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stopped to vote and shut my jeep off. went to start it and it would turn over but not fire. Ran OBD check and it showed bad crankshaft position sensor and bad throttle position sensor (po122). replaced both and now ha...
my gear shift won't go into drive and my brake lights wont' come on
gear shift won't move and I don't have any brake lights. What could be wrong. and What controls the brake lights
cannot open the door from inside or out?
Interior lights will not come on when you open the door, how is this repaired without taking it in for repairs at the shop?
cruise has never worked since i got the car 4 yrs ago.fuses are ok. is a former government car and may have been shut off by a tech.any ideas as where to look?speedo works cruise light on dash.
When the Headlights are off the brake lights work, but when I turn the headlights on during the night time, the brake lights don't work. The running lights work but when you press the brakes they dont work.. I've been...
while driving down the road my car just shut off and now it tries to turn over when you try to start it but it wont turn over what could it be
My aviator will not move when in drive. If I put in 3rd it runs just fine. What is the problem?
I drive the hills and on the freeways, sometimes in stop and go traffic. How often should the rear brakes be changed? And, what would the cost be including labor?
do you have to replace rotors when having brake pads relaced
I've had my truck tested at the Ford Dealership several times and it always checks out ok. It will run fine for weeks or even months then all of a sudden the ABS light comes on, I hear clicking in the dash, the radio...
My Buick recently started dying while idling, and more recently the car has started dying right when I remove my foot from the gas. Also, my battery guage reads below the mid-point some mornings, and the car will not ...
Does anyone know how to re-connect the automatic seatbelts on the Escort? Having trouble figuring this one out.
how can you tell if the rotors need to be replaced