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it sounds like something is rubbing i cant find the what is causing this
I'm looking to find out how much it will cost to replace the rear main seal on the engine in this truck, it leaks.
steam comes out of the vent by the windshield when the car is running. it fogs up the window and only goes away wen the windows are down or the air is on
what is a drivetrain balancer? my mechanic said that mine needs to be replaced.
where can i see a diagram of the local of this part and a how to remove/replace it?
temperature gage staying stuck at 160
someone was attempting to break into my car, by window entry. They were not successful, however I cannot roll up my window fully. I have partially taken off the side panel and I see that it is on track, but it looks l...
Service engine soon light comes on and stays on. Should I replace the mass air flow meter? where is it?
The overdrive "off" button stays lit, can not shift to O/D
I repalced the timiong chain and the engine will not start.
how donyou remove dash to get to heatercore
car stalled and no codes came up on car changed crank shaft sensor, ignition coil and map board under hood will start now but only 4 cylinders
water hose that supply the engine with water,,from the radiator..for a 2002 4 cyl,,izuzu rodeo..runs on the side of the engine..
I am looking for the location of the EGR valve - it has a 2.5 motor, 6 cyl. If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance!!!
I have removed the plastic clip that holds the rod, but the end of the rod wont release. It appears to have a ball at the end preventing it from sliding out