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I replaced the distributor with a used one but am still getting no spark. Is there something else I should check?
I replaced the distributor with a used one and I'm still getting no spark. Is there something else I can check?
light on dash shows 4x4 and low range when I switch it on but the front wheels do not engage. Have tried several times in the past month but always the same
runs fine on interstate - i put new plugs and it still does it
the sun roof on my toyota camry won't open. It makes a noise like it is going to open but wont'
how to replace heater blower motor?
engine runs cold need to change out the thermostat thought it was easy access, cant seem to locate??
Hi, I got bmw x5 3.d sport. When ever i shift from park to drive or reverse the car jerks and when i drive some time it jerk while changing gear in auto mode and some time it shift gear quickly but some time slowly lo...
how many quarts do i need for a manaul transmission for my dodge stealth rt
My ciggarette lighter will not work...I have tried replacing the entire lighter and the tube it goes into. I checked my fuse and it was blown so I replaced the fuse. Then I tried hooking up the lighter again. Still do...
thank you Dandd for your response I did take the cylinder head for pressure test and resurfaced with a reputable company and two days ago i took it to the radiator company they tested for any leakage with blue chemi...
my suzki sometimes hesitates while driving like it needs plugs or wires I changed wires and plugs and the egr valve.
I just had a A/C compressor, an accumulator, a belt and a fuel pump put on my 2005 Ford Taurus. Before the parts went bad every thing was fin on my vehicle. Since the new parts have been installed I have had several p...
wont go into 3rd 4th or 5th gear an grinds when putting in 1st or reverse,was told sounds like someone took the tower apart and did'nt get the forks lined back up or bent them any truth to this