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I have recently replaced the starter in my 94 Ford Explorer and now it will not shut off even after removing the key. I have to disconnect the battery to get it to shut off.
The floor on the driver's side of my vehicle is wet which only happens when it rains. I believe (or hope) that something is just plugged, possibly the heater box or the AC drain hose. I have a mechanic and he is willi...
I have a 2000 VW Golf TDI and cant find a plug to keep glow plugs warm to prevent cold starts. Does anyone know if they come equipped with this option?
loud vibration noise when in gear and moving forward. will not make noise when in neutral, or reverse.
Can anyone tell me where I can see pictures of the vacuum lines on a V10 Gas rig
all lights in dash on wont start there;s spark ran all day
problem when engine is cold in the morning
just bought first 3500 and i have had 3 people tell me that the fuel injectors and lifter pump are awlays going out and that are costly to replace any comments
car usually starts buts tends to stall when i come to a stop, and then is hard to restart. Is more difficult to start if front of car is downhill. Recently had fuel tank and fuel pump replaced. Could that be related?
air cond. blows cold out of defroster
truck wont start even if i jump it
lights come on after you drive a few blocks
low beams will not come on but high beams will how can i fix this
in my 99 lincoln continental the info on my dash board that tells the miles, oil level, and other info about the car is blinking on and off ond becomes distored sometimes wen i drive how do i fix that??