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How can you open the hood when cable does not release the latch?
my suburban has trouble starting, but once it starts it runs and drives fine. the starter and fly wheel have been changed. however when trying to start it and its turning over it sounds as if the flywheel is kicking b...
radio works, but when I press CD button it goes completely blank, can't open cd player. what could it be?
Radio lights up when I have lights on, but doesnt work. Checked fuses, seem to be good. Old radio did same thing, but was from an '88, and the tape player worked. But new radio is from a '93, and nothing works. Nothin...
Just purchased car for my daughter. When excellerating we get a vibration from the motor drivers side and some noise. when this happens. knocking from the right front when we turn could this be CV JOINT
the fuse is blown and needs replaced,what would be an estimate to have repaired.
my 99 honda accord will not run over 4000rpms.everything runs good as long it stays under 4000rpms.when it would get low on oil it would start doing that oil leaks are fixed and oil level stays good it does i...
step by step how to remove and replace timing chain and water pump on 2002 chrysler concorde lx 2.7 liter
fuel spry very slow fuel getting to thortel body
turn key dash comes on but engine won't crank
hey i gt a new battery and new alternator and the car died agine whiled driving what is wrong with that ty
looking for the transfercase shift control modual
what would cause an engine coil to fail at 47,000 miles and if all six coils are replaced what would be the expected life span for them.
# 1, in my van the control knob for the air condition and heat only works in the high position.all works well.but must be on high speed to work. # 2, also from the passenger side of the inside of the van under the d...