will idle back down I cleaned thottle body it seems to help for a while I want to know if the egr could be the problem I found a broke vac line thought that was it but its still idles up help please triump68 thanks

The car has been sitting still for six months. All dashboard lights come on when the ignition switch is turned on.

car started not cranking then i could move shifter back and fourth and then it would. Now it want do anything,and it has no power going to switch on side of transmission.

I was loosing coolant was told by Volvo that it was raidiator so put bars leak in it and worked for awhile while saved money to fix right took it in to import shop that works on Volvo and they said they pressurized system no raidator leak that had a blown head gasket said it was going to cost $3000.00....andy56guy engine was not overheating if any thing it was running cooler

van is still heating up. replaced water pump and top radiator hose and removed the thermostat. what could be the reason it is still heating up?

It has two sections that slide back under the interior roof. First section comes forward but second does not. Its like its missing. Must be stuck somehow.

Converter damaged on right side.

We've been having to charge ac every week. We vacuumed the system, just the upper port. recharged and worked amazing for about 4 weeks. now we have to charge every week again. Was wondering if should have vacuumed both ports, and some moisture was left in the system. We can not see any visible leaks.

Just finished rebuilding my 1992, 2.2 toyota camry engine. It was a headache just gething the cams to be in sinc. I finaly got the hole thing done and most of my sensors are new. But I started the car And it was runing great. But the next day, it wouldnt start. I put the scaner to it and it gave me trouble code 12(Engine revolution signal missing). I changed the distributor and it started, but it shut down in the next minute or so. Is it a faulty distributor or the knok sensor just went bad. I need help fast, because this is the secon distributor I got for it and it doesent seem to be the issue. I made sure all conections and grounds are connected. Could someone please help?

expect to pay.

It has a wierd shape.

Our key could not move so we could not turn off the car, therefore we had to call roadside service who also oculd not remove it, he had to disconnect the battery and a fuse to turn off the car this is what we need fixed now. What do you suggest?

need pipe cat and muffler

I have oil leaking into a cylinder, causing oil buildup on one of the spark plugs over time. I have been replacing the spark plug every 6-9 months as necessary, but I want to see if I can get to the possible root cause of the problem and fix it if possible.

What is the procedure to get the computer code manually when the check engine light is on?
I have a Ford Taurus 2000. 3.0 Engine SEL Sedan.