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check engine light comes on code comes up tps how do I clear

This always occurs whenec\ver I try to use the window.

My friend tried my Jetta and wanted to pull the seat forward...but instead of pulling the handle he pulled on what seems to be this electronic plug??? I'm sooooo mad! I dont know where it came from or where it goes... HELP ME PLEASE

water pump

Both high beam headlight glass lenses have a hole in them.

What's the average cost to have the convertible top and rear tinted window w/defroster replaced on a 98 Toyota Celica?

heater fan made noise , then stop working

I bought a decent looking Avalon 98, any suggestions on where to find radio plastic key covers (2 missing), how to fix a window that won't roll down and a back door that won't open. Also, lots of little dings on front..could I sand them and paint or maybe a better idea would be a full paint job, or front bra??? Seems to really run well. ANY suggestions are very appreicated. Thanks! RellaAnne

Car idles smooth but fast then when you increase acceleration when it gets to around 3000rpm its like it either flooding or starving for fuel and just about stalls..previous to the spark plugs being done it had a nasty little miss but could not be picked up as it did not throw a code..................

Does this require any major skills. I priced parts and not expensive. How long can this go before causing other problems.

two weeks earlier i replaced the intake manifold, i already knew the engine had damage from overheating should I replace engine

I always use synthetic oil when I get my oil change but when left at the dealer for some repairs they put in regular oil by mistake and said you can do this with no problem to the car. I s this true or should I go back to them and get it fixed?

Hello maybe someone can be of help... I have a 2005 GMC Yukon and when i turned on the car today the break light on the interior console stayed on as well as an exclamation point and the letter (P)lit up above it. When i began to drive a loud beeping sound went off. It would stop beeping when i pressed down on the break and fully came to a stop. The light keeps blinking and the beeping wont stop when i drive. Not sure what it could be. Im taking it in to the deal tomorrow but wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and can shed some light on the problem.

My truck at 37,500 miles the Change fuel filter indicator light came on. I had the fuel filter changed & the light came on again. I took the truck back to the shop & they reset it again but the light keeps showing. The shop used the computer thingy but I was told the computer says its not communicating? What is going on? is it common & maybe a problem that will be covered under a recall & if not how much will it cost to fix? thank you so much in advance.

I want to to replace the spark plugs but I cannot find them.