The nuts that go over the spark plug tubes requires what torque setting.

I have a 2008 dodge avenger 2.4cyl(vin j) where engine placement is sideways with front of engine facing passenger side.

we are trying to replace crankshaft position sensor and cannot find it anywhere.we would appreciate any help at all.

thank you

2000 olds already replaced tensioner ( belt cant stay on pulleys

In replacing rear wheel cylinder and hose to it we found the next part (that the hose attaches to at the other end) to be corroded. Took it to the part store and they said it must be a dealer part and they have no idea what it is called. Can you help with this? It is cylinder shaped, about 2 inches long and 1 inch diameter. Attaches to the other end of wheel cylinder hose.

how hard is it to change and where in the tranny is it located?

the comp. display not working.
all fuses and fuseable links seem good, is there a hidden fuse panel somewhere?

In the selector has 1-2-3-4 only number 4 is working but the other numbers has no power at all. thanks

ok so i just bought this truck and it an 88 not 90 ford f150 and it started making a loud screaching sound not sure where its coming from but im guessing its the clutch cause it changes the pitch of the sound when i put the clutch peddel to the floor and goes away after i get some speed but starts doing it when i shift again any ideas

starter wont do any thing at all after trying to start a few times

the button in inside and neither on the keyless injury

I have replaced the crank sensor and the ignition control module. at one point thought fuel first. new fuel pump installed. It would run then shut off, now it just wont start at all. Ready to blow it up!!!! LMAO. HELP!!!!! What am i leaving out

We changed spark plugs and wires last night and still badly misfiring. We are thinking it might be the coil pack. Please help.

The tail light on the left rear went out first. Then the next night the rear lights would not shut off after the ignition was turned off, so I had to unhook the battery. Next the fuel gauge does not read the proper amount of fuel. Can someone please tell me what may be the problem?

I wake up this morning at 5:00 ready to take my sister in law to the hospital and the car was not marking the temp. of the car them I when to another place and now the check engine light came on? I went to take the car to a machin around my house and he change the coolant sencer.But it was still not working he went back to auto zone and bought another one and again it was not working. So now he told me it is the gage panels of the whole car. I just want to know how much it is going to cost me?

Sounds like real bad CV joint but they are all fine. I suspect the gears are slipping in the front diff. - Only happens under load so I can't duplicate on a lift. How do I diagnose this?