Already replaced the batteries in the remote but it still does not trigger the remote start.

Will Engine Cleanes Help?

one only a year+ ago. I checked the fuses and they're all good. Can you help?

whenever i press the accelerator

how do I get into the housing in which the brake light bulb fits?

105K miles no smoke, 2 quarts in 6,000 miles using 10/30 synthetic oil please advise

Replace intake gasket complete set, nad plugs, instantly had misfiring problem. Chased problem around and it ended up being a fluke coil pack going out. Now car runs great but will have a random shutter at about 50 mph. If i just give it a little gas it will stop. So it is like i can power through it. Please help

I changed the coolant and thermostat,and now i have less heat... put a scan tool on it and the temp is only reaching 185 degrees and the thermostat open at 195.. not getting hardly any heat out of the vent of the truck.. It should be way hotter... took the hose goin to the heater core in the firewall and flush it with water some discoloration and a few pieces of dirt came out but pretty much back to the same thing again...All of the hoses seem nice and hot so i'm baffled and it's not overheating and the temp guage is exactly where it should be when running ...

A computer chip that has something to do with the ignition for starting this vehicle.

Last week my car broke down on the parkway. I found out the water pump had broke. Had timing belt and water pump replaced. Since then, having a problem when starting the car. It's ok when first starting for the day, but once I am driving and then make a stop, when I turn on the car again it starts for a few seconds, then cuts out, then goes back up again. Also when driving 50 mph or more it stalls a bit sometimes, but not all the time.

I went back to the mechanic who had replaced the water pump and timing belt. He said the air temperature sensor was broken, and it might have given mixed signals to the engine. He replaced the air temperature sensor, but the problem with starting the car is still there.

Do you have any ideas on fixing this problem? I am not confident about the mechanic I'm using. I paid an extra $80 for the air temperature sensor and it hasn't fixed anything. Thank you for any answers you can provide.

I just replaced the sensor and the heat started working just fine now I have no heat again but it blows out cool/warm air

Will turn off eventually while driving. No problems From passenger door.

Fan don't come on could it be the thermo sending unit at the thermostat housing that needs to be replaced? lost as to why the fans won't come on or why it keeps over heating? have not checked the fuses could it be that simple?

All doors will lock with either door switch or remote but only drivers door functions correctly. I place all door locks in open position. The door switch will lock all but only opens drivers door. I replaced door switch assembly, no help.

Have Installed New fuel pump,crank sencer,key and switch,