires are all the way to the right. I can see some metal things in the ignition...
Where is the throttle positioning sensor on a 2004 nissan sentra
the light where the clock is and the fuel estimator is out. also the lights on the round dials for the airconditioner and temperature is out.
My turn signals and interior lights won't work at all. i have checked all the fuses and nothing seems to be wrong there (no burt out fuses). and my interior light also will not work. I bought brand new light bulbs for...
The starter went out in our 1996 Celica STX. I've heard it's pretty simple to replace & want to try & do it myself. Any instruction would be helpful...thanks.
I want to put freon in my 2000 ford focus but, I can't find the port. Where is it located?
changed fuel filter and cant get car to start think we lost prime what should i do?
The is a 87 Buick LeSabre. I checked for power on four wires there is none. I've checked fuses O.k. Is it possible that I have inline fuse issues?? Winter is coming up fast. Could really use the help( And the heat) Th...
My isuzu rodeo has an overheating problem. Last feb. replace thermostat twice, water pump is fine. ran great until last weekend,overheated again. replace thermostat again, flushed radiator. drilled a small hole in the...