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I installed a new one and it die too. It started by the rpm and speed gauges not working and the car loosing power

My vehicle went to a car shop last week and received an installation of two replacement calipers with two new front disc brakes, as well as resurfaced front discs. Days later, I began to have brake failure when applying the brake along with dash lights intermittently and spontaneous flashing 'ABS' and 'traction control' warning lights. When I brought it back to the car shop, they told me that it's due to a broken ABS module. I asked if this is related to their previous brake work and they said it absolutely did not. Is this true?

Small leak from water pump weep valve, should I change the water pump?

schematics of water pump and belts

one day we drive and the heater works fine, next time, nothing.

All my brake system lights are on how do I service my Tracktion system.

On my daughter's '99 Camry 4 cyl. When turn on heater at salon the hot air is flow but after a while the air become cold. When I turn off and turn on after a while the air is hot again but for few minutes. The previous owner did repairing for cooling system. May be incorrect connection of heater houses to Heater Cores, top and bottom?

How often should they be replaced?

driver seat is very uncomfortable in this leaning position

I drove in wet weather. overnight it froze. the truck wants to move and seems to go in gear. it will not roll in nutral or or in any gear for that matter. I think it may be ice build up or is it the clutch?

You reccomend changing ALL CHAINS along with theTIMING CHAIN TENSIONER? Why?

What could be the problem- caliper seal, brake line, or other.

my a/c dont work but my heat do

check engine light illuminated. diagnostic code P0507

not hayes' or chilton's. I have those. I want a Nissan certified factory manual. thanx