I had the head gasket repaired inNovember of 2010 but I really think the mechanic did something wrong or just took my money

need to change fuel filter but don't know how to relieve the pressure

headlights turn on but cluster lights and brake running lights dont but when i press the brake brake light turns on

When I hit the accelerator pedal the car just accelerates smoothly - without the passing gear engaging.

Over past 9 months my Volvo runs fine, but has several warning lights. First the radiator coolant light came on, but the car runs at normal temp. Then ABS light started coming on, but usually goes off after I drive about 20 MPH...occasionally it come back on. Then the SRS light came on steady (around 125-130K miles). Then the brake and ABS light came on and the odometer went blank and speedometer stopped working. Then the lights went our and all was normal again. The "flashing arrow" now comes and goes. Are all of the car's major systems dying or is an electrical computer "brain" failing and in need of replacement? Car being shipped from Europe; need servicing when arrives in SEP.

Last week out of the blue it would die when I would slow down to stop and to start it I had to have it floored then keep pumpin the gas to keep it runnin for about 30sec..I took it to a mechanic and he put it on a computer it checked out ok and he took the fuel filter out and it was black so he changed it and the truck started right up and has been runnin great..went 1000 miles and its doing it again and its only been a week since the fuel filters been changed....so what can it be their are no warning lights on the dash either

When at a stop light the idle speed fluctuates until the engine eventually dies. I have changed the idle air control valve but it has not rectified the problem.

car has 42,227 miles

Within the past 2 weeks I've had a tune-up, new battery, and the fuel injection system flushed, all to no avail. What might it be?

Nothing shows up on the dash screen, no warning lights no written warning from the menu. It is a different beep than the seat belt warning. The beeping is just after the car is started for 4 or 5 sets of beeps and then it stops and does not do it again until the next start up.

is it my ball joints? all tirers r new and balanced. plz help

it is stuck and does not move anyone have a answer

has data at the key

I own a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6. Its a wonderful smooth riding car but it has difficulty starting in the cold. I assume its the cold start vavle but i have never seen one or know how to replace it. It would be nice if i can get some advice on this subject.

Air conditioning works. Heater works. Vent control does not change air vent location. All settings result in front window defrost exit. Check Engine Emission warning is displayed. Is this a vacuum leak somewhere? how do I locate it?