when I turn my steering wheel when I'm driving slowly, parking, I get a knock when I turn to the right or left. I had it looked at and was told nothing was loose, but something sounds loose. I don't want a wheel to fall off...

I bought this truck at 159,000 miles a few months ago and am right at 161,000. I only use to pull a 5000 lb. travel trailer.

Do I access it through the trunk or how do I get the brake lamp cover off to change the light?
This is on a 1989 Plymouth Reliant...

Speedometer on dash does not work, check engine light is on, abs brake light is on , cruise control does not work.

It is located behind engine in front of transmission

I've replaced each of my low beam headlights twice in under 60K and the dealer has told me that type of bulb can't take a lot of bumps...come on?

My boyfriend turned off his car today and as soon as he took the keys out of the ignition and opened the car door, his headlights started flashing off and on. They eventually time out and go off. It just randomly started happening today. The battery is brand new, so he has been unpluging the battery everytime we leave it for long. Could it be a relay switch? I think is has something to do with his car alarm, because thats what his alarm does when it goes off the only difference is, the car isn't making the beeping noise it normally would if the alarm was going off.

I have a 2005 Mercury Montego with CVT built after 10/17/2005 and 59,000+ miles. Without any previous warning signs, an hour ago I was on my way home and the check engine light, the throttle control/transmission lamp (little double ended wrench), and the LED "Check Engine" and "Check Transmission" warnings all came on. It was less than three blocks to my drive and since I wasn't sure what was happening I drove home. I noticed it was handling "sluggish" and when I placed it into Drive it kind of went into it hard. Not necessarily a "clunk" going into gear, but a harsh sound all the same. Please tell me this isn't something wicked bad and expensive that is happening. Any suggestions?

6 cylinder 3.8 liter

Seems to lose coolant. Sometimes leaks after parking or in the garage, sometimes not. Little reservoir under bonnet on driver side is low. Noboday can find the leak. Sometimes I smell coolant.

As noted the lights are always on. The speed control still works. I'm guessing it is a bad sensor, but would like some idea before I take it for repair. It was intermittent for a few months now constant.

it wont go in 4wd at all now but still tries while going down the road.

Air blows out but A/C doesnt kick in. Heater works fine, I would like to fix myself but not sure whats wrong or what to do..

Car is sluggish when I accelerate and sounds as if it is backfiring. What would cause that?

Washer fluid is full, havent used windshield washer in a long time, not sure what to do