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Mazda mpv 92, It is not internal problem because no symptom of transmission failur signs. Is this transmission range switch problem or computer issue, or ...!
When I start my car and it is idling,after a few minutes gas starts dripping in front of the right rear tire about 5 inches in towards the center of the car.I reached underneath and it feels like there is a rubber hos...
This car has about 120k, it is still getting decent gas mpg, but stutters as if just running on a few cylinders. I replaced plugs and valve cover gasket about 3k ago. I can not detect any leaks in the intake and I rea...
my car makes a rattling sound when idling and it keeps get louder. It seems to be running well and the loud rattle stops when I am moving.
My 2004 crossfire occasionally,maybe once a day sputters like its going to stall when at a stoplight or at very low speed when turning. it never actually stall, just fells like it will. Un predictable and sometines ...
The car began making a faint clicking sound about two or three weeks ago, and it has gotten a little louder, on and off. Took it to a family member/mechanic who is out of work and needs the money. He looked into the...
only when the vehicle is at a stop, or warming up
Can front brake rotors be resurfaced? I was told that Mercedes Benz rotors are made of a composite material and would pit if resurfaced. The recommendation was to replace the rotors and brake pads together.
how much do cost for 1994 engine
I have 2 ecm fuses--ecm 1 & ecm b ---- ecm b has no current flow to it on either blade of the fuse with the key on or off. Van won,t start. ecm 1 fuse has good current flow.
does car have a timing belt if so what is service time
The dealer has recommended 3 repairs for my 1996 Mercury Cougar: Cluster Bulb replacement; Oil Filter Adapter Gasket replacement, and Lower Ball Joint replacement. He has quoted me a price of over $650. Is this a f...
why does the steering wheel shake at about 55 mph?
When ever I start my car and every 1/2 hour the car will chime 3 sets of 5 chimes. Car runs fine but this is annoying.
Truck passes the first part of emission testing but fails to hold pressure and the equipment fails - I replaced the fuel filler hose.