normally the consumption is about 7km/l. somebody told that the problem from fuel distribution switch it was leaking. Can anybody give clear and correct information?

also 2 catalytic convertors and one o2 sensor?

AToil temp light stays on when the car starts, then in a few seconds it goes off

I'm not sure how to get my backup lights to go off??

Everytime i first start my pickup in the morning, it ticks. then it goes away for awhile then comes back. i have does numerous oil changes and flushed the radiator out.

car trank up and rans fins but won't go into any ranning gear at all

The car has trouble accelerating and does not select gear,the lights are deam.

when i trank up my 2002 ford taurus it rans fine but when i but it into a ranning gear it will not go at all

It only makes the sound when i make a sharp turn.

radiator is not leaking. not leaking when parked. there is some leakage signs beside motor on the belt side. does not get hot as long as I fill up every trip or two. Antifreeze is getting diluted and expensive. My assumption is a water pump? but what else could it be? I do not want to use stop leak.

I replaced altenator original belt was broken, I can not figure the belt pattern.

Blower motor needs to be replaced , is an off and off deal
Looks impossible to get to, without having to remove fender or computer
Any ideas on what to do to get it out easier

The car signaled that the engine needed to be shut down and had a thermo on the display in the red initially. Since the compressor has been installed, the shop state they were unable to get the pressures to read right. Can the car be driven without damaging the engine? Was it really necessary to get the compressor installed or would it have affected the engine?

i am trying to find the ignition control module.

this occured when I turned heater on, and just blows cold air, does not go to heat as the temp control is turned all the way to highest heat setting