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We have some prices but they seem all over the place... why is that?

I need to know the procedure for taking out and changing the back brakes. The back has dually wheels.

I had a rebuilt transmission installed about 4 years ago. How often should I change the transmission fluid? I drive approx 110 miles per day during the work. Currently, I have 226K on car. Is there anyhting else you reccomend I should change pertaining to the transmission?

Apparently my heater coolant pipes to the rear heater have rusted and blown. What is a ballpark figure to have a mechanic fix this?

Im am going to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and i need to know where exactly are the located. I also want to know if it fairly easy to replace the hoses, or should i have a mechanic do it?

I have a transmission leak and was told that due to motor mounts being bad that it is causing stress on engine and transmission joint and causing leak.

Is there anything I can use to stop the squeelling? I had the belts checked and was told that they are not loose, so what can I do?

How complicated is this job?

My 2000 wouldn't move at a light,then started creeping backward on a hill.

We have a chevy Impala 06 with 87000 miles, we have had it for years and every time I drive longer than two hours the check engine light turns on. Then after a few days it turns off. I take it in before every trip for a check up and oil change and they say its in great condition. Should I be worried about my 9 hour drive home? Or just forget about it?

60,000 miles newly purchased. This has occurred twice now when not moving. Drive or Nuetral or Park does not change issue. Reving engine or stopping and restarting engine seem to have resolved it both times, however I am extremely concerned about the knocking and/or dieseling sounds as it seems this would tear the engine apart over time. Oil is clean and none burnt since last 1000+ miles of highway driving. No Check Engine or diagnostic lights and vehicle health report says engine is fine. Any suggestions appreciated as my big bank loan is looming(not made first payment yet) and I am very nervous about longevity of this vehicle.

How serious is this and what is a fair repair cost?

Wheres the best place to start looking for one?

electric windows work etc the engine just stopped, battery good, oil good, any suggestions?
Thank you,
2006 A3 Audi

My 99 gmc sierra stalled out and if u can get it to start you cant give it ne gas or it stalls. I used to b able to hear the pump whinning now i dont. in order to purchase another i need to know if the pump has one plug or two.