Manual transmission, take off is fine and second gear seems ok, but the more acceleration the more shaking. when idling in nuetral seems to want to bog out. changed oil and now check engine light is on. once up to speed on freeway, seems to be ok. Its only when I open it up, higher RPM's

sometimes it will not go completly into park, when this happens I have to jam it hard into park

Grinding started from brake pad pieces falling from pad into inside dust shield moved into a loud grinding. I cut off the inside dust shield to see two small pieces of metal including one small gear like piece inside the rotor... scared to drive it somewhere, but have no idea where to start... I am a capable mechanic if I have the right part and diagnostic. thanks!

can some one tell me what to do next

the engine light is on and the diagnostic test at the honda dealer said i needed this cannister and valve replaced..for $500...but if it doesn't hurt the engine, and i live in a county that doesn't require emission testing..why bother??

these lights just come on but i dont know what they are

go on before the car turns on

what should it cost to replace the rear differential on my 2003 Escalade?

The hood release handle is apparently ok, but the cables seem to be broken or detached under the hood, but can't open it to find out.

2005 uplander shows a large vacuum leak code. I haer it but tried starting fluid and a propane bottle to see if engine revved any faster...nothing.. heard of a smoke test, thanks , steve

Vehicle starts but dies unless accelerator feathered. In gear, barely moves when accelerator pumped vigorously. Will occasionally develop rpm's but rapidly deteriorates.

I replaced with same tires. Was very smooth before replacing. I made tire dealer replace entire set, still very rough. Had them trued ,still rough. When car is off the ground and spun up very smooth. sounds like a suspension issue?How can i prove to the dealer(have extended warranty and service contract)

was checked by tech and said tank pressure sensor was bad just need to know location to fix

it has an emission code could the catalytic convertors be clogged up

it happens when my RPMs get high