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battery light comes on then anti-lock light car shuts down new battery and alternator tests good can jump car off but only runs about 2 min. then dies again
when steping on gas to go, there is a big bog down that happens
How much should it cost to have headgasket valvecovers and supercharger gaskets and fluids replaced in my 99 gtp
the heater control panel is dead no lights no display checked fuses ok system is completly dead. I just bought this car and it sat for roughly 2 years. you can turn the headlights on and for a breif istant it will dis...
Every time I shift out of park, into any gear, the fuse for the dome lights and the back up lights blows out. We've replaced it and replaced it. As soon as you put it in gear, it blows again. We have replaced or ch...
I am trying to figure out how to replace the bulb in the driver side daytime running light.
The bulbs are all out on it, can I replace just the bulbs? If so How do I get it open. I have taken it off truck.
What is he estimated time it takes to replace the right rear wheel bearing hub?
is there a freeze plug on rear of head
please give me some prices for replaceing gas tank and feul lines
Mazda mpv 92, It is not internal problem because no symptom of transmission failur signs. Is this transmission range switch problem or computer issue, or ...!
When I start my car and it is idling,after a few minutes gas starts dripping in front of the right rear tire about 5 inches in towards the center of the car.I reached underneath and it feels like there is a rubber hos...
This car has about 120k, it is still getting decent gas mpg, but stutters as if just running on a few cylinders. I replaced plugs and valve cover gasket about 3k ago. I can not detect any leaks in the intake and I rea...
my car makes a rattling sound when idling and it keeps get louder. It seems to be running well and the loud rattle stops when I am moving.
My 2004 crossfire occasionally,maybe once a day sputters like its going to stall when at a stoplight or at very low speed when turning. it never actually stall, just fells like it will. Un predictable and sometines ...