The car runs well and gets up to temperature just fine. when I turn the heat on there is a thumping in the dashboard behind the radio and it just keeps thumping. When I turn the fan up to high the thumping/banging seems to subside, but the unit just blows cold air. Does not matter if the the heater is set on panel or defrost or floor. Any sugestions?

Sometimes when I'm traveling at about 40 - 60 mph an obnoxious fluttering starts in the ventilation system when I have the AC or the Heater on with the fan on. Finally it gets on your nerves. A mechanic advised me that it sounds like a leaf or piece of trash had gotten down on top of the ventilation fan and the fan would have to be taken out, the trash removed and then replaced. A new plastic seal would be required. I need a good mechanic in this area that want charge an old retired man an arm and a leg.

Dealer says humming at 35-50 mph is due to failing rear bearing. With only 77k miles, this doesn't seem right. Has Toyota quality sunk this low? He wants $466 just for the hub assembly, plus $100 to install. I can buy the part at NAPA for $275 and do it myself, but I would rebuild it if I could. Can the hub be disassembled to replace the bearing? If so, how?

I believe my idle adjustment is sticking. When I let off the gas, the engine runs at about 1500 rpm and sometimes stays over 2000 rpm when i put it in park. doesn't do it all the time. not real sure what i need to do to fix it. there is what looks like a solenoid or a cam below the throttle body that seems to be sticking. what is that part called so I can replace it?

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

I still here a sound on the drivers side like the cv axle what else could be wrong

I tried to pull the harmonic balancer off with the puller, but it looks like it is pulling a timing gear and belt with it. What am I doing wrong?

no inbetween

Trying to tune up car.

My car ran hot back in October so I replace the thermostat,water pump and radiator. Now the car dose not get hot but I get no heat. My key fob worked and once i replaced the batteries the fob works but my door locks won't. But the heater thing is driving me crazy are there other fuse boxes other then thee truck and under the hood that i may need to check?

There is too much play in the steering & there is a groaning sound when I make turns.

Clutch keeps popping out of first gear when I try to take off. And when it does its really loud. Motor mounts are fine. Pretty sure its the transmission but any other ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

How do you replace windshield washer res.?

I cannot see control buttons at night.

i replaced the egr valve, fuel filter, fuel filler neck, oxygen sensor, pcv valve. the light takes about 8 seconds to come on. i have not changed the fuel pump. do i need to clean the pipe from the egr valve to the exhaust pipe. i found out about a few parts from the tester that sent codes. now the tester does not show anything, but the light still comes on

I have a 2000 VW Jetta, 148,000 miles. The past few weeks the check engine light is on and the car will not shift from first to higher gear until the engine speed reached ~4200 rpm. I suspect there is something amiss with the automatic transmission, and if it is an issue that might be resolved with replacement of the transmission which might be more expensive than the car is wor