The AC in my car will only stay cool for a couple of months at a time.The freon runs out and it has to be filled up again. I assumed that there must be a leak somewhere but everywhere I've taken it to they tell me they can't find a leak. Even the dealership cannot find it. Is there any other explanation for this besides there being a leak somewhere? When it runs out I hear a loud hissing noise in the dashboard.

When I take my Tacoma on the highway, and get the the speed of around 55mph, it seems that the brakes are draging, and when I take my foot off the gas, the truck will slow quickly as if I put my foot on the brake...
At lower speeds I can coast for a long distance and don't get the brake draging feelong...
I have check brakes and throttle and nothing seems to be wrong...

It is like 3 mpg

while engie is not on what is going on with car everthing works juct cant start it?

do all of the motor mounts for this car look anything the same...

Camber is tilted outward in rear wheels. Should I get a wheel alignment?

could i just buy the headers would it be something i could put in myself i'm not a machanic but i have a freind who is. but i need to get from here las vegas to kelso washington asap do you think its possible for s to fix in one day and do u think it would get us there with no problems

Dealer says CEL is due to hoses from charcoal canister and canister itself leaking fumes. Is 836.00 reasonable?

just had transmission re built. The od light came on and they said its the valve body

What should I check to see why the a/c blower switch is only working when set on 4 and a/c starts cooling after driving for 15 minutes without stopping?

The driver side lock won't unlock/lock when button on key is pressed. All others still lock/unlock. I have to now unlock/lock manually. Anyone have an easy solution without having to take it in to a shop???

Don't care about unlocking it, I want a radio I can plug my iPod into.

With ac or ac max on air is coming out of windsheild ducts only. Cannot get the air to flow thru the register vents.

The airconditioning fan will shut off on its own and then come back on after 5 minutes or so.

Happening all the time, Cranks up on its on sometimes