This problem started Saturday when I started it up, then after it idel for a while, I began to see smoke from tail pipe.

I took a pan off did'nt see anything

I also checked all the fuses in the dash, and under the hood.

the van started up and ran for about 8 minutes then it just died and will not run now it want idla if its does start it just dies like its not getting fuel but got gas and spark. any idea why this has happen and what to look for or to say mite be wrong. please help if u can

started this morning ..went to wrk ... turned it off would not start back up ... after wrk wouldnt start ..then it started .. got hm .. now it wont start... tried wiggling the batt wires .. looked for loose wirer... tapped on the starter... played with the gears, from park to nutural and back and in between nothing will not start????? could You please give me some Idea whats going on so that I can fix it Please...

does anyone no the fuse # for headlights?

tachometer not working. check engine light on.

The back passenger side window on my jetta rolls down at random times and sometimes - more often than not - it wont roll back up when you press the button. It does, however, roll back up at random times. Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone else know how to solve it? It seems to happen the most often right when i turn the car off.

It currently has none.

the lights come on when key is on what might be wrong?

I cant figure out why the light keeps coming on even after the sensors have been replaced.

i dont know the correct gap size .

thinking of buying this car, it has low miles but am skepticle of the miles because the speedometer amd tach dont work

I went out to start my car and my security system keeps coming on, and running my battery down. I can't get my car started even after charging my battery, so I need to deactivate the security system.

when dealer went to repair they found the bolt for harmonic balancer was loose and had broken off inside because from what they said the same bolt was used when i had timing belt replaced at 64,000 instead of new bolt so it backed out. they got car running but they said it has a vibration when acceleration cannot find problem. I'm in a rental car and on vacation and starting to worry. Mark