run better what should i do

My turn signals stop working when used a lot or are on for a long period of time. I would like to change the flaher unit first. There is no infor in the owners manual as to the location of the flasher.

It happened once in the morning, and get started again. Later on in the after, the car could be started two times, and then would not start anymore. Bettery seems fine, and when turn over the key, I heard no "click" sounds (completely silent).

I've replaced recently the catalytic converter, spark plugs, coil #2, and did a fuel injection. No one can seem to find the problems. Any help would be great.

Light just came on at cold start

A few days ago, the windows in my 2002 Town and Country wouldn't go down, nor could I open the rear vents.
I kept messing with then and then without warning they worked again! Now the windows are down and wont go up!
I checked the fuses and just replaced the drivers side main control panel and no change. What am I missing?

It makes a grinding sound for each gear you put it in except for the fourth gear but doesn't make the noise when you engage the clutch..

they jus stay on i checked all bulbs and fuses

fans wont kick on when get to temp. they do power on when connected up to a power source. is the coolant temp sensor bad? thanks

Whats a good place to take my car to have its light bulbs changed?

I have to put it in nuetral to start it again. When I stop at lights, stops sign it will stall if i dont keep it in neutral and press on the gas

My owners manual does not show me were to put in freon in my car.

Do the heads have a three stage tightening pattern you must follow?

Not having any problems, but wondering since I've had it for 4+ years now if the trans should be serviced regardless of mileage.

This happened last summer also and my boyfriend changed the big plastic part(not sure what its called)that had all those bolts or bearing around it...(I'm sure it kind of sounds dumb that I can't explain it...but wondering what the problem is..my car has 95,000 miles on it. Also the leaking has not occured again until now from last summer.