I have heard that to change th plugs in my F-150 can cost as much as $2000. That seems really high to me.

I have a 2006 toyota tundra v6 4.0L i have replaced the Alternator, battery and positive battery cable, when the car is first at idle the Alternator seems to charge fine 13.90volts until the truck idles down they i only get 9volts witch is what the old one was doing and why i replaced it can some one please tell me something i have missed i replaced the battery with an after market cable because it had been cut and replaced before and if had replaced the end it would have been to short the battery is brand new as of 3 weeks ago

Where should I start to look? could it just be a fuse?

The harness that connects the pump is not getting power. what could cause it

trying to do it myself

i also have a 2001 beetle gls 1.8 turbo auto trans will the 1.8 trans work in the 2.0 vw? the car will go in 1st and reverse but wont shift in 3rd somone replaced the trans in the 2.0 and that is what it is doing

It sound like it could be coming from the whole truck. When I turn the steering wheel, I hear it and also when I drive on a bumpy road. It seems like the truck is just squeaking something terrible. Can you help?

I had a leak on the passenger side that allowed water to get into the fuse box. I found that the used car must have had the windshield changed and there was never any glue put down the passenger side. What is the best to use? I called repair shops and they all want to change the whole windshield with the warning that there's a high possibility of it breaking when they take it out. Can't I just glue it myself?

I can start the car and drive but the key won't come out. I have tried moving it from Park to Reverse to Neutral several times but the key won't come out. Can turn the engine off but the lights stay on and runs down the battery. The dealership said a wire broke and therefore won't tell the computer that the car is in park. They said a couple other wires are bound up and it will cost me $365.00 to get it fixed. Is there by chance a recal on this?

I had to jump start my car. Then we started noticing that the lights on the doors werent going off like they should unless we pushed the door lock button. Any ideas?

Regular (non-dealer) repair guy says it's not a fuse but the element and referred me to auto upholstery guy. Upholstery guy says it's an electrical thing, but he'll put in the element if I bring it to him. Been trying to get the part(s) numbers so I can track them down, but for some reason that's proving difficult. Any ideas?

I do have parking lights but no DRL(Daytime Running Lights)

Do I need to have entire torottle body replaced & at what cost or just the sensor?

this happens with remote ,keeles entry,or door switches

driver door lock operates correctly

My 2000 bravada will not shift into reverse or overdrive, and shifts hard from 1-2 gear. It won't shift from 1st to 2nd until about 3400 rpm. I have replaced the filter and fluid, which made the "service awd" light go out, but the shifting problem remains. I am thinking that it may be the control solenoid, but I am not sure where to find it. Any other ideas or tech data would be appreciated.