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how are the spark pluges numbered
My car had a hard time starting and has gotten progressively worse. it would die at idle or at a stop sign. Sometimes it would turn over and eventually start and other times it would take a while and drain the battery...
how much would you charge to replace the tensioner on this car nancy martindale
the drive indicator in the dash(P R N D 321) will not go into park all the time even though the tranny is in park. It feels like there is something loose. Any suggestions?
getting a clicking noise from behind the glove box, clicks around 10 times, then a pause, then 10 more and so on, when the engine is running.
how to set clock 1 hour back
How do I reset the change oil light on my 2010 Honda Civic?
The top continue to open when I open again. It still work fine. Could it be a safety reason or there's a malfunction? Thanks you very much!
when I put my brakes on,I head a loud roar like metal is touching.
oil light comes on when i come to a stop (rpm650-700 IDAL)AN GOES OUT when i go again(rpm above 1000)oil change
My driver seat does not move forward or backward anymore, or tilt. Likewise, the steering wheel tilt went out I think at the same time. Any answer to why, or how to fix this problem? thanx
how much will cost me to replaced the rear differential on my explorer 2003
location of blower motor
My car is turning over, getting gas and all my spark plugs have fire, but it will not start. What else can I do or try to figure out my problem?