Was about to enter freeway when car won't accelerate and just stuck at a lower speed. Then check engine light and TC warning light came on. Was able to drive it home, but speed didn't go past 30mph.


They did work on the front end, tie rods, alignment, new tires ect but the new tires wore out (down to cords) in relatively low mileage (with in a year). Now they say the tires aren't warranteed and the alignment was off due to the back struts being slightly worn. Is this correct?

The headlights work sometimes and not others without banging on the fuse box assembly..

my abs light comes on but i got my brakes fixed how can it get turned off for good

I have air blowing out at the vent by the gas pedal and out of the window defroster vent on dash top. But none at all across the front dash vents. AC and heater seem to work fine, just no air blowing from dash vents that usually blow directly on driver or passenger.

Nissan sentra GXE 1998 1.6 checked connecter and wiring looks good I have no power

a grinding sound just like before i replaced the accuater but know it wont stay in 4hi or 4low it kicks it self back to 2wheel drive and now i have a pool fluid under it

I am a technician trying to get factory diagnosis

intermitent start for second and die theft light flashes when it goes out car will start

Speedmetror not working. Chech engine light on.

how do u remove a neutral switch

belt makes a noise when car is started

I replaced the compreser and conensor. Since doing so the temperature is fine when driving but on idle the head pressure raises. What is causing this? I don't want to drive the truck an use the air until I correct this problem

there are two bolts on the inlet assy that I can't seem to get to without removing the intake manifold completley. Am I missing something?