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one that orginal one to go out. so is the problem

after setting over night, or30 minutes

drove car and parked next morning the car wont start checked spark plugs and wiring both ok coil sparks 1 and 4 no spark on 2 and 3

diagnostic test showed that the fuel pump is faulty. It was changed. The fuel rail pressure sensor was also changed.
The problem occurs sometimes when the vehicle sits for very long hours - engine not running and also during accelleration or crusing. The vehicle was serviced regularly.
Please note that the problem continued even after the fuel pump and fuel rail pressure sensor was changed.

my car stalls at traffic lites & speed bumps. i have to press the accelerator while in park just to keep it running at traffic light. also huge amount of smoke comes out from under the hood. not a good xmas for me. last week on my 40th birthday-to look cool, i revved the engine real high to burn or smoke out the tires. this may have had something to do with this prob. please help, im thinking of junkin this car and am heartbroken. i replaced the spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter and sparkplug wires. i also cleaned fuel injector with that stuff u add to gas tank. still a problem at idling stages--car shuts down. i have to turn ignition several times and pump accelerator to start car. can u make my xmas decent by telling me how much it'd cost to fix? maybe there's still a chance? any help would be appreciated. thanx

when car gets warm oil light comes on give it gas it goes offonly comes on at idle or stop sign or stop light when car gets below 1000 rpm how do i fix this without taking to a shop

the driver side door is electrically powered and doesnt move. it is stuck in the upward/forward position..

I am looking to purchase a Ford F350 Super Duty with a 6.0 V8 Diesel engine and don't want to worry about the EGR becoming an issue. Do you know how much it would cost to just have the EGR disabled completely? Thanks very much.

trans fluid level was at the minimum line upon checking right after it happen. Fluid was topped off and no change.

trying to find vout what the IOD and transport fuses do and are located

what does the iod fuse look like

my engine light still goes on what else could be wrong

when turned motor on idle fast causing to use brakes to slow down not sifting back down when needed

how can replace

this is my first time changing it. i just purchased this car 3 weeks ago