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Its a full size bronco XLT the light switch shows four wheel drive but I have no four wheel drive.
I am having a problem with my driver side power lock on this car. It will not UNLOCK using the interior switch or the key pad. When I press either one of the buttons the UNLOCK NOISE occurs but the lock remains in the...
CD(5 of them)stuck in the player , anyway of getting these out , I was informed by MB that they will replace CD/Nav/radio for $1100.00 !
Is this a front wheel drive vehicle
there is a green key that flashes on the dashboard, what does that mean?
This car leaks gas everyday no matter whether we park on flat ground, up on a hill, or facing down. We don't really know what it's from, but I figure it could be a hole in the gas tank. How much do you think it would ...
the driver seat on my 99 cabrio intermittently flips out. So when I adjust the seat the dial comes right out and occasionally the seat will just flip back. To fix this I have had the mechanism taped so that it stays p...
Where is the module located and how do I replace it. Dealer says I need a new air ride control module.
Power steering fluid leaks out of car in day or two
Does Rick Baildon still work here. If not where so I can have him work on my truck.
Is it possible that ball joints in a 2006 CLS 500 wound need to be replaced after just 59k highway miles ?
what kind of power steering fluid do i need for 2004 ML 350
first the front driver side window went out about 3 days ago now all the windows wont roll down and you cant hear motor
i was driving to work the engine cut off i tried to restart it but it sound like the timing belt broke but i checked the belt and the timing but it was right it has to be something else. what else could it be the engi...
want to make sure i don't have thermostat in backwards