The window starts again after sitting.

After a few minutes it will go on up or stop again.

it is a contintal front wheel drive

what is the problem? In my dash I have a warning light that has a triangle in the middle with a circle around it

full pump don't come new pump no fire. no volts on green wire with orange stripe at coil. crank sensor bad replaced that. still nothing. i have checked every wire that has something to do with the fuel relay,asd, coil crank sensor, pcm every thing in that system for continuity. every thing checks good.the customer said they had the truck at the dodge dealer for some reason. the dealer said the distributor gear needed changed. the truck was still running and because of the cost they didn't have it done. could that gear be whats causing the no fire problem. the rotor is turning.

2 days ago i go to start my car and thew tumblers in my ignition switch were locked(I've never had this problem before), so I went out and spent $400 on a new ignition switch and the electric black box on the back. I got it installed and the ignition freely moves to accessories and the on position, but when you go to turn it over and get it to crank it just clicks.... but won't turn over. Please help before I have to take this into a GM dealership and get "rear ended" with prices. i'd love to just be able to either fix it on my own or atleast be able to let them know what I need done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

a/c works,i replaced radiator,water pump,thermostat,flushed the system,and the heater core does not leak

the rear hatch release touch pad is broken and has been confirmed by the shop. How do I replace it so i don't have to pay the shop $400?

Carrera4 2002

car just leaked at least 2 qts of oil from engine at once, when I turned it off in driveway,mechanic said that he has to drop transmission and replace seal. He said it will cost @ least $700-800.

it is on a 93 gmc sonoma i am in the the proses of replacing the heater core and was wondering why the A.C compresser was frosted over after driveing but not useing the ac

vehicle idles very fast like at about 3000 rpm and goes down to about 1500 rpm after about 15 minutes of driving. I was told the idle air control valve may be the issue.

it sputters every now and then

Vacuum hose diagram

there is a clicking noise from driver side and battery keeps draining car starts with hot shot