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heater blower motor does not seem to work on any setting. i turn on the defrost and the blower motor comes on sometimes for about 20-30seconds. whats my problem and what can i do to fix it to gain additional heater co...
My 2004 nissan sentra begins to shimmy when i get up to 70mph. what causes this
I have a 92 celica gt convertible can't figure out what size speakers are factory has one in each door rather large two smaller ones in the dash and back seat I need the exact size.
MY 98 NISSAN ALTIMA IS GETTING A replacement with a 78000 MILE ENGINE. MECHANIC IS PLANNING ON PUTTING IN 20/50 OIL VERSUS 30? my bad engine had that heavy weight because it was worn out. WHY would he make choice fo...
please,if someone help me how to find the crankshaft position sensor for gmc 1500 subarban 5.7l located it (where is it)
the heater is blowing no heat. what is the problem?
above 99 subaru change engine now i have spark on #1&2 but not #3&4 change ignition coil crank sensor cam sensor ignite r same problem no spark on #3&4
the belt keep coming off but the pulley good cause it ran good but made a loud noises and well driving and came off wat do i do
i replaced transmission but still no shifting we hook scanner and we get some codes p024 p052 p091
only when its real hot outside weather
how do you replace the rubber grommet thats on the fuel filler neck and goes onto the fuel tank
sorry about my english, but i need an answer, please, my issue it´s: my montana 2001 it doesn´t shift more than the 2nd gear, in fact when i get realized, wasn´t shift to the 4th, and between 2 days get´s worst, all t...
was driving along, in overdrive,& just wasn't going, moter racing, 143,000 miles on it,can still manuel shift, just not to overdrive, kinda hesitates whenput in drive & reverse,but will still eventually get inthere, h...
code p1361 car will have no power all of a sudden.Happens once in awhile.