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I just replaced the battery but it still does the same thing

the leak of coolant seems to be coming maybe where bottom hose connects to engine

The cabin heater does not produce heat. The AC runs well and the fan seems to be doing it's job too. When I turn the heater on I can feel air coming out of the vent, it increases as the knob is turned, but no heat is produce. I noticed this recently and has not happened in the past.

I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions I may receive.

The pedal slowly has gotten more and more close to the floorboard. And now it is all the way to the floor before it engages and when cold grinds when you shift. Is there a way to adjust it? Or does it have to be replaced again?Thank you very much!

They are flattened and cause the engine to vibrate.

Ran fine yesterday, today won't start. Has husband baffled.

I'm not getting any heat in the car. The a/c seems to be working fine. No overheating issues. Antifreeze is full.
Any ideas??

Two of the five bolts snapped off from the hub and I need to replace them. Will I be able to do it myself?

all other instrument lights are working including all parking ,low and high beams and interior dome and visor lights, the car is bought used at 36010 miles , I have put 7,241 miles on it. mileage 43,251, it is in good shape and has not had any single problems since off the lot seven months ago. is this a fuse or light bulb issue? or is their something wrong with my transmission the tranny seems to shift and run just fine.... where can I see a diagram to initiate the electrical repair if is so?

When starting in the morning, it starts fine but after a minute or two the odd sputter will happen, then become more frequent, about every 30 seconds or so. After letting it warm up for about 5 minutes, it sputters when put in gear and has trouble accelerating and sometimes feels like it wants to stall and will sputter at times at stop lights. Once vehicle is well in operating temp range (above 40 C), seems to run fine.
History: 101500 kms . O2 sensor replaced 2 years ago. I had a tuneup prior to this winter and also replaced the muffler. Shop did clean the spark plugs and put in fuel injector cleaner. Seemed to work fine for about 3 weeks then same issue started again. Brought it in again an suggested catalytic converter may also be clogged. Shop checked spark plugs etc. Cat converter was replaced and vehicle was running even better, power issue up hills now gone but again, about 3-4 weeks later sputtering issue is happening once more. Just changed my air filter, did smell a bit of gas when I removed the lid, and air filter did smell gassy as well (engine was slightly warm still)
Any suggestions what may be causing the sputtering?

There is no evidence of a leak that I can see, but everytime I put coolant in not even a day later it's low or gone. When stopped at a stop light for a while my temp. gauge goes into the red. Checked my oil and nothing looks abnormal there. There is something that looks like a leak around the front driver side but I'm not sure what it is. I've taken it to a mechanic and he can't find anything. I don't know what to do and I'm kind of afraid to drive it.

97 dodge ram 2500 and it misfires on cylinder 2 50+ times a minute, and less than 20 on cylinder 1.

Check engine light on

All my brake lights are out on my 08 kia optima.What exactly is the nomenclature of the fuse that is responsible for them? Or can anyone else have another possible reason why they all would be out?

for a 99 grand am SE 4D sedan 2.4 L