had my oil change about a month ago and know is leeking oil i have been told is leaking from the oil coller housing how can these break and what could be the cost to fix thank you


I've tried to reset the computer by unplugging the battery.

When should I get my brake pads replaced?

My dear 1 year old son likes to fill my CD player with coins. First just the CD player wouldn't work, and now the whole system won't turn on. Then, my heater started blowing cold air. Then, the car wouldn't start. Brought it in to the dealer and they say it's shorted out the wiring all because of the coins in the stereo. Not sure how big the problem is yet. How easy is this to fix and how much is this going to cost me????

This has been intermittent but getting more frequent and today I was stuck for a good 10 minutes before it decided to allow me to start. I have other lock problems which I am living with (343,000 miles on vehicle) but really don't want to scrap the car over this. I have tried opening and closing the door, flexing steering wheel, etc. It seems the key is just not engaging when put in.

i attemped to replace rear caliper, but was unable to get caliper to open up fully.

I only have 63000 miles on my car. It was purchased new & it has never been wrecked. I do regular maintenance on the vehicle as well.

The mechanic is telling me there are (2) air filters on my Honda

I have read conflicting reports and want to be sure the 4 cyl. model is or is not involved before I take the car on a long trip. Thanks, Peggy

The plasic expansion tank was leaking coolant into the pan

We have a 2002 Elantra. Last summer the radiator failed, but we stopped before overheating the engine. Since then, there is valve lifter noise when starting that goes away after about 10 seconds. We also hear the valve lifters when revving the engine, but at steady rpm they're quiet. I suspect one or more bad lifters. I can't seem to get an estimate to replace them. I suspect it will require removing the camshaft(s). I already have an estimate for doing the timing belt and waterpump, so this would simply be an add-on to that estimate.

I cannot open my driver side door unless I roll the window down and open it from the outside handle. I've dealt with this for several months but fear going into winter now. If my window is frozen that means I'm stuck in the van! Any advise on repair? I can't find anything online. Thanks

Some fluid on garage floor after being parked 3 days. Car just driven from Phoenix to Denver. No visiable leaks. Reverse worked after cool down. Car now parked waiting for service appointment.

uuuhhhh,how long does the dealer charge