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My 2002 dodge 1500 wont come out of Park.The only lights that work on the truck are the front running lights and the back cargo light. No turn signal lights either.I replaced all the bulbs and i replaced the fuses and...
The passeneger side windshield wiper is not operating, what could possibly be the problem.
is there a speed on the tranny
Whwn I brake hard, I hear a clunking or knocking noise coming from the left side front end. Could this be a bushing ? if so which one?
my 5 speed is a throttle body the motor i got tto replace itis a fuel injection how wold i make it work cause it wont bolt up straight across like the said 1.9 sl 1 series sochwell maybe it will but myintake is diff...
all of a sudden what lights up the speedometer at night have gone dull on half of the speedometer gauge. the 2005 yukon has just turned 100k miles on it. is there a small bulb that can be easliy replaced?
i need to find and replace the fuel injector relay
ok this is a follow up of my ? that car starts but won't stay started well found out the MAF sensor was bad so got one put in and work on test run n my wife drive 2 work but on her way home started 2 do same as b4 n c...
When car ignition is on second position brake lights on replaced brake light switch still no brake lights on with pedal depressed lights are continuously on with key on
where is the fuel pump located
My engine has a cracked head. I am in the process of ordering aluminum heads. I need someone who can help me with this. I have put alot of money in my motor, maybe because I am a woman I get takin advantage but I need...
Where do i find the radiant coolant sensor and how do i replace it?
how hard is it to change fuel filter an spark plugs the plugs in the rear look tough
i left my sons school and the car was running fine i told him to turn on the air and when he hit the a/c button the car shut off and will not start back up.I had to get it towed to my house and when you turn the key y...
how do i set the timing