started off about once a week, but now has gotten more frequent. the dash warning light goes off when it is added but it's using more and more now. I do not see a leak on the ground however.

I need to be able to go through snow and rain without a problem. As of right now, my car slips and slides on rainy surfaces.

It will not move forward or backwards and will no longer heat up

Once I get it out of park it runs fine.

washer fluid is not spraying on windshield

Car starts and runs but it runs rough and then it cuts off in less than a min. getting fuel and fire just fishing here for some help

Seems like a film gets in there and dims the light. Have gotten them professionally cleaned several times but it doesn't last.

There is no cable wondering if there is a sensor or what possibly could be the problems..thanks

Back up assist is not working, only the red light flashed on when I go into reverse.

starter lock in fly wheel.

greetings, im a not so proud owner anymore,
of a 92 cavalier 5spd 2.8 f1 multiport.
done changed the ecu,motor itself,
checked all leads grounds but still no dice,
my problem is the next, while the car is on
(no matter if driving or not) the battery light will flash,
every flash alters the engine torque, headlights if on will intensify,
wipers if on will speed up, fan if on will blow higher,
radio if on will pop,
at a complete headach since no one has found faulty anything or
diagnosed correctly,alternator output no less than 13,no higher
than 14,battery brand new,scanner never gets any code other than 12
please,,, please,,,,
help,completely lost,. __

distributor has been changed. check engine light comes on. code reads computer problems, or ignition module

i need to replace them

In summer at temps above 75 the a/c on drivers side cools at stops and warms after take off. Also in tunnels or under passes it cools until you drive back into sunlight. Passenger side is fine. Temp setting doesn't matter.

I push on the gas petal and i swear i could push the car faster then it goes and in a 1/4 mile it would normally get up to 60 less then halfway through a 1/4 mile and now i am lucky to 45 now in a 1/4 mile. (The 1/4 mile is from my diveway to the stop sign at the end of my road.) Then one day went to auto zone to get a cooling fan relay (Just the high fan) put the new one in and that is when it started not getting up and going) But once you get up to speed, well basically once your in 3rd gear or higher, no poblems, i can step on the gas and it gets up and goes like it should runs beautiful, but come to a stop and it take for ever to get up to speed. Before it had overheating issues because we didn't know it at the time that the cooling fans didn't work and it was super hot this past summer and there is a small crack in the radiator. Could it have something to do with the vacuum system, ive checked the lines and they are good, and connected they are only about 6 months old. (It is the 3.8Litter V6 and the tranny was rebuilt about a year ago because it was slipping. ) It would be awesome if you could answer this question. Thank you