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My '05 Lesabre makes a squeak or grind sound on the back passenger side when it is rolling in reverse. I've noticed it "jingles" some as well when it is in park and the engine is off in the same place. What could th...
after driven the truck a short time or once it warms up it will die.. after it cools down it will start
Only when the car gets warm that it will not idle at stop sign. This does not generate an error code.
my heater is blowing cold air
Hi- My Subaru Imprezza has 122K miles. I am taking it to my mechanic to have it looked over before I go on a road trip. Besides my timing belt what other maintenance issues should I have my mechanic check at this mile...
Took truck to a quick lube place. The oil filter used had no gasket and all the oil was pumped out and engine locked up. Now the place is out of business and the engine has developed a kncck. What am I looking at a...
I was told they stop making tires that fit this car but I don't believe that. Can someone help me? Need to know the tire #. Thanks!
how to replace a/c switch
I have replaced all brake parts. when i start truck brakepeddle goes to the floor. I have bleed like 8 times but still the same. What do i do now ?
I need to know what diameter hose is used to replace the fuel line on a 1997 chevy cavalier
The passenger side window rolled down one day, and now i cant get it back up. Where is the fuse or circuit breaker, or relay, or whatever that controls it?
My 2009 Santa Fe is in for the 30,000 mile work. I'm told I need a brake system flush and a power steering system flush. Are these needed or are they only to make the dealership money? I feel I'm being ripped off b...
I took the engine apart and put it back together but i think i kinked the fuel line because my car won't idle and it makes a whistling sound
how to set timing