Wont start, and I believe its the injectors. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Its Getting gas all the way up to the injectors.

i have never owned a junk engine until 2011.the sound only get worse every time i crank it in the morning.

I was having my Honda's oil changed and tires rotated and balanced at the dealership. They informed me I had a passenger side axle seal leaking grease and it would cost over $200 to repair. But they didn't make it sound urgent. I haven't noticed any oil leaks or oil on my garage floor.

changed right front brake hose and bled brakes starting with right front wheel first then left front wheel also changed left front brake caliper still right front brake grabbing badly

etc should be relaced, because of age of car and Florida heat. price $900 with labor.

While trying to remove the crank pulley the belt slipped

illuminated and no cruise control.

At start up, and through out the speed range

oil leak 1 qt. 3000 mi.

Bought about 3mo ago.would shift into overdrive immediately after 4gear.Now its downshifts on its on.Pulls great but haven't put a load on it yet.No dash codes and my diagnostic scanner only for 96 and newer.I'm guessing the pressure solenoid switch or valve. Can't afford to replace everthing externale and the problem be internale.any advise? Thanks in advance

I have had many toyotas and never have had a water pump go out at 60000 miles is this normal?

how often should you tuneup your car, and the price

car was driving fine went to shift into 2nd when i heard something metal hit the ground lots of smoke and car wont start anymore,lots of fluid on the street and no oil left in engine i can see the oil filter when i look under any ideas?

need to know for 90K service.

Is it in the dashboard or on the firewall?