Where is the filter?

My check coolant error message lit up on my dashboard display, and will go of when I reset the the info button. However, when I turnthe engine off and park it for a few minutes, the check coolant light will come on again. I have had the lower engine gasket; new radiator; new surge tank; and new thermostat replaced. All these changes occured during the last year while my engine was out of the body of the car for the lower engine work. Now I have the check coolant level light coming on. Please advise.

This controls where the heat/AC air flow is directed, either floor, defrost, or dashboard vents. The spindle the control knobs fits on to has fallen somewhere into the dash.

on E when stalled and added gas from a can...started up and ran fine. About 1 hour later went to drive again, went about 2 miles and clicking sound came from engine. Began to stall and when I pulled over it smelled like fireworks and smoke was coming from the engine. Turned car off and it stopped.

i open and closed it and it is still on

I have checked the coil,ignition mod, replaced the pickup coil and still not getting any fire from the coil to the plugs I did get it to restart a few times but I go to move it and it dies and will not start again. Please help

My camshafts are not like what was talked about earlier. My exhaust cam has clutch assembly on it and there are no marks on it that I can find.

seem to be leaking gas when it is warm out side

Had cruise added to car early aug.Next morning & every morning since it is hard to shift from park to reverse (or drive). After 30+minute shifting id fine.Sometimes happens later after car sits for hrs.VERY hard after car parked for 4 days. Problem related to installing cruise? don't believe dealer who says coincidence. Please advise re problem. replace shifter cable? trans flush? Thank you.

truck has developed severe shaking, although not all the time. It feels like I have a flat tire. I am pretty sure it is the timing belt

My check Engine light is on and diagnosed bad knock sensor. I have the part but my husband cannot find where it goes. It said on line on the side of the engine but we cannot find it..... Help

the rear doors will not lock with the switch on the drivers door.no sound can be heard when using the switch on the rear door.

bought new fuel pump assy from autoparts warehouse new pump assy came with new wire pigtail 4 prong flat, my car has 4 prong square , purple, grey,two black.my car has purple,grey,black,black with white tracer. how do i wire my new pigtail on my car dont know what black wire goes to black with white tracer...

If there is more than 1 thing that can cause this problem what would be the best to try first.

level oil transmation is ok