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i knw probly on the engine but where at?
What are the torque specs for 2003 4.3L intake manifold and sequence. Engine VIN X. I cant find info for thank you.
how much will a tune up cost?
Im having a problem finding a 1995 sc1 sohc (manual...i dnt knw if that makes a diffrence)in my area...i have came across many 93s,94s,and 96s...will any of these work?
Have it half-way out But the dash were the ashtray is, Blocking, Im stuck at that Point
car is starting to leak oil on ground. about 3 or 4 spots
i have oil leaking into the antifrezze causing a gray sludge and overheating..i have taken apart the engine and the headgasket is fine..wut else could be the problem...and there is no out side cracks on the block?
Hello all, I am experiencing heat loss only at idle. Blows very warm (normal) on acceleration, but turns cool while at idle (stop light). Temp always sits at half, rad fan almost always on, no overheating. Would not t...
my car has been setting for about 8 months it keeps blowing fuses going to the fuel pump i put new filter on it are they anything i can do instead of putting new fuel pump on it
My vw beetle has a rattling noise that sounds like a lawn happens when the car is hot,the oil pressure light flashes and then goes away,the longer the car runs the louder the noise gets,only when its at idle,...
Took 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis to shop to replace fuel pump. After picking up car I began hearing a faint noise like that of a humming and hissing sound coming from the side of the fuel pump.This is a constant sound ...
I need a temporary fix so my son can drive home from college so I can fix it. Is it the shifter cable? with help if it is can he put in gear on the transmission?
leaks from seal on turns while parking, leakage on undercarrage front end. dealer says seal not replacable new power steering pump on rack and pinion needs to be replaced, and front end aligned.