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It is parked on a hill, emergency brake is on. What do we need to do?

The check coolant light just came on.

timing belt failed. no dam to eng. whats cheapst cost i can hope for to repl belt & reset timing? thx!

The low coolant light just came on. Does it mean a leak?

No specific times, such as cold start, warm and running.

this problem is getting worse. at first the check engine light would come on and car would run rough then it would clear up. i replaced disterbter, cap, cole. now getting to the point it will fire up and then shut off after a few seconds then wont fired back up for hours.

It was done and we noticed a problem right away dealer says that the 2 are not related.

Will I have to Use a GT1 to bleed it or will the pump running take care of that for me?

Right side of lever is broken, found replacement part, but not how to disassemble lever.

I have everything off but the driveaxle. Im not sure how to break it loose. In the manual it says to carefully pry it off with a pry bar or large screwdriver, but it seems like there is something else holding it to the intermediate shaft.

Seriously...tick showed up a few days ago. Never been raced, in great shape, all original. New head earlier this year. Now they are telling me I need a new engine. Has 110,000 miles. Any suggestions? Thx.

ill go to fill the tank, then suddenly gas tank will shut off and not let me pump gas into tank. caqn someone please help me with an answer.

what are the most common oil leaks in this engine?

the button on the shifter seems to be stuck, or non functional do you think thats my only problem, or something more

when i got this car i went to pump gas in and oh no u cant just hold the pump and do like a reg car u have to pump it very slow or it will shoot gas out everywhere some one told me it might be a screen in the line but have checked and nothing then i was told it was a mesh filter in the top of the tank i love my little wagon but gas time is not fun and with gas being so high well i have to do it myself or the people at the station have more gas on the ground than n my car thanks