Checked fuses they are good. Wondering about the clutch or compressor. Anyone tell me how to check them

The brakes make a lot of noice, every where i stop and they are way to sensitive. One tap and the car screeches to a halt.

is there a sensor under the thermostat that is for the fuel?

It happens frequently and the dealership cannot duplicate the problem

is even worse than before. Do we need to reset something so that it will start working better? It does not show that it is hot or no bubbling sound coming from under the hood so what is the problem can anyone help us out? Thanks

have tried replacing fuel pump and filter also pulled engine cover and checked rocker arm

A month after buying the engine started missing and two check engine lights came on. One is the power down light (?), which I'm told is rare. Dealer couldn't look at it except when it was doing it. Finally got it in and they replaced the power control module. Two days ago. Did it again today. Anyone? Any ideas? The dealer doesn't seem to know.

cant open hood

Rep says she has seen the same problem before and its the fuel pump. How do they know it is not a mounting bracket or a loose bolt? I have a service appt next Wed and I want to be able to ask some questions. Thank You...Ray

From a sudden stop to acceluration the vehicle moves forward. Then the vehicle engages with no problem, on the freeway the vehicle runs fine. What do you think is the problem, I know a transmission problem, but what should I do?

just recently, my cc light wont come on when i press cc button. now, it will come on sporatically, sometimes with the cc funtioning, sometimes w/ just the *light coming on, but the cc still wont work. is it a fuse? if i push the button several times, it has come on/other times, i do same n light wont come on. (*green cc symbol n light on dashboard that indicates cc has been activated) ty

Is there some relay to checkif so where would it be

I just don't want to pay Lexus $75 to replace a light bulb.!!

I forgot to say the transmission hot came on.

i was driving yesterday all of a sudden my RPM was all the way to 4 and running really bad like it would not kick in. so i turned around of course i had to back track 3 miles and go to a gas station to get transmission fluid and now that did not fix it i had to drive it home i used L3 and that worked okay and the RPM stayed between 2-3 and then i tryed to put it in Drive again and it would continue to slip and the RPM went high again. Help anyone.