We drive on and car is fine, light is still on. When we stop
at a store and turn car off it's fine. Restart car and first
stoplight it starts over again. I'v had three diagnostic's done
all tell me it's misfire piston. How do I get this repaired?
Bill Riordan

I got in the car and pressed the preset seat position. The control drove the seat forward jamming my kneess into the dash. I had to reset my position and the preset.

My wife got in later and the seat would not move forward/backward. Is this a known issue?

also abs light keeps comming onn

On my 2002 Ford ZX2 my a/c and heater and radio all stopped working when I drive a little air cone through, I have been told its my relay switch but I don't know where that is located, so if any one can help please?!

Water is building up in the plug of the computerbox causing the vehicle to misfire etc.and it wont start. Drying the plug helps but after 3-4 days the water is back. it seems like engin water as it smels like antifreeze.

what is the fair price for parts and labor

i have a 1995 dodgr ram 1500 v6 ,it run fine with out ththe pvc valve ,but i dont want to continue like this

a week ago exchanged an electrical fan that was hooked up to battery (had to manually turn it on & off by a switch)with a hydraulic fan, replaced, hoses, installed a thermostat(which wasnt one in there)replaced resevoir, its fine while sitting still, but once i drive, coolant begins to run over out of resevoir, and the meter begins to slowly move to the "h"...by the way i purchased it used.also replaced the radiator last year after it had a leak. this didnt start until i replaced the fan...also just discovered today theres no fuse in place for fan (under the hood).

My e-brake makes a pop noise when accelerating and sometimes grinds when coasting, how much should I pay to get it fixed? thanks!

replace valve cover gasket now it has better pick up but seems like I always need to add qurt of oil Should I replace all the spark plugs with oil Fire plugs??

The lower (foot-level) AC/heat vents and most of the defrost vents have completely stopped working. I still get plenty of air from the main vents, but it only blows from there, regardless of the fan settings.

When I lock or unlock the car non-manually, some doors respond and others do not. The driver's side door is particularly inconsistent.

it feel like you cut it of an on

My A/C no longer comes on. The lights on the dials come on and everything else electrical seems to be working. I checked the fuses and they appear to be ok. Occasionally for no reason driving down the road it might come back on, but as soon as I shut the car off it happens again.

Any solution ideas?