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It doesn,t rattle all the time sometime it will rattle and some not

is the coolant 100,000 mile long life?

where is the interior fuse box

is there an interior fuse box in a 1993 volvo glt and where is sit located.

When I turn off my saturn and park it in the garage, the garage smells like there is a fuel leak. I have inspected the fuel lines and they appear fine. Put a new gas filter and gas cap. The smell is real strong near the fuel port and underneath the passenger rear tire. I tightened up all the fitting and I'm now looking at the white plastic purge canister. When I looked at the old fuel filter it appeared to have black resadu mixed with the gas. Any ideas?

antifreeze is leaking from the front of the motor. i have checked the hoses, they were not leaking.

This car had 2 types of transmissions with a VIN of 'y',
EITHER AAN OR VAN. Where can I find this information so that I
purchase the correct transmission. The transmission is in the car.

Just bought a 1997 E420. The ASR light is on, what can I check without taking it to a shop? wheel speed sensors or what? The ABS light is also on...could this be directly linked to the ASR light? Cruise control does not engage, and I cannot find a fuse panel that lists cruise or speed control, again, could it again be linked to either ASR or ABS faults? Engine light goes off and on periodically, and sometimes blinks. Today the fuel light blinked for a few minutes while driving, but I have 1/2 or so. ANY IDEAS?? I haven't really dug in yet, but I would like to get some possible guidance! ANY help is appreciated! Thank you!!

Under hard acceleration it locks up, under normal conditions it is noisy and hard to steer, fluid level is full.

Over it flutters like it wants to start but just cant catch the spark first it started off by getting jumps now it won't even work with a jump I tried the engine start up fluid spray and that didn't even work before I get it towed to a dealership I wanted to know if anyone could give me some insight on what could possibly be the problem I had my side mechanic check it out and he found out that it wasn't the battery that is causing it or fuel pump any advice would be helpful

I must have left my trunk open and my battery drained because all the lights and power options didnt work. I tried juicing up the battery with my house charger hook up and when i do, the fans turn on without me putting the key in the ignition. The car still wont have enough juice to get it cranking. What would cause that problem?

Replaced head gasket, flushed oil and water system. Checked daily everything ok. 5 days later oil level rose with water again .

i changed the light switch, was not the problem, let me tell you what its doing.. If you pull the light switch out slow and catch it in between parklights on and all the way off dash lights fog lights parklights and taillights come on but if you pull it all the way on headlights come on and everything else goes out, but if you push in just a little bit the headlamp goes out and the rest come back on.. with the headlamp on i got brake lights and i can use turn signals but no parklights...HELP PLEASE

I was told engine was in fail safe mode.

I dont know how to explain it but it feels like fuel stops when you press on the gas pedal.