My light just dimmed on my instrument panel over the selector switch for the defrost/Floor/ Panel selector.
How do I change the bulb?

show break down?

Everytime i start my car it's vibrating and its running rough. I was told that i need a spark plug and a fuel injection i did that. It's running the same way. Any idea please?

I cannot check the oil reliably because one of the former mechanics broke the tube that the oil dipstick goes into. It broke off a piece about 8 inches long.

my 92 Saab 900S failed low idle emissions w 239 of 220 ppm but passed high idle w 94 of 220 ppm. what would cause this problem and where would i start in terms of correcting this problem (repairs)

makes a air spitting noise as you accelarate, getting worse, we think it is the exhaust donut behind the engine, can we replace this ourselves, if so how?

When I put the key in the ignition, it will not turn. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get the key to turn. Once the key turns the engine starts right up. What could the problem be?

just want to know if i have to drill the 2 bolts off and do i have to disconnect air bags to just remove key lock tumbler? not the electrical switch. thank you.

I touched the inside of my door light socket with a screwdriver while changing the bulbs to new LED lighting and noticed that my dome light coutesy door lights and map lights & trunk lights not interior lights including my seat slide dont not it a fuse or something else??


2003 Chrysler town & country limited
3.8 ltr.
Was driving home van running normal suddenly van just shuts off. Put it in nuetral tried cranking it and turns over doesn't start. Pulled in driveway let it sit a min or so and tried it again ran for about 10 sec. then shut off. Let it sit about 5 min. then started it ran for about 30 sec. took it up to 2,500 rpm ran for about 10 more seconds and then just shut off. Let it sit about an hour until it cooled off, tried it again and now it won't start at all.
When I turn the key to the run position I can hear the fuel pump continually running. The relay for the fuel pump is clicking and one of the other relays when the key is on, (pulsating) Van has about 105,000 miles, and I've only owned it for a month so I don't know the history really. ALso it has more then 3/4 of a tank of gas.

im a diy guy due to finances. please send me instructions.-tyhx

I was in drive when I came up to a yield sign where I had to stop because of so much traffic... Once I tried to accelerate, nothing happened but I could still switch my shifter into any gear (supposedly what my dash showed). So I tried going back intro drive but again I could not move forward or backward. I'm thinking it's my linkage cable but not too sure about the look of it. If it is what I'm looking at, it is connected and could it be further problems, maybe even a blown transmission?

The shop that we've always trusted says $800.00 but from what I've researched it doesn't seem to be that involved.

when I put the key in on the relay go crazy