Honda tried to fix by replacing the Throttle Body. Did not fix situation. Now they are telling me that it is an electrical short and will cost 1400. Has this happened to anyone else?

can i get a supercharger images of parts on 1995 buick

no one seems to know what to what to fix one says computer bad others says oxygen sensor, another sensor and another says wiring

This happened yesterday and is in need of repair. Im thinking a set of plugs and wires could fix the miss but the light came on at the same time. Does the ecm see the miss and throwing a code? (Ive not had diagonstics ran yet as time is also an issue). 97 towncar, 163,000mi. all vacuume lines checked. Also going to chk injector pulse tomorrow morning. Outside of already mentioned plans does anyone know of "common" reasons for misfire on a 4.6? this car has been trouble free since new.

Car was running fine have had no slipping of the transmission. Parked the car and when we started it later it made a whirring kind of noise and won't shift into any gears.

The brakes will squeal and grab the first few times you stop and than it's good until it sets for awhile. It does it everytime.

the way the motor sets so close to the fire wall . you can't get to the back plugs

rack&pinion has been replaced but there is still slack. what would cause leek in power steering lines after new rack&pinion was replaced after 2 weeks

Driving to work I went over a small speed bump at around 5 mph and heard a pop then nothing but grinding. From what I understand, there was a recall on the 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport for defective ball joints. I was actually trying to find out if they will repair/replace them for free or am I gonna have to foot the bill.

The car has 140,000 miles the belt broke while coasting off an exit

Driving to work 35 minutes into my ride, stopped at a traffic light, light changed, started to drive, and the whole dashboard lit up all lights came on, then all the following went dead, radio, ac, dash gauges, power windows, power door locks, pulled over turned car off, restarted the car, battery light, abs light, then stayed on, all other lights off, but still no electrical power to list above ,please help

My 96' Crown Victoria started acting up a short while ago, suddenly losing charge and shutting down. I knew I was on borrowed time. Earlier this morning the battery light came on, and I lost power steering. As I arrived at my house after nursing it home, I realized my temperature gauge was very nearly maxed, and after turning the car off, I became aware of a sound under my hood. After opening the hood, I realized my coolant was boiling in it's reservoir. Help?

When the check engine light was checked a code number P2610 pops up. what should I do. My mechanic is yet to identify the fault and fix the car

I'm try to fine out y my truck want move in drive or reverse but drive n second gear and low gear.

i noticed while driving