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how do you change camshaft gear
after driving for a min or 2 when pressing down on the gas the engine starts sputtering, or loses all power. timing is right, new fuel filter and i cant find no vaccum leaks. fuel pump is only a couple of years old.
Had my entire brake system replaced when the car was 2 yrs old/22k miles on it. Immediately after the wheels were making a rubbing/grinding sound. I had to take the car back to the dealer 2xs shortly after the...
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How do I learn if my engine is an interference engine.
my car has been shutting off in the middle of me driving it and i have to wait till it resets to start it back up any answers
I need to no how to remove the fuel line that runs from the fuel filter to the fuel rail,loose on both ends.
van cranks but will not turn over
There are two ports on the brake master cylinder where brake lines connect...referencing the picture in the link below, which one is primary and which one is secondary?
My fule filter was blocked so I replaced it. The car still did not start so I pulled out the fule pump and tested it and it ran but the sock was bad.
it is a 1991 mazda b2600 le-5 4x4 will not go in 4th geer it has a new clutch in it and the clutch peddle is close to the floor it does go in all other geers
2000 BMW 328i front passenger window wont roll down. We replaced the regulator 2 weeks ago w a new one. It has been working fine til this morning when it was cold 37 degrees. It rolled down half way, made a loud pop ...
My electric door lock does not work on my driver's door. Let me will not lock with the button inside or the key fob; however, it will UNLOCK with either just fine. Just curious what this is and if anyone ...