2006 honda accord 4cyl. had to replace altenator & some sensor in the fuse box assembly that is dependent on the altenator (that is what I've been told by dealership and second opinion place. $572 later, I used keyless entry, but it didn't work. I had a meeting. When I got back to my car, keyless entry worked- car started up, but clock was blinking and programmed radio stations were gone. Tonight, drove 45 miles. turned off car, forgot something- tried to start car. It was dead. no sign of life when I tried to start it. 3 hours later, and a tow truck- the car started right up and everything acted like it was working. I refused to drive it. Now sitting at mechanic. Please help

Just happened today, no recent problems. check under car small drops of fluid. started car kinda slow to start but ran it for good t3-4 mins then lights come on.

A/C get warm once in a while, pressure is good, comp is new, blower is blowing

Think my heater coil has a leak, anyone had this problem with their audi? Does anyone know the repair cost?

would not start turns over then there is a clicking noise and will not start

they told me could be kinked hose, and a bunch of other things, said couldnt pin point problem.

p0455 code....have tightened the gas cap and replaced 3 weeks ago prior to the p0455.

Why I cannot turn the engine off with the key? Why the ignition switch want turn?

Driver side front axle making a popping noise when turned to the left

how long will it take

The fuse for the cigarette lighters blows instantly.One is under dash and one is inside center console.What could be causing this?

Why do my ignition key spins around in the switch without engaging to turn the engine off?

What causes the ignition key not to engage to the engine off?

notice water leaks from behind exhaust manifold, as i pour the water in

timming belt sprocket poss with mark face up or down