This may be causing my check engine light to go on.

This injector fault may be causing my check engine light to go on.

i need to change a steering sector in my car and i dont know how to change it how is it possible to get to it

its real bad feels like its gonna shut off and die

I turned the key on and off several times but it wont crank over. Battery is good. Already replaced started and relays. If I turn the key on and off enough times it might start once. Gages are flickering.

break lights don't work. I've checked the bulbs and fuses. Don't know what else it could be.

it happens about a few times a month and sometimes lasts a few days at a time a friend of mine says it could be the safety neutral switch going out. could it be that or is it something else your answer would be greatly appreciated

why fluid in front but not rear

bad water leak

The overdrive O/D OFF light in the instrument cluster of my 2001 Mercury Villager does not come on when I press the O/D on/off switch. How Do I fix this problem?

The original mileage is 42,982 miles and this is due to the fact that my wife uses the van to transport our kids to and from nearby schools.

The engine is 3.3L V6


rear passinger brake light is not working when i step on the brakes. i changed the bulb not blown. when lights are on it works

my car reads 200 but don't seam hot

I've been detecting a mis/hesitation thought maybe it was the transmission. Also the headlights brighten when I accelerate. Just replaced the headlight switch on the dash.

tring to rebuild column cant find drawing

I replaced starter, cat converter, oil change, trans oil change, tune up, new battery, clean cables.