to Lawrence Kansas with no problems or leaks. I then had all of the fluids replaced (car had 31,000 certified miles on it). After one day a large tranny fluid leak showed up on the floor. The dealer had changed the fluid, filter and pan gasket. They want me to bring the car in for a check up. What can I expect?

need to know how to change inner and outter tie rods on a 95 honda accord

are the tie rod easy to change inner and outter on a honda accord 1995 4 cylinder and will i need any speciality tools whats the best way to change them

If I play with it for a couple of minutes it will eventually turn. What's the fix?

My car does turn on, so the fuel pump is out of the question. My guess is that its coming from the fuel line that connects to the gas tank. Any other suggestions or input/cost to repair would be appreciated.


- -jvc.

The light looks like an upside down i and I don't know what it means.

I have removed the piece across the top. There were several small bolts that seemed to hold the cables in place on the post. I have removed all of those. Two large silver pieces on top of the posts will not come off. No bolts or srews left to remove.

at wits end

cable handle broke off

what should the oil preasure be on a 1998 buick lesabre custom be it has 105,000 miles and i use castrol edge 10w30 oil?

center display does not work all other warning ligghts are ok. sometimes i can see the display real dim no codes

I bought the car 3 years ago (27K miles). The horn worked when I pushed the steering wheel really hard for about a week, but has never worked since.

when stepping on the peddle to take it out of park?

My car front end sways back and forth when I am drving on freeway.
Also my steering wheel turns more than 180 making a right turn...

it cranks but doesn't start,and if it starts after driving a few minutes,does the same thing,no codes are showing to the mechanics.replaced alternator,battery.