Very hard to get in gear. Sometimes I have to turn off engine to do it

When I first started car and then put into drive it moves slowly and when I reb up the Gas it jumbs into to another gear and then goes to the errors codes. I flushed my Oil recently to see if that will loosen the gear...but did not work. Code PO732 also indicated the Trani. Output Speed Gear 2 Ratio has malfunctioned. Does move in Reverse fine and when in higher speeds, is good. I am assuming the Output Speed Sensor needs replacing. Can it also be wire harness inside the Trani. Pan the needs replacement? Please help. Thanks, JR

Had a directional bulb die recently and replaced it without any problem. About 3 days ago it went again, I bought a 2 pack of bulbs - replaced it and drove on. Almost immediately after I turned and signaled the right directional bulb died - grabbed the extra put it in and started car - first right turn bulb blows again.

Where should I look for the short - I'm at a loss as to where this can be happening.


My daughter has a 2003 Chevy Cavalier and the a/c compressor is starting to fail (rear bearing). I don't want to spend a lot of money - The car only needs to last her another year or so. In order to run the defogger, the a/c comes on - I would like to just disconnect the compressor so she has a defogger this winter. Everything is OK as long as the compressor clutch remains disengaged. I'm virtually sure that the "disconnect mode" would be disengaged, but I want to be 100% certain because I don't want her getting stranded on her way back to college.

This never used to do it before. what do I need to do to fix it.

its has climate control

Just had battery replaced. All hoses and wires seem to be hooked up. When put it park it shudders a little bit, then cuts off.

just got this car n owner before just changed the steering holes n a pump

clutch stays down all the time.

how can I tell valves are bent

new fuel pump installed about tw months ago. car in the last two weeks hasnt statrted but it sounds like it will, eventually after 45 minutes to an hour it will. someone had mentioned possible water in gas...sometimes there is a strong gas smell....could the nrew fuel pump be defective? does water get in fuel tank due to a faulty fuel pump?? any ideas????

when emission test says a small leak detected with evaporative emission control system then bank 1-2 system too lean?

It pulls whenever I accelerate, but the harder I accelerate, the more it pulls. If I am not accelerating, it seems to be aligned.

Shocks or what?

I hate this vehicle...the mileage sucks for one, the fuel pump failed before the warranty expired, no help had to pay like $588.00 for a new one and labor, now the evap system for the fuel injectors are out another $600.00 bucks. The lights dim when you use the windows, the center console has no support, the seats are falling apart, wind noise is unbelievable, and speakers are all out of wack sounds like the speakers are under my car. I'm tired of all the headache with this particular vehicle I will never buy another chevrolet vehicle...I feel they have just become sloppy are careless with their vehicles. I'm not recommending their vehicles to family, friends, or enemies...