when truck is parked and in gear, not running truck will roll.

mos back even more work was done!!!! is it worth this repair?

the car light on the dash is always on bc there is not an actuator in the drivers side, but today the little brake lights came on behind the little car "light" and the car's temp is dropping in the mornings and I am putting about 3-4 hundred dollars a month into this care for repairs since I bought in in May of 2011. I don't know whats going on.

When engine reaches temperature idle is a little rough when stopped & in gear rpm pulls down to about 625

I try to turn on the Heater but it keep bolwing coled air in all seting the AC/Heater controler is not working.what may be the problem?

Rear door activated the child proof lock, now it won't open.

brake valve

veh. has 145,000 miles and occasionally I hear a "clunk" sound in the right rear of the vehicle? after i go over a bump or speed hump.

Replaced bulb and now the left turn signal light is lit on the dashboard and won't turn off. When I use the turn signal it's a fast flash instead of the usual. I bought a flasher at a local parts store, but can't seem to find where I need to install it.

Every once in awhile my check engine light will come on and sometimes, after a few days of driving, it goes out. What could cause this?

there is water leaked in the cargo space

While idling, either in park or with my foot on the break my speedometer jumps like i'm going between 10-20MPH. I noticed it tends to do it more often when the heat is on. I was told it would be the speed sensors so I had those replaced and its still doing it. The first time it happened I brought it to the shop, the tranny fluid was 2 qts low and it came back with 2 codes, one for the speed sensors, the other for a gear shift sensor or something like that. Now that I've replaced the speed sensors its coming back with no codes. Please help I have no clue what is going on.

I know it is a 3 hour job so it must be somewhat complex.

After the car sits for a few hours, the blower doesnt work sometimes when I start it. It usually kicks on after a short time, however, today it wouldn't come on at all.
Any suggestions?

I perform regular maintenance,have replaced the motor at 77,000 miles 130,000 replaced the transmission as well.There are no indicator lights on the dash detecting any problems.