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have blown 4 fuses since august
I just fired Frontenac Honda for cheating and telling lies about mycar and exorbitant c harges. I like to maintain my car and want a reliable auto repair company. Can you fill the bill?
Just bought a used (obviously) 2000 Montero Sport LTD. Love it and it's lots of fun to drive. My curiosity is that the engine is turning almost 3000 RPM when I'm doing 70MPH. Is that right? I feel 4 distinct shifts an...
window went up heard a small pop and window started sliding down slowly but its off the track. wont go up or down but can hear the elecrtic window when i push the button. how much to fix??? do you think?
I replaced the pump, put in some new fluid and it spilled over. Put more fluid not beyond the cold fill limit... spilled again. Anyhow, now it seems to hold its "juice" but the power steering is sporadic, sometimes th...
The rear seat bottom cushion has two U brackets that hang down, and they snap into place in openings below the seat. How do you UN-snap them so the seat cushion can be removed?
About how much will it cost to the coverter replaced in subject vehicle.
My heating system is not working. Its only blowing cold air even though the car indicator shows that the temp is up. What is the solution to this. Please help for am freezing like a popsickle
I think i freeze the starter on my 02 ford explorer sport trac....How do i know if that is what i did and if that is what i did how do i unfreeze it?
How much will it cost to get my car inspection and emissions, oil change, coolant flush, tires rotated and balanced, windshield wipers, and brakes.
Thanks for the correction. The V6 engine is a 3.9 I had asked about the location pf the pcv
My mechanic says the soulution to the AntiSkid light on the dash is to replace the DEM for a price of +_$2700. The car has 56k miles and otherwise runs well. Is this the solution?
i did the oil change by my self and i try to turn it off but its still there...
My 2004 RX8 unfortunately ran over a tire tread lost by a car on the highway 2 weeks ago. Traveling at highway speeds, 9pm at night with traffic I was unable to avoid hitting the tread and ran completely over it. My c...