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does the oil filter just screw on to the block, or is some part between block and filter
Instrument panel bulb or bulbs are out behind the guages. How do you get at them? I know it's not any of the fuses.
i have already replaced the t-stat 2 times and installed a new heater core. the eengine takes a long time to heat up to operating temp and once the engine reaches operating temp it blows warm from the ducts but not a...
can the idle be adjusted. fuel injected
i would like to know where the left front speedsensor is
The AC turns on on the back but not in the front. The front will turn on after the vehicle has been running a while.
The car was going down the road and all the lights turned off. After replacing the battery and having the alternator checked (good), the car ran fine for about a week. Then after stopping at a store the car unlocked r...
I had disconnected all the vacuum line when i had install a new intake gasket. Now I do not know where each one go. Please Help
driving alone emmision light pops on what could it be
* Was driving the car, and the engine just stopped dead! Felt like the ignition was turned off. * No strange noises, engine turns over fine, but wont start, not even slightly, not even a cough. * Engine has spark & ...
temp gauge goes to red line at 203 degrees (temp is 203 at computer according to my scanner).thermostat works fine.Just replaced lower intake gasket,thermostat waterpump due to leaks.Also replaced temp sender at this ...
I have a low beam headlight that keeps blowing. I have to replace it at least ever 2-3 weeks.
have a family trip need to know how much weight can i have inside the van?
Hey i was wondering would i have to drop the trasmission to put in a new speed sensor
the car is a 1999 buick lesabre when i push on the gas the rpms go all the way downe i replased my Mass Air Flow censor, fuel pump, fuel pump strainer and filter got new pluggs and wires and coil packs. when the car ...