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When I come to a stop the RPM"S drop and the car wants to die. It seems to do it when I have drove it for a little while, but it never stalls it seems to work itself out. Also it idles great otherwise, like when I am ...
I have the following fail codes: p0505, p0325, p1401, p0300, p0136,and p0156. What I would like to know is what the specific parts are so that I can purchase them at a discounted rate.
I started my vehilce in the morning and the engine just kept reving up by itself. when I tried to hit the gas, nothing happened at all. It was as if I wasnt hitting the gas. I shut offf the car and restarted it, then ...
I was driving up hill . it seemed like no power then died and will not start again . checked the fuel filter going into and out of , also mass air flow . turns over fine but nothing more .
trying to find where the ect sensor is on a ford escort 02
How hard is it to replace the heater core? the shop wants to charge me 750 to do the job. the part only cost 60? Do I have to re charge the air conditioner.
where is the hvac vacuum pump and how is it replaced?
The headlight and taillight are out on the passenger side. The high beams work but not the standard light. I checked the fuses and they are good. Where should I look next? I just realized today that while filling m...
How to fix an overall readiness result. please some one help.
Heater blower sounds like a idling jet engine when blower is turned on. Heater still works. Also there is constant fast past ticking sound in the engine when the blower is turned on. Defrost works minimally as does...
The Service ABS and Service Traction system Lights come on and go off intermittently and while the light is off the braking is erradic and the pedal reacts funny, when light is on brakes operate fine.
The van has a popping noise and thought converter was bad, but had it checked and said that computer read misfirings in engine including #4 cylinder.
I was driving our van and at a stop sign it quit. Now it won't start at all. Lots of power and electrical works, it just won't even turn over
warm not hot air coming from heater
my heater blows but doesnt get hot.