My car caught fire in feb trying to go to a junk yard and pull the electrical out of a newer car and use the computer/electrical to fix mine engine is still good so was wondering as long as the comp comes out of a car with the same engine will i run into any problems?

side looks like it has leaked fluid/oil. How can I repair this? Also I had four new tires put on and the brakes checked. I was told brakes were fine but shortly after when I apply the brakes the pedal jumps and it makes a thumping noise. I keep my foot on pedal and when the vehicle comes to stop the problem disappears. It only does this intermittently. What should I check or what is the problem?

Diagnostic code: po4o1

when took air filter assembly off while running rite behind throttle plates it had very high suction what could cause that.thanks ("SUNKIST")


handling in the winter weather

Fan is working. Shop suggests computer problem.

there is alittle red light on my dashboard that is flashing and now my truck will not start what can i do to fix ths problem

So i cahange plugs, fuel filter, vacum hoses cap and roter, it starts lops than idles fine, than rev it it seems to bog, and when u put in gear it starts to stall, or when u put on ac/ front and rear it stalls or wants to

my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?

my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?

to Lawrence Kansas with no problems or leaks. I then had all of the fluids replaced (car had 31,000 certified miles on it). After one day a large tranny fluid leak showed up on the floor. The dealer had changed the fluid, filter and pan gasket. They want me to bring the car in for a check up. What can I expect?

need to know how to change inner and outter tie rods on a 95 honda accord

are the tie rod easy to change inner and outter on a honda accord 1995 4 cylinder and will i need any speciality tools whats the best way to change them

If I play with it for a couple of minutes it will eventually turn. What's the fix?