how do u remove a neutral switch

belt makes a noise when car is started

I replaced the compreser and conensor. Since doing so the temperature is fine when driving but on idle the head pressure raises. What is causing this? I don't want to drive the truck an use the air until I correct this problem

there are two bolts on the inlet assy that I can't seem to get to without removing the intake manifold completley. Am I missing something?

has to cool down before restarts

After 40mph the RPM's will keep rising but the car will not shift into the next gear.When it does shift the one time it sounds like air escaping,like a blowoff valve on a turbo charged car.

Loosing water, temp. maintained with use of heater, slightly cooler while sitting at an idle. When I add water to cold engine not running I can see clearly water pouring from the bottom of the water pump I belive however it"s a bit difficult to see exactly. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly welcomed. This has me stumped.

theres coolant leaking and coming from somewhere over the tranmission bracket cant understand where's it coming from?

while trying to fix a ground fault problem my car ended up not being able to start. i already know the altinator went out, after jumping the car it would not go into gear, but while off it did go into gear. i fixed the ground fault and figured out the alltinator was out. it would shift while the car is off but not while running. its the only vehicle i have and i need it running.so what would keep it from going into gear while the car is running

my 94 ford taurus (3.0 with a V6) appears to be overheating according to the temp gauge. The car itself doesnt really seem to be exhibiting symptoms. no boiling over, no smoke, the car doesnt try to die or run rough. Its been doing this for three days and today the gauge started moving more instead of just staying in the red. I have had my vent on in the car and the temperature always seemed on par with the outside temp until I today and it was blowing hot. It still doesnt appear to be boiling over and its not really driving differently, but today after it had been off for about an hour, I noticed some hissing coming from the engine that was silenced when the radiator cap was loosened. I have no idea what is wrong and have heard anywhere from a sensor is out to I need a new radiator. Im at a loss. :(

how do u test a neutral safety switch and if its bad how do i change it

Does anyone know what ac compressors work with this model, I need one bad and can't seem to find one I can afford.

i loosened the bleeder but it didnt move at all even when i put a c clamp on it

how do I reset the immobilizer when it is engaged it shuts the engine off and car will not move. Vehicle was working fine before, problem occurred suddenly

Checked balljoints,tierods,bushings,swaybarr,A-arms,struts seem fine. nothing loose everything solid. Im mechanicaly inclined and out of ideas. I heard strut bearings but it dont squeek its a metal on metal sound.