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To whom it may concern, I just recently purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima with 106k millage on it. What are the immediate items I need to have done in terms of maintenance? Thank you, Elias
What is the location of the fuses for the trailer harness. The manual shows the fuse panel under the dash but, the harness plugs in that location. I've tried another trailer to confirm the problem is with the vehicle ...
okay the speedometer sticks then comes out it why? and will it hurt to drive it this way until it can get serviced?
replace rear diffrintial pinion seal seal leaks
My check engine light recently came on. I had it checked and was informed I needed to replace the EGR valve. There seems to be an acute shortage of EGR valves for the 2000 Dodge Intrepid with the 3.2L engine. Is anyon...
noone can seem to find the problem, and changed the fuel pump.. but since i got it 4 yrs ago, it seems to have to crank and crank to start it.. any suggestions?
What is the labor cost of replacing battery cables?
suspect its time to repack grease in front wheel drive unit.knocking sounds on extrem turns, also during 4wheel drive engagement.
problems with alarm allways going off after closing or opening doors.
when i started my car it didnt turn my lights all came on but i didnt hear the motor start just silence not even like the ignition trying too start the car
i have replaced the master cylinder, all the brake pads and shoes. i have bled out all the lines. i have also adjusted the push rod. the only way i get a little pressure in the brakes is when i remove the vacuum line ...
recently brought my 94 4runner out of storage, after 5 years.some of the bugs i'm working out are figuring out how to get the gas gauge working, gauge
if my fuel injector is leaking do i need to replace all of them or the the one that is leaking?
both my power rear view mirrors stopped working. Even when i put the car in reverse the pass side mirroe does not turn down as it should. I have checked the fuse and it looks ok. any idea what may cause this issue?