it shuts down whenever and it wont hold transmission fluid it does drain right back out but we think its fine then by the time we get to where we r going its all drained out and the transmission is slipping again...anyone got any ideas on what to do?

when accelerating between 50 to 60 mph the car hesitates while increasing speed

We are going to pick up a new seat tomorrow, but we couldn't see any bolts holding the seat in place.

I replaced the compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and dryer. Evacuated for one hour, filled withe 4 oz of PAG oil and 30 oz of r134a, but the coolest that it will get is 60 degrees. Low pressure is 38 psi and high is 305 psi.

my 1997 chevy 1500 c/k series 5.7 liter 4x4 it backfires when shifting from 1st to 2nd and then from second to third but after that it doesn`t do it until i let off the gas while driving. when it backfires while shifting the shifting tends to be rough. but it dosen`t do it if i get on it when taking off. the truck is not throw any codes at all. and one other thing while i`m driving there is a rattling under neath i don`t no if it is the transfer case or transmission. i hope someone can help cause i`m clueless and don`t no where to begin.

RPM's fluctuate wildly. RPM's initially high when i step on the gas but then fall and the car dies.

They said its some sensor - what is that and how much will that cost
Do you have to have the water pump replaced at 120,000 can't afford the whole service = whats most important to have done

i need to locate the fluid level sensor for the windshield washer

Haynes Manual states it is in the center of the dashboard. I cannot locate this piece of equipment anywhere. There are 2 pin type connectors and 2 more blade type connectors just hanging. HELP!!!!

How can I fix this? I have already lubed the rearend about a week ago and nothing. I do not see any zerks either.

the front air is barely cold and the rear air is ice cold...also the recirc light stays on when recirc is off???? whats going wrong?

Car has been running hot lately sometimes, mostly in the afternoon when temp is around 100 degrees. Also noticed the coolant is dark, still a little orange. What's wrong, if anything? Coolant flush take care of this?

What do I need to take apart to replace the cruise control switch on my car.

it will not start and the computer say thats bad

My key fob battey low light will come on when i just bought a new battery, my car will say service engin soon nd just start dinging. everything in the car will lock up. Is there a way tofix this?