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Need to know where the fuel filter for 2003 Grand Marquis is located and how to change the filter.
My transmission is shifting hard(clunks)into gear.I have checked the fluid it's ok.
Looking for mitchell shop rate time.
how do you replace a broken door handle on the drivers side
I have a working headlight and brights on the left side. The right headlight does not work the brights and the turn signal work. All the bulbs are good it just doesn't come on when I turn on my headlights. What should...
My cylinder 2 is misfiring, i changed all the spark plugs but it didnt fix the problem! ive been told to check the coils but i dont know which one is cylinder 2 lol! anyone know?
I am assuming that the axle must be removed prior to replacing the rear axle seal and this will not affect the axle bearing in the housing . can anyone tell me if it is a C- Clip axle or floating axle in the different...
my headlights, interior lights, Abs light came on, hazards, radio, etc... blew out just by me trying to turn my headlights on. i've tried replacing the headlight switch and nothing. the car still runs but thats about ...
Why would I not be able to get hot air from the heater when engine is at normal operating temperature?
I am having new brakes on rear and rotors turned on the front. Company doing work suggested i get the centra link replaced .they said i have play in it. Should run around $300.00 to fix. Is this standard for tahoes?...
Heater does not work has a thumping sound
Where is the pump located
blower fan only runs on the 4 setting