I had a used transmission put in about 18 months ago, the shifter has been sloppy since then. The shop I worked with went out of business and I just never took it somewhere else.
Is there an adjustment to fix this and tighten up the sloopiness? They are all selected when I put it in neutral also.

This worked for a day but now the car will not start at all. Replaced the battery but that did not help.

When I start the truck, I can give it as much gas as I want, but when I put it in drive, no acceleration. Check eng. light is not on.

We replace the blower of the air conditioner and the air bag light always is on. We go to the mechanic and he resolve the problem but the light again is on, the mechanic said that we need to replace some cable because is a electronic problem

when started. no codes(code free). What is wrong? Electrical problem. All fuses good!

I had my drive belts replaced because I was heard some noise but now after the repair I hear a loud noise coming from the same area. What could this be? And its consiant

won't shift

how many hours of labor involed

Also have a leak in left front door that comes onto floor. Could it be around the windshield?

at this point I only want to spend money on what would affect the car running or not. the broken clock spring affected the horn which I disconnected by taking the fuse out. I son't care about the cruise control, airbag or horn so is it vital to replace the spring?

had a new fuel filter put on but i can still smell the fumes all of the time what other things can i have checked to take care of this problem

My check engine light has been on for about 6 months and I finally had it checked out. These are the diagnostic codes that came up. I know it has to do with the o2 sensor, but which one? And the coolant temp. sensor. Are these difficult to fix?

it has spark, it has fuel to injectors..it just stoped running, with no sings of problems..what would the problems be..

Need to know where the neutral safety switch is located at on my vehicle

what are parts/labor costs