I have a 2003 Chev S10 ZR5 Crew Cab both electric seats quit working. Need to know where fuse or relay is located?

Had an emissions test performed and failed because it read that a vacuum leak was detected.

where are they located.

fornt of engine, crankshaft seal?

Can rotors become too rusted to turn?

this problem only happens when it rains. where can i start looking for a leak at. after a couple of warm days they go back to working.

i changed the sensor and the same code is coming up.

I re-used same initial air gap spacer. Clutch turns very slowly when A/C on (not at all same speed as pulley) and very very slowly when off--but should not turn at all--should it? Not sure if air gap, bad coil, relay, or what.

Serpentine belt replaced year ago by dealer. A/C was working great till it just stopped a week ago and I noticed damaged clutch hub and a bit of clanging as it spun slowly. I took hub off. Pulley bearing grease cover was loosened by the failed hub and came off. No unusual other noises after hub removed--but am worried about bearing exposure to elements.

But not clear why clutch will not engage and fully dis-engage. Is gap too small? Should I be able to manually spin hub when A/C is off? Quite hard. I measured depth of bore in both hubs and they were within .004" of each other. I did not check coil resistance or anything else.



please help me
thank you

My left headlight has stopped closing on my 93 mazda miata mx5. It haltingly opens, just won't close hardly at all, on it's own. Do I need to replace the headlight retractor motor,located behind the headlight.. (or relay)...please help! Roxy in Hillsborough, NC

it started with a clunking sound, and a jerky action, when I would turn off my lights, now, it doesn't even want to close on it's own. There doesn't appear to be any foreign object in the headlight area, please help! Roxy

when I stop at stop lights and the car is in drive it will some times cut off. what causes this

causing the gears to slip.

When the S10 sits, like overnight, the lifters make noise for a minute or two when it is first started, then the noise goes away.

I have a 2003 Altima and I had it diagnosed at Autozone. They said I have a vacuum leak.