My rear right taillight is not working and I have already changed the bulb everything else is working.

im replacing my fuel pump & i need to know if i will have to remove the gas tank or can i get to it by removing the rear seat? thanks

I have replaced the dist. and coil still nothing

I have looked under the van at the fuel line and the gas tank and there are no leaks...I have also looked under the hood and found no visible leaks either, so I am wondering what is causing my van to use so much and why do I smell gas inside the cabin of the van?

Looking for the answer in distance.

My 4WD decided to stop working on my truck. I had a mechanic tell me that it's probably the actuator, so I would like to replace it myself to save some money(the part is like $50 at Autozone). I've been looking online for a guide to doing it but can't seem to find one. Can somebody refer me to some instructions for it and tell me what tools I would need?

I have to add fluid every day and occasionally see smoke where it drips.

cant find location of thermostat

I'd like to replace the front and rear brake pads and rotors on my 2005 Murano with what came on it. Can you tell me what these parts would be? Thanks

the recirculation motor was working until I replaced the blower motor. There seems to be no measurable voltage at the 2 wire connector for the recirculation motor. The recirculation symbol comes on when you press the button, just no action from the motor.

Also, how long will it take for the part to come in?

I pulled the door panel and went to remove the switch and pulled it apart in the wrong spot . It looks like spagetti lol

vin#jf1-gf4853 wg806053 I'm thanking it is the roll connector/clockspring. hope you can help me, the part from the subaru dealer is 450.00 +tax please help TOM

My car has been hesitating when I hit the excelerater from a stop. The check engine light just came on so I had the diagnostics run. There were 9 problems, but mainly that all four cyl's had a vacuum leak on the engine. What is the fix to this and how much can I expect to spend? The trouble shooting codes were P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0171 and P0507.

This noise was discovered when I was having the tires checked. There is a vibration at speeds over 35 mph. Slight, like you are travelling on a rough road. And where could I find estimates on the average cost to replace a differential?