clutch. do you have a close up detail drawing on how this should look.thnks, Chuck

If I have air in the injector pump due to a leak in the return side of the fuel system, how do I get the air out of the injector pump?

I cant get a wrench on it to get it off it has a recall on the hose but i dont know if they still fix it with the line completely broke and the fitting rounded where you get a hold of it with the wrench does anybody if they will still fix it for me.

if you try to find the info they try to charge you an arm&leg for the answer i cant afford it i dont use credit cards i work from paycheck to paycheck and i already spent a fortune in parts this past month i am still bomming rides to work ??

2001 ford explorer runs but will not idle on its own

My air bag light is on and I need to change the electronic front end sensor. Do you know where I could get one and how to install it myself?

The gas pedal has fallen off. How can I put it back on. The pin seems to work itself out.

tips for removal

need instructions on replacing the timeing belt and water pump

My mechanic thinks it's the fuel pump control module. Says usually if it's the fuel pump the car wouldn't start?

as long as i am in cruise control, or steadily giving it gas, it's fine. but when i brake, it shakes while my foot is on the brake, and hesitstes when i hit the gas again. its not as bad when just driving around town, it will happen off and on. but it gets really bad after a long drive, almost like the car needs to rest.

Check engine light is on an I have to pass state inspection, i was told I need to replace oil pan, front and back vale cover gaskets x 2, and replace leak detection pump based on a smoke test and an engine diagnostic reading

The int lgts work when you turn them on but not when the door is opened. The 12v plugs thruout do not work and the radio will not keep its memory.

I've replaced the bulb in the past with success. The other brake lights and tail lights work properly. Are there separate fuses for the brake lights and where would they be located?

code 455 and 496. I have changed the gas cap.