Remove and install a window regulator in a 2004 Cadilliac Deville. also remove the door panel

I have a 2006 Chevy Pickup that has the ABS light on as well as a service brakes light, this has also caused my interior lights on my dash and my dome light to stay on. I have checked all fuses,& grounds. What should I be checking next? Brakes used to be so simple! Trying to avoid going into the dealership for diagnostics


We cannot find the term "serpentine belt" on the list of repairs for a 2003 Toyota Camry.

Removing alternator

Do I have to replace THE WHOLE SPINDLE to a front wheel, to just replace the front wheel bearings.... for a 1993 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L LX ! ? ! ?

What is the size socket (probably metric) to remove the center spindle nut... which appears to be not a solid piece but segmented...anyone know where the procedure to this nut removal might be?

The ABS light is on and stays on, the dash lights also stay on as well as the dome light. Have to disconect the battery every time I go anywhere with the truck. Where should I start looking? I have checked all fuses and grounds.

The low beam lights will not come on at all.
High beam ok.
Running lights will not come on.
Fuses are good.

want to do my own repairs on the car instead of taking it in

The check engine light came on and had a test done, it said something about there was o2 in the fuel tank

engine want idle or go when cold

What is a good estimate

light stays off at higher speeds

maintenance has been done consistently when due per manufacture's guidelines

I took my car in for an air conditioning problem,and the ECM was diagnosed as the problem. What other electrical components and features will be affected by a faulty ECM?