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How do i change the emergency barke shoes and cable on my mercedes c280.
Recently, our Durango has extreme difficulty shifting out of 1st gear when accelerating. It is also very noisy until it actually shifts. It is most noticable after idling for more than a couple minutes or if its the...
My 96 c 280 dies while i am driving on the road or streets. I am able to restart the engine by shifting to natural and turn the switch back to start. The dash lights stay on when car goes dead.I have had the car in th...
92 ford aerostar 4.o makes a whinning noise when driving it, but just when you let off the gas. Also makes a big klunk when you put it in reverse
how often should the throttle body be cleaned?
front main seal lecks
How do you remove battery from eng. compartment?
First my driver window would go down but not up after three days of this all power windows and locks and lights inside my van stopped working. I checked all fuses and didn't find a burnt one... What else can I do and ...
how do you remove the speed sensor from transmission??? i pulled out the bolt but it wont seem to move.???
The transmission will not shift smoothly mostly when the vehicle is cold. I checked the transmission fluid and it is OK. The vehicle transmission was replaced by the dealer under warantee 3 years ago and now after 400...
Hoe do you know if when your control arms are bad?
The DIC on my 2007 Pontiac G6 says "Change park" when entering the vehicle then goes off. What does Change Park mean.
the handle on the trunk door of my sienna minivan is broken. can i get a new handle at a junk yard? do i need to pay for parts and loabor at a toyota dealership?
2004 Nissan Pathfinder. While on the I5 going 70mph my engine lost its top end power. I equate it to losing 1/2 of a $bbl carb... still going but no get up go harder, faster (ie need to pass?) I have been told possibl...