The lights don't work when the front door opens and/or if one tries it manually. I looked at the fuse and it looked OK to me.

where can i go to get my hood unstuck

car started took off and engine stalled .tried to restart lost all power to vehicle.absolutely no power. never had a vehicle do this. checked battery its good. any ideas i would appreciate. thank you

I need to flush the system and can't find where to connect the air hose and put the flush in can you guide to where that is.

i plan on fixing this before i get it inspected in a few days and know form googling that it could be the fuse or the entire horn. my question is, if its the entire horn and i buy a horn replacement kit how do i install it myself?

i took it for a drive around the neighborhood when i started to smell something burning. then saw smoke coming from under the hood. my car started to run hot and when i pulled over and then tried to crank it again it didnt start for about 10 mins. i checked the coolant and its green in color and was halfway full, i added a little water to fill it up the rest of the way. once i got it back home i tuned it on again to make it run hot to check if i could see a leak and any of the hoses but i couldnt only smoke coming from up towards the windshield behind the engine kinda. does this sound filmiluar to anyone and if so what is the problem? and about how much will it cost to get fixed?

Starter begins when key is turned on. Then when it is turned to the starter position it hangs.

lights stay on untill i turn the engine off, who can i reset this lights. thank u

I'm wondering which fan clutch I should be using for my truck it has a.c.Pressure builds in the head pressure. Thanks for your help Roy. I have a new condenser. I'm really stumped what to do.

Just received 2 vague diagnostics from untested mechanics. (Ours retired) 1st: “Clutch is bad.” 2nd: “Transmission is making the noise & must be replaced, but the clutch may be bad also.”

The flopping noise; similar to a loose CVC boot sound, stops when the clutch is engage. The car drives fine IE: transmission shifts cleanly, no grinding or clunking in any gear & the clutch engages normally. I’ve heard it could be as simple as a lose pressure plate.

Has anyone delt with this?

Was about to enter freeway when car won't accelerate and just stuck at a lower speed. Then check engine light and TC warning light came on. Was able to drive it home, but speed didn't go past 30mph.


They did work on the front end, tie rods, alignment, new tires ect but the new tires wore out (down to cords) in relatively low mileage (with in a year). Now they say the tires aren't warranteed and the alignment was off due to the back struts being slightly worn. Is this correct?

The headlights work sometimes and not others without banging on the fuse box assembly..

my abs light comes on but i got my brakes fixed how can it get turned off for good