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The system is overheating and losing coolant, cannot see a leak anywhere. We replaced the thermostat twice just in case the first one was a bad one. The temperature hand will read normal when its clearly very overheat...
Just bought used T&C with 82000 miles and runs fine except when fueling up and then pull away from fuel station and make a turn and then the engine stumbles and dies. Starts right back up and runs fine from then on.
Just had new spark plugs put in ran good over night went to start it up it would not turn over battery good could it be the spark plugs came loose or no good help
car seemed to run out of fuel and died on the road.has new fuel pump.checked relays, power to harness except to the sending unit.also found ignition doesnt seem to be working.i got it runnin couple times by tu...
Hello, How do I disable the alarm in the truck after replacing the battery?
R&R of acelerator control and r&r of intake runner control.
i have a 2003 6.0 that started fine idold for half hour backed up went from revers to drive and it shut off.cranks but wont start.computor memory error code.nothing els.checkedall fuses and relays.had three diesl docs...
I can turn the headlight swith to the on position, only running lights turn on, go to turn the switch off and the seat moves to a very small persons position. Very confused, hoping someone might have an idea. Thanks
how many hours should it take to replace front axel u-joints dodge 1500 4x4
When I try to shift to 4 wh Switch on dash works but does'nt shift front axle. If I put it in 4 wh low tranfer case goes in to low but still no 4 wh drive! Car has 109,000 mi and electric push buttons on dash for...
how do you replace the timing belt
i have a small bend in my frame and i wanted to know what is the least to expect to spend