Sometimes my rear access window opens when I hit the unlock button on my keychain. Most of the time the window will pop open when the car is already unlocked and I open the driver's door. Very annoying. Sometimes it will even open once we get to speed and the door locks will engage to lock the door for travel. I will most likely bring it to the dealer, but would like to be forwarned and educated to the problem so they don't sell me services I do not need. Thank you!

Was having problems with lack of power on acceleration when truck died in traffic and would not start. No noises, vibrations, etc before it died. Am told that two ignition coils were bad and timing chain broke. Truck has 99,980 miles. Could not find any maintenance recommended for S-10s or milage life expectancy for the timing chains.

When I get in and lock the doors the siren goes off for about 2 to 3 mins but lights continue to flash for about 10 minutes.

My dash not light up when I put my ranger into four wheel drive. I cant hear anything thing if it goes in. When I have the hubs lock in and on black top I dont feel any grabing of the tires?

Is there something wrong with the four wheel drive or is there something wrong with the dash and push button lighing up?

See above. Pretty simple.

we have tried turning the steering wheel both ways; pressing the brake; DW40 around the ignition area; jiggling the key, but to no avail.

My flashers work off & off

occurs while idling and accelerating. noise is getting louder each day. I think it is the power steering pump, but not sure???

Bought it lowered and wish to restore to original, what do I need to do

Moderate to heavy pressure applied to the gas pedal and clicks when some bumps are hit. Sound comes from the Driver side wheel.

Also the passenger side caliber seems like it is stuck? Would excess brake dust be a sign?

i put another 38 engine in and now check engine light will not go out my heat will not even come on

the car now smells like gas any ideas?

check engine light will not go off and computer wont read

I started the car and it started smoking drove 1/2 mile and pulled over. Parked it and then it wouldn't crank again. resivor tank was boiling ...

checked fuses