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I want to replace a/c drive belt on my Yukon, how do I release tension on the belt and then how do I adjust the new belt after I replace?
I'm doing an oil change on my car and I wanted to know where the oil filter is located?
i tried to open the trunk with the key, but it won't open. is there any emergency latch i can pull from the inside of the trunk?, we were able to pry open the middle console of the backseat, and will be able to get a ...
Is the inaccurate fuel guage reading caused by fuel guage or the fuel pump sensor
97000 miles on car and have never had this performed as of yet? When should this be done?
front broken mount and cracked rear mount
The brake lights will not shut off after driving and shutting off the car.
Driving down I-5 approx. 70 mph when I heard a loud explosion. I learned that the drive line came out. I don't know if the drive shaft is still there or if it needs to be replaced & what else that may entail upon in...
how do you remove the shock from the spring?
Well, i have a 2002 audi a4 quattro 3.0, manual transmission. recently i have lost all power window control and interior lights. i have already repaired the wiring harness through the drivers side door. could this ...
this has been going on for about 3-4 days now. I can visually see the entire van shake. I really need to know if its safe to drive until im able to get it fixed, its my only means of transportation. help quick. thanks!
low wash on dashlight what does that mean
The brake lights stick on and run down the battery. Anyone have the fix?
Brake petal is very soft, still have some brakes. replaced master cylinder and problem is still there
My VSA and ABS lights stay on after axle and brake change. I changed the abs sensors and bleed the brake lines, but no response. The computer does not reset them.