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The heater stopped working after we had the head gasket changed, we took it back to have them bleed the air out of the cooling system but it didn't help.

then it got worse than it was without it thay say its the ecm is there any way to trick it no codes can u help thank u

I recently bought a 2006 1.6L Aveo. The oil light comes on after driving a little while and the lifters starts clicking. I changed the oil once. I'll let the car sit a day and start it up again. No lights are on and when I drive a little while the oil light comes on again and the lifters click. I read to check the oil pressure with a gauge. I need to know what the normal oil pressure is.

replaced relay with new one but not getting power to both big post

driving the abs comes on then the speedo goes to 0 and it feels like I'm in neutral I slow down and have first gear and can sometimes get it to manually shift in to second go for third and get neutral?
no codes pop up any ideas?

Exhaust has sheered off at front of car, close to where it bolts up. Would like to install sleeve if possible, not sure what size is needed or how to do it.

I have a 1990 De ville and the a/c unit needs to be recharged.The system runs but no hot air comes from the vents. I have no leaks. last year the heat worked fine with the exception that it wasn't very hot. Now I have no heat only cold air. Fuse(s) are good and I don't have a clue as to what's the matter, could someone assist me in getting heat?

Wont start, I think it is miswired.

Its 7.3 a diesel and its putting out blue smoke when running

code 1273 came in on code list

I'm looking to buy a nice, low milage b4000 with the 4.0 sohc engine but am concerned that it would have the timing belt tenioner problem like my 2002 ranger did.

my car looses coolant when I drive it. I can drive 3 miles and I need to add coolant. What could be the problem?


CODE P0727

The kit from the auto store says not to use on plastic mounts. What do I use?? Anyone?? It was knocked off clean and the glue on the window looks like it can be heated, it's smooth and flat?