When sitting in my car at the park eating my lunch, I leave my car on with air-conditioner running to stay cool. Will it hurt my car. If so, in what way???

car dosent halndel for crap makes all kinds of rattleing noise when u bhit a little bump in the road Notverry happy with ford at the momet

the oil light come on and i check the oil it is ok. i replace the thermostat.

Engine number location

I have a 1994 Honda Accord LX Coupe automatic transmission. The car starts fine but after 15 minutes of driving, I smell oil, the check engine light comes on, the D on the dashboard flashes, the engine starts smoking, and the car shuts off. When i opened the hood, all of the smoke was coming out of one cylinder. I let the car sit and took the valve out of that cylinder and there was liquid in there that squirted out. Only two cylinders had that liquid. At first I thought that i blew the head gasket but someone took a quick look at it and said it wasn't the head gasket and said something about a valve seal. Anyone have any idea what this could be?

I recently bought a 2000 Camry CE... and the guy I bought it from said the dome light didn't work...

Its not the switch. I've tried it in the "on" and "Door" settings...
Its not the bulb, I've replaced it, and rotated it, since they have a +/- side.

I'm pretty sure its the wiring, and I just don't know how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am in the process of installing my rebuilt 1989 jeep wrangler engine (I selected 1990 above because it was the closest, but truly my vehicle is a 1989) and I am facing a little bit of confusion when installing the pilot clutch/bearing. I took the old one out already however I did not take note of where exactly the bearing set in the crankshaft. Therefore, when tapping the new bearing in, I don't know how far to tap it in. Yesterday I just simply continued to tap thinking it would eventually bottom out, however it never did it just went from being a real tight fit in the crankshaft to being much too loose where you could push your finger against any one part of it and it would easily move. I'm just needing to know how far I need to tap this pilot bearing into the crankshaft so that it will work properly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. College starts the week after next and this is my only ride. lol thanks!!!

Car stalled when idling in the driveway, was unable to get the car to restart. The following things have been checked out:

*New plugs, good spark from coil pack

*New fuel filter

*Fuel pump runs and pushes appreciable volume of fuel through filter (checked by turning key on and running gas into an open container)

*Tried cranking the engine w/ spark wires disconnected and immediately pulled spark plug to check if plug was wetted with fuel. It was not (possible that no fuel is getting to piston?)

*Tried replacing fuel pressure regulator, that had no effect.

Thanks in advance!

I can turn the engine off then on and the problem goes away. What is causing this?

vehicle has a bad clock spring

Is it worth the investment...offering $13,000--brand new tires and brakes....high-way miles and family owned.

first time repair this car

Sudden loss in mileage right after diagnosis, like about half the mileage. Any ideas?

it shake bad

have i triggered a anti theft sytem in the car, tried turning the steering wheel and key at the same time..