replaced gas, but still doesnt start.

dash lites are on starter will not crank engine ,,,no noise/nothing replaced ignition switch

'97 Civic LX with D16Y7 engine(non-VTEC)and auto trans. I need to replace the head gasket. My Haynes manual (#42025) says to remove the rocker arm assembly and camshaft to remove the head. However, it looks like, from the pics in the manual, that the head bolts are accessable with these parts still installed. If so, could torqueing the head bolts down with these parts installed cause a problem? Also, is it OK to reuse the head bolts if they are in good condition? I'd like to get some advise from someone who's actually done this before I start the job. Many Thanks.


P.S. Can anyone reccomend a good machine shop in the vicinity of Exton/West Chester/Downingtown, PA. Thanks.

while the car is slowly moving forward, I can hear what sounds like there may be a rock caught up somewhere, there seems to be no damage to the rotor and the pads all all "meat" could this be a break issue or is it the diff?

The code is P0418

What are the cost related to the diagnostic code p0741? Is it worth fixing?

what is p0147 or selinoid

What does the diagnostic code mean and what can be done? Is it expensive to fix?

EGR and Catalyst said NOT READY, on the report when I went to the inspection station.

only comes on with ac is on i figure its one of two problems temp sensor or relay how do i trouble shoot and were are day?

It broke while I was driving it and it sounded like a flat tire or something. When I got out and observed it, it was busted and could be seen through the rear tire well. It also looked like it started to scrape the back bumper and rear portion of the wheel well.

I had my gasket replace, plugs, and oil change.

on my camry my vsv valve is not getting any power what or where does the power come from

the ac still runs cold but make one heck of a noise it started when my daughter shut the door and yes we have tried to get it stopped