replaced every engine sensor for evap sys.good fuel pressure.new distributor,new wires,pulstar plugs.this problem is all over internet but no fix.thought i was good mechanic but banging my head on this one.pops code for multiple cyl misfires and that's it.seems to do it more when hot but not exclusively.i have a throttle body spacer and performance chip on IAT sensor.The shop said computer was good and they can't find it couldn't fix it.Could it be intake plenum leak?I'm tired of hearing it's a dodge thing!

It was working fine. I would like to know or have an idea of what is wrong with it. What might be the problem. And if cost much to fix it?? Please help!!!

I have a 96 Acura TL 2.5 and I am having some problems. My parking lights (both front and rear) and interior/dashboard lights will not turn on when I turn the switch on. The headlights come on, the turn signals, hazards and reverse lights work and the brake light comes on when I apply the brake, but the parking tail lamps, side markers and the speedometer lights will not come on. Could someone please help me? Please?!

my obd codes are po457 po455 po788 po388 lol says fuel related -timing related -circut range performance The car well start after about 10 hours of no cranking on eninge and will run for around 3 min then die again. Then will not start untell it sets for around another 10 hours.. If it was timing why does it run so smooth after for the 3 min. and if it where fuel it wd simply sputter and then give up. at lest in a normal car this kia thing is anything but normal. the crazy car locks its self find radio staitions and plays music with key out of the igntion and turns volume all the way up then when i try and get in car it will not let me in. Sometimes when i try to open door it turns on lights and radio and wont let me in car. Please help

We are looking into buying a 2008 Town & Country but are reluctant due to past troubles with Chryslers transmissions going at 120K. Are later model transmissions better, i.e. do they last longer?

i am swaping engine in my 2004 Ford FReestar

it says the 1999's were recalled for this problem, it is still happening on later years like mine, why are the 2000 year not recalled for them

The noise then progressed to when the brakes are actuated.It doesn't do it when the vehicle is cold starts to happen after maybe 7 to 10 miles of driving. Does it when its stopped or at very slow speeds. Goes away when your over 10mph

so i had it fixed replaced the head oil pump balance shaft
all timing belts tensoners ect ran good for a week then the oil light started to come on when i stoped but whent out soon as you touched the gas now it comes on when your driving down the road im thinking oil pumps going out again
dont have 50 miles on it since the work was done ive stoped driiving car dont want to blow it up any ideas what could be
prob with oil pump

The ticking and squeling is coming from the belt or from one of the pullys. What could be the cause. thx

I read 5 volts on one and 13 on another I presume those to be right and the third wire must go to the ECM?

i was driving at our hunting lease this weeknn and it was raining a little bit so i put it in 4wd it locked in great but when i was going around a corner it slid side ways and i looked down and the shifter was still engaged but i obviously wasnt. it will go to 4lo and everything still but ive tried to lock it in and it wont do andything. does anyone have any insight of what it may be? thanks alot

it comes on when i let the truck idle as long as i keep the rpms around 2 it dos'nt come on

Buttons push through console hole and you have to pull up on the back window button to bring back to level.

I van would start right up run for 5 seconds and cut off and you would here a backfiring kind of sound.I changed gasket from intake.It never started back up.