Bearings or Brakes

The car had a constant tapping sound so I replaced the rod and main barrings. The tapping stopped however, when started from a cold startyou hear three taps and then the sound goes away while the engine is running. What is making the 3 taps when cold start?


the other day when i was driving i changed lane and when i placed my foot on the gas pedal again the car would rev up but would not increase speed and before i knew it i was losing power. i kept on pressing on the gas pedal and nothing just kept reving up but not going forward. i had it towed to my neighbourhood, i really need my car and i can't afford repairs right now seeing how i'm school and what not. if i can have it work for another 6 monthes i'll be happy with that i should be done my studies and well into my career. plzzzzzz anyone
ps i live in Toronto, Canada, i couldn't send my question without providing an american zip code

I have been experiencing a rubbing/grinding sound when braking while driving straight and turning. Also, it makes the same noise when turning left, even if brakes are not applied. It does this even if I merge lanes to the left. The brake pads and rotors have been inspected and were perfectly fine--they were changed 2 years ago. I don't know what this could be, but the sound worries me.

from that start to happen the car dont throttle steady

it drive on buck and start to drive again

I need labor and parts, mostly labor charges though.

It seems as though it's out of gas and it has a quarter tank of gas. First it would start and when I put my foot on the accelerator it cuts off now it starts and cuts off like it's out of gas....what could it be?

and swithes seem to function properly, defrost, floor, etc. Just cold air. Job was lengthy but did go fairly smooth. Did have to evacuate ac lines to get air box in far enough to remove and replace core. Like I said core is hot and flowing. HELP! Hot shot truck and my living. Its getting cold. HELP!!

The location of the idle air control valve.

This substance has been leaking for quite awhile and the weird thing is this the vehicle just sits in the driveway for more than a year without being moved that is driving me nuts becomes I can't figure this out please help.

I was past down my grandfathers 99 isuzu trooper with 87,000 miles on it but im not sure what is wrong with and it been sitting for at least 2 to 3 yrs and wantedto know if it is worth fixing or getting rid of it... i brought an obd ii scanner from autozone and got a error code p0300 i looked it up and it was a random/multiple cylinder misfire... trooper loses alot of power when stepping on gas or in gear... when the car warms up it seems like to starts to sputter then shuts off and when i try to restart it i cant and have to wait at least 10 to 15 mins

MY 95 GT has started an intermitent problem. It will start dropping charge once or twice reving it up fixed it. When it was showing a drain i pulled the batt term an car stalled.I thought alternator but had it checked at it was ok.. Not sure where to go now but need help as this is my daily driver.

brought 96 vw jetta from a family member upon purchase i was told that he got a tune up and a oil change but the oil light was blinking and beeping and he was told it was the oil pressure switch... so i recently replaced it and the oil light and the noised stop but i notice if i rev the engine past 10 to 20 rpm it will start blinking again but no noise... i checked the dipstick and there is oil in it can any one help me out with this problem