Motor is good. Acts like it is getting stuck in the track or something.

I was cleaning behind the center console and in putting back together plug the clock wiring harness into the flasher harness and vice versa. It was this way for about 4 minutes before I switched it back. Now, half the radio and tempature control lights, clock light and exterior rear lights do not come on.

My Ac started blowing hot, i was told it was the Ac cycling switch, where does it go?


it doesn't happens when i put my car in "parking"

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 v6 sohc. I have had a service engine light for a couple months. Initially it was giving a P0191 and P0193 code - dealership said replace Fuel pump and filter. So I took to a our company mechanic - could not get the fuel pump so replaced filter only. Cleared code - 24 hours later light came back and was a P0193. Took to a different shop - they replaced fuel pump. Another 24 hours later light came back same code. I have also replaced my fuel cap. Whatever is going on with it causes the vehicle to run rough at times and die. Other times it is fine - Now the air bag light is on. Please help - I have done everything Ford recommended and still no resolution. Thanks.

need new rotors and caliper left and right side new rear drum and shoes also have look at them and they are leaking and drums and rotors are to far gone to save
I could do it myself but time I do not have

Fluuid leaks from top of nut located on a brake line

Both heater core hoses are very hot. Am I looking at a possible thermostat?I just replaced the heater.

my floor shifter won't move and i believe it has something to do with the brake signal. does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this.

my tail lifgt is not working yet my turn signal is.I have changed the bulbs and still have this problem

Blows fuse when heater is turned on.

2.4liter auto trans


it takes about a dollar fifty before the pump clicks off, ive been told its a purge valve sylnoid, or the charcoal canister is full of fuel from over filling the truck, anyone know any cheap fixes for this? or if there has been a recall? callmedusty504@aol.com