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left rear wheel bearing makes noise. I am thinking it is a press in bearing not a bolt on type

starter good. ign switch good. will not crank. Relay does click when turn key to start. no power to starter solenoid.

I had a problem when the (low engine power) would come up in cool conditions but turn the engine off and it was ok. I replaced the throttle body as advised by repair pal and that problem is cured. I replaced it with an AC Delco body but now I seem that my mpg is down a little. Does the computer have to be reprogramed for this throttle body. Other than poorer mpg the engine runs great. Just wondering????

got a new valve, so i know what it looks like, but cant find where it goes

What could it be, the connector seems ok?

i have replaced the thermostat and it worked fine for a month or so than it overheated again replaced thermostat again cooling fan came on it was fine and 2 days later its overheating again the cooling fan comes on any ideas


days ago the fan was working for days only sometimes at start the car but now is off ,the control panel look like all is ok and the only code that i have is KLA V 1000 AFTER RESET DONT SHOW ANY CODE ,THIS IS MY READ CODE
0 29.4
1 32.7
2 34
3 26
4 26
5 12.5
6 84
7 9.7
8 33.8


Driving on the highway I heard funny high pitched whine and stopped at a rest stop to check. I noticed red fluid that I think is transmission fluid splashed on firewall, under wheel well and pooled slightly on engine. Transmission fluid checked and is still marking full. My friend said maybe it was a hose. Car is not slipping in any gears. I am 200 miles from home and he advised drive carefully till he can check it out. Dealer wanted 100 diagnostic fee:(


It sounds like the starter needs replaced but we just had it replaced a week ago. I was driving the other day and when it shifted gears it clunked real hard in every gear. I brought it home and an hour later it shifted fine. Still has the starter problem though. The service engine soon light has been on for a couple of days. This is the second time this has happened to us. Was worried about the torque convertor or a sensor. Any help would be appreciated.

Power steering noise, very dirty P/S fluid, noise goes away when fluid & additive added, but leak not found. No additional symptoms except noise, which begins when car is started. I also wish I could tell when the mechanic is trying to sell more services than I really need. I've gone to 3 different shops and gotten 3 different stories (and counting.) I'd like to believe that it's just a difference of opinion, but I don't have room in the budget to get this wrong.

i am looking for the placement of the cool air intake temp sensor, the engine temp sensor and the oil pressure sensor
i appreciate anyones help
thank you

My AC/Heat works fine on the floor and front blowers, but the air will not blow on the front windshield or side front windows.

check engine light always on makes noise when you turn on and while driving.Interior lighting is very dem on front panal, battery dies every once in awhile,just had battery replaced 1yr. ago and replaced gas pump fuel 5 mths ago?