Just changed motor mounts on Envoy because it was riding and idling rough. Now it rides smooth but when I turn engine off it still rumbles. why is this?

Especially when I depress the break and neutral at the same time. Stopped at a red light.

When i was driving my truck a week ago on the freeway
it started boging down and was kinda doing a jurking motion.I got it back home and the next morning i noticed
a big patch of oil.and know when i start my truck i get
a fairly load noise under my truck coming from the trans-
mission,this happens every time i start my truck.

I have a 1989 750il with a braking issue. My brakes keep locking up on me. I've changed the front calipers, hoses, rotors and brake pads but still having the same issues.
I need help, please help.

the 2002 sebring blowes the fuse that says (starter/fuel pump) almost everytime the car starts. i have to change the fuse and jump it. if i dont jump it ,it will blow the fuse again.i dont know if it has a bad starter or fuel pump. it may have a loose wire somewhere or a bad battery. can someone please help me. thanx

How do I stop Antifreeze leak at the heater hose fitting under thermostat?


it runs great when it first starts for about 3mins. when the temp gauge starts to go up it doesnt want to stay runnin.press the gas pedal it stalls out. will not stay runnin under 2000rpms unless u feather the gas pedal & misses real bad or has a lopeing sound, let of gas stalls right out. if i hold the pedal anywhere above 2000rpms it doesnt miss at all but let off the gas it stalls out. then u have to feather the gas pedal to start it again.it runs great when it first starts till it gets heat

i have a 1999 expedition eddie bauer triton v8

The dealership charged $200 to trace out a slow drain on the battery, and an additional $235 to replace the whole fuse box. It doesn' seem fair to charge the $200 to find that the fuse box needed replacing. Agree or disagree? Would appreciate any comment.
Jack Bryan

cannot figure how to get 2 lenses off of lamps (2)


same as 2004 chevy tracker

My 96 Toyota Tacoma got hot, then I heard a pressure relieving/hissing sound ,then it acted like the thermostat opened up and temp. went back to normal. Then as I ascended a slight grade the engine lost power and died. after I came to a stop the engine was smoking all around the intake manifold and smelled like burnt oil. Is this a badly blown head gasket or a detonated motor?

i need to replace the wheel bearings on my car and cannot remove the rotor