first is i have a exhaust leak i think its a donut gasket infront of the cat.converter.2i have a oil leak but is the top part called the front seal or pan? 3 how do i get my temp.gauge to work?

It got hot last winter but when I tried it this year it will not get hot. Engine temp is running 190 and there is no sign of anything being wrong like leakage from heater coil or anything. Air conditioner works fine and Fan works fine.

Is there an easy way to bypass the ignition switch on the power outlet circuit so that the outlets have power all the time?

I took my car in for A/C repair and ask the shop to not change out the factory parts. Not only did they change it from R12 to 134 without my permission, they said they did work on the timing chain. After reading all that goes into the timing chain from your site, that had nothing to do with the air condition. I am sure now they took my parts off my car and put old parts. I no longer have factory head gaskets but want to know if you can do a detail inventory of my car down to the pistons, engine block. They did so much work around the engine and I was not having problems with the car starting or driving. I just needed the A/C repaired. I would like to bring in the detail invoice and discuss my problem. I have gotten hit hard on car repairs twice. I need some help

new batteries, even plugged into a computer and only red low voltage. still wont start.

The power seat will tilt back, but will not go forward. The seat is now stuck in a recline position. All other buttons work on the seat except tilting forward. Is this an issue with the switch? If so, how $imple is the repair?

I was just told by an oil change shop that my power steering fluid was dirty and needed to be changed. Since I did not see this listed in the maintenance schedule from the mfg I wanted to see if this was common to replace or if it was symptomatic of a larger issue with the power steering in my car.

For a couple of months now my 01 Ford Focus has had a very rough idle coming from a cold start, sometimes it has a hard time turning over to turn the car on. After about 10 to 20 minutes of driving in the city or on the freeway the sound seems to get better at idle. Also the engine sounds a little rough coming from a stop and accelerating but seems to dissipate when driving at a constant speed.

fuel air??? Unknown

Failing emissions for High HC's recently did a tune up, replaced the O2 sensor, new cat converter and muffler. Exhaust is very strong smelling and black at times. Truck runs good up to speed but after warming up idles low around 600-700 rpms. tends to burn a little oil between changes. Approaching 300,000 miles on Frame around 200,000 on current engine. Any Advice lexus has dual temp controls. Does the dash have to come out when replacing the blend door servo motor or does the dash only come out when its the passenger side. Also how many heater cores are on my car? I thought only one until today, confused. Thanks for any info. trying to verify some things I have been told before shoveling out more money.
Thanks again...:)

I have a 2002 Chrysler 300M recently my Airbag light and other lights on the dash have been coming on and they are causing my Windows, turn signals,and A/C-Heater not to come on! What could be causing this or has anyone else experienced this problem? I can sometimes get the lights to go off and everything work fine,but then it will start messing up again after i have turned the car off and start it back up! Also a few time if I adjusted the steering wheel it would make the lights go off and everything work again. I'm lost on this and cant find any info for this problem so any Ideas or anything will help! I'm not taking it back to a dealer i had another problem with the car and they charged me $150 to tell me they couldnt find what was wong with the car till the broke it down and that would cost labor + parts !!!

when you first crank it up and put it in drive, it chokes the engine down. once you start it back up, its fine. will not do that anymore. what can I do to fix this problem?

had leak and it was traced to this cause. The housing plus other parts needed to be replaced. What should this cost at a commercial repair business?

Replaced clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and still no pressure.