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What do I need to do to fix this problem?

could you please tell me what the problem maybe. It just will no go out of park

It has a cracked timing cover so antifreeze is leaking out of it. It also has antifreeze mixed in with the oil. How would I fixed that and how much would it cost?

Car is not starting, may be the timing belt but need a diagram to locate it.

and also service engine soon displays continues

I have grand marquis 05 and I heard stories about draining the rediator out in hot engine causes engine damage, is that true ?

What is the estimated time to replace the thermostat and water pump ?
some people told everytime I change the radiator coolant, is this true ?

when truck starts, and it starts-up well, it runs about 1 minute and shuts down.

I removed the belt and still have noise.sounds loudest from rear valve cover with stethescope.

One of the MANY problems my car has is that I keep getting a triangle with a snowflake a short time after I'm driving my car. I do not have my air-conditioner on so what can be causing it?

I am having a few other, what I assume to be, "electrical" problems. My trunk doesn't stay latched closed and my passenger door has opened while driving down the road at 45 mph.

I just bought this car on Sept. 23rd and it has been in the shop five times already.

What must be removed first and in what order?

mt truck keeps dying on idle

It has a oil leak at the rear of the motor.The valve cover gaskets are good,Im pretty sure the intake manifold is leaking at the block,but it is hard to see.I removed the intake and resealed it,the block to intake doesnt have a seal according to the dealer they said to just put a 3/16 bead of a silicone at this area wich i did, but the leak is still there/Also the intake manifold rests to low.The intake has half of the valve cover surface area attached to it,the head has the other half of the surface area.The intake half of the valve cover seal area rests 1/8 of an inch lower than the head valve cover seal area,the valve cover gaskets sealed despite of this but i thought this may be causing a problem with block to intake seal.Is there anyone who knows about this problem. Having alot of trouble.

when the car is idiling,it will start to shake pretty hard until i start to drive then it will start slow and kind of putt along. I did notice at certain times the RPM will go between 4& 5 before the gears change. It recently started to stall and run pretty rough.I had it towed to a repair shop but i'm scared they are going to try to sell me things i don't need, so i would like an idea of what it might be before i have any work done.

Where is primary engine intake air filter located? Not the cabin air filter, but the engine intake filter

This is the 3rd time my son has replaced this part. What the hell or shall I say why the hell does it keep coding P0402??
Im worried Im going to be stranded!!