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When turning the steering wheel, there is a loud grinding noise and sometimes it worsens when the brakes are applied.
what is the best way to remove and replace the rubber power steering hose from the pump to the bracket that bolts to the steel line that runs to the gear box. thank you ...
jeep bucks and jerks when first driving in the morning.. when jeep is warm it won't jerk..only jerks for about 1/4 mile then acts like nothing was ever wrong.. any ideas... no codes present
I removed the brake booster to remove the valve cover gasket. After reassembly the brake boooster rod doesnt hit the brake light switch to shut it off. it's about 1/8" to 1/4' too short.Is there some sort of spacer in...
need step by step on how to do it
My van on occasion won't start. The battery tested fine, but especially if it is left over night it has a problem starting and needs to be jumped. Any ideas?
no coolant in oll nor exhaust..when warmed up... leaking underneath...between engine and transmission
When driving car over 70 it shakes the steering wheel.The care pulls to the left. I was told it possibly was the roters need turning. Is this correct?
My AC/Heater fan only blows at low speed. I believe it may be the AC Resistor. Is this someting I can replace myself? If so where is it located. Thanks very much
How do I disconnect the coolant hoses from the pcv valve to remove it?
lectronic throttle control actuator . how to test it and other related parts .the codes are p1121 / etc .p1122 / harness / etc .car will not start .new timing chain .new cam and crank sensors .
My hood release cable broke at the latch - how can I get to the latch to release the hood and replace the cable
Brake fluid registers low. The driveway shows spots on it but not oil spots. Do I have a brake problem or is this a leak in the brake fluid line somewhere