a/c compressor wont work unless I unplug it from the battery and plug it again

I bought the car from a friend in Salt Lake City. I live in southern Utah 110 miles from Las Vegas. At first the car ran fine, then it started chugging during acceleration but once I got it tacked up to 3000 rpm it would run okay. It then developed a weird problem where it would be running fine 2500 - 3500 rpm start to get a load on the engine and then it would cut out. It acted like it wasn't getting any fuel. Crazy thing was, is that when the rpms it 1000 it would kick back in and accelerate fine. It then on occasion wouldn't start. It smelt like it may have been flooded. At first I thought it might have vapor locked. It took about 40 minutes then the car finally started. It then progressed to where if I drove the car for 15 - 20 minutes I'd have to let the car sit for a couple of hours before it would start. This happened a couple of times on the way home from town. I noticed on one trip to town (I live 12 miles outside of town and a climb in elevation of about 1000 ft) that the temperature stayed right around 125. When I pulled into Home Depot the temperature shot up over 200 and the car chugged stalled and then quit running. At the time the outside temp was 112. The car wouldn't start, I pulled the gas filter and when I cranked the engine no gas pumped out of the tank. At first I thought I wondered if Volkswagen had some type of cut off switch so you couldn't over heat the car, with it not pumping gas I thought it might be the fuel pump. I left the car overnight at Home Depot came back the next morning started it right up drove for 15 minutes then it died again.
I read on a bog that the coolant temp sensor tells the fuel management system how much fuel to inject when the motor is cold verses when the motor is hot. The fuel filter is new and I replaced the coolant temp sensor. The car still stalls, but now it will start back up instead on having to wait a couple of hours or overnight. I noticed that now when it starts to stall that the check engine light will come on and then go back off. There's no Volkswagen dealer in town and no one can run a check engine light for me so I can get a code to find out what's happening.

where can i get free manual downlaod or a good website that has free info. thanks in ohio

put new gas in---no start. Is it a clogged gas filter, fuel pump, corrosive connections???

having a mechanic do the work

the overflow is bloged causing water to enter the passenger & driver foot areas, this has happenened before and I know it is a somple job HOWEVER I have forgotten where the outlet is. thanks annesta

I at how to enter wherever I should to do so. Help !sked how to locate the overflow from the A/C of my 1994 Mitshibushi Eclipse and came back to see if there were any answers but cannot find out as there is no onvious method to do so . Help ! annesta

cant find the problem with it.new wires,plugs tempure sending unit,tested fuel 60 psi.

Car seems to slow down when I accelerate up a hill by applying gas.

after starting sometimes it takes three trys before the starter will let loose

i was told it need a tone/up then i was told #5 injecter was bad. i did all that! but it is still doing the samething. it has 112,000 miles on it!

right front brake locked up. took to rpair shop, said caliper was locked, rcommended both to be replaced, and after 400.00 and only driving 3 miles away, same right front locked. car back in reair shop, but I was charged for a repair that was not the problem....any ideas?

I recently started experiencing a vibration when accelerating particularyly uphill. I raised car and when looking for loose or worn joints found tht the drive axle is loose as it enters one of the boot covered joints. Loud clicking sound as well. Does just the CV joint need to be replaced or is it easier to just replace the entire drive axle. Or are the systems indicating another issue.

My son stuck a small metal object in the cigarette lighter socket. when i tried to remove it it shorted and the car went off. upon restarting radio , power windows, Speedometer, fuel gauge, wont function. Checked the fuses they look okay.

theres a plastic clamshell type assembly that covers the inboard corner of the front seats which the seat belts bickle stem part rubs onto and any movement makes a sqeaking sound. it appears that the two part cover are not positively locked onto each other so they are slipping at their edges against each other thus making noise. i tried inserting felt. did not work. i think the fix is to glue these two together. any one has fixed this?