The screw is loose and I've tried tightening it, but seems I need to get behind the body panel to access nut or whatever is back there, but there does not seem to be an easy access. The panel is therefore squeaking and/or tapping as I drive.

these darn things keep seem to pop out of their proper places behind the car body and sometimes seem to hit the tire when I take turns....
any advice as to how to keep them in their place? they're just plastic or some other flimsy material.

I have never done anything like this before. Is this something I should bother trying to do myself? I am a woman who hasn't done a whole lot with the car,but I am willing to give it a try.

I am needing a motor for a 2004 Chevy Aveo. I am being told that if i don't get the same year that the car will have more problems. What am i needing to do. Can i look for a newer motor?

I can't get my standard plug socket to work on the plugs when removing them.

i can get only the cable terminal clamp for 33 dollars, why is so expensive for a simple clamp

the seat will not move either. Nothing works. A new starter was recently put in. A check light went on last nite while driving. The manual said to take it to Toyota.

I'm getting fuel to through the regulator but it seems injector not opening.

was going to haul this car to scrape yard for a guy he said it was knocking.i got it to shop started it up and could tell it was coming from the head. took valve cover off and the back 3 rockers arn't moveing. do them cams flat spot or bad lifters.

Where do I add the transmission fluid ?

Had a wheel aliment done but the steering still shims above 50 MPH but not badly and s clunking sound.

I have looked and cannot find where the petcock valve is.

Sometimes even dies. Any suggestions? Also:
Probably not related, but AC fan is getting noisy (especially on highest setting) and less effective. Loose set screw?

everything eles is good

This is the first time I have needed to replace motor mounts