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I bought this car not running and was told the computer is bad. I want to be sure that is not a bad ground or fuel pump. I checked the fuses, the fuel pump does not come on with the key. I also tried some starting fluid and it made no difference.

Engine light came on and took to shop said code for oxygen sensors replaced didn't make any difference returned (same code)then they said it was a false code that I had a burnt wire replaced wire after 2 hour diagnostic check at 80.00 per hour
then did "fuel cleaning " 99.00 also showed me a cracked not burnt fuse replaced it. Jeep still running bad returned they put second set same sensors in More $$$ Jeep still running as bad as before. Got 2 blks from shop engine light came back on says oxygen sensors OK this was the jeep dealer certified repair shop . The car actually has a shudder and vibrates which seems to get worse the longer it is driven really bad on idle seems to be using more gas and sounds just like a diesel pick up truck. This jeep had 58300 miles when problem began shop can't figure it out OMG HELP think cause I'm a girl I get 99.00 fuel cleaning Bottle of heat) treatment (didn't even clean fuel filter) The car does not misfire and engine sounds fine I refuse to believe that my Jeep is done for but have been told by shop to look for new car. I have read that this year has trouble with carbon build-up from manifold could this be the problem? Or vacumn leak or exhaust leak if it was cat converter wouldn't it code? Thought I saw similar problem on here but was never resolved. PS took to another shop and they checked harness and could not find a spliced wire from prior repair? So maybe I had a burnt wire maybe not???

The vsc light came on for 1 day , but stopped before I could get checked out

After my driver side went out, I tried to replace it and the new bulb wouldn't turn on. I've tested the same bulb on the opposite side and vice versea, the bulb works fine but the headlight still wouldn't come on. I have a theory that it might be a fuse but im not sure if 02 model have them. Help me out folks. Thanks.

While driving condensation slowly starts to appear, temp is on warm fan is on 2 and the control def/floor heat. We turn the fan to 3 or 4 in order to remove condensation. Instead windows complete get fog out and then it tries to clear itself, however they never clear properly, or completely. Dealer states nothing wrong with car

See ? Above

How do you replace only the glass in the power mirror drivers side

Hello everyone.
Can overheating damage the sleeves (cylinders) in any way? Particularly at the lower part?

I'm replacing the head gaskets after running without water and my mechanic, who's never worked on a Maxima before, told me that, after overheating, engines with sleeves instead of a bored block may have damages at the lower area where it's supposed to be sealed and not let water and oil mix.

Is this a real risk in Maxima Engines?
It's a 1996 3.0 24v V6.

I appreciate any thoughts.

it only happens when it rain

past couple months its been staling here and there. i would jump start it and it would be fine. was hoping to get thru xmas then i wld fix it. yesteday it wldnt take a jump. would start up but then stall while cables were still attached, had it towed to friend/mechanic of mine and he replaced battery with a fully working one and it wont even start. any ideas why?

rear brake cylinder, to much pressure

what are the codes i have change these parts already still getting this codes

egr and o2 sensor was change but we're still getting a code vehicle runs good what need to be done

Where are the headlight fuse(s) located? Engine compartment? trunk? Cabin?

My passenger side low beam headlight went out I replaced both sides. Both worked for a short time then the passenger side failed again. My message reads "bulb dipped" ?
I must have not gotten the bulb back in the holder correctly because when I inspected the bulb it was smashed. Can a bulb "blow up"? It was working after I installed it and after 1 or 2 trips out it was destroyed! Now I only have drivers side again. I've tested the bulb I'm using to replace and it's good, but there's no power to the passenger side. The fuse is good because the drivers side works. Could it be in the light switch? How can there be power to only 1 headlight?