also does not do it all the time

My local Nissan dealer just told me it would cost $1155 to replace one of the two catalytic convertors on my 2005 Pathfinder. Is there truly two - one for each bank of my V6 enginer? Anyway, is this a repaid easily done yourself?

Hi, My car is Corolla S 2011, and I have 2 questions.

1. Every how many miles I need to change the automatic transmission fluid? It doesnt say on TOYOTA manual book.

2. Does it wear timing belt/chain? Do I need to change it? If yes, how many miles I need to change?

Thank you very much

could it b drive train cmptr? diagnostic says not calling for shift. No codes after replacing SS and TPS. Trans shot or is it electronic ??? Thanks !

How do you replace rear calipers on a 1999 cadillac

overheated.. my mechanic says thermostat

electrical connector

I know P code 1693 is a companion code... I used a snap on scanner and it said no communication. could not get any other codes out either.. I have replaced ecm on fire wall, still no start.. How can i find out what it is if scanner wont pickup any codes ?? We know the scanner works.. Pcm on side of block what does that control ? Injector pump ?? NEED HELP !!

A clicking sound when turning left or right. The wheel slightly stiffens up it feels like the SUV is moving in slow motion. This is a 2003 Kia Sorento with 108,000 miles. The vehicle has truly been great, just little things with the Maintenance.

we need to replace the inline fuel filter.

2006 buick lucerne cxs 4.6 cylinder 7 misfire changed coil no fix, ordered injector, pulled injector wire no change in engine idle. pulled cylinder 1 injector wire substantial misfire noticed. if injctor does not fix is there a fuel computer or just ECU. any suggestions. thank you Chip

Someone broke into my car and tried to steal it. They removed the ignition and broke the door lock from the outside. They got the car to the point that the battery was on but the car was not running. I was told that the entire steering column needs to be replaced.

my car will turn over but will not start all the lights come on I have tried to replace the fuel pump but realized that wasn't it I then replaced the computer and jumped the baterie that didn't work then I tried replacing the crank shaft censor that didn't work mind you all replacement parts came from junk yard

where is its location

The noise started earlier this year (I brought the car new in 2009). I can hear the clunking/ knocking noise sometimes when I am driving, but I hear it mostly when I stop. The dealer said it’s my car cooling down (exhaust), but the knocking noise is louder than just a car cooling down. Plus, I am just hearing the noise this year. Within the first year of me buying my car there was a recall for the front upper strut insulators which I had replaced at the dealership. I now have 35,220 mileage.