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what would cause a low oil pressure reading on dash when vehicle reaches a speed of 70 mph or more.
Theres a car I want to buy that has damage to the frame in the rear to the left. For sale for $2,500. The rest of the car looks fine. Is it worth it to maybe find another impreza and swap frams, or just to get it fixe...
I want to have my dash recovered/reupholstered. Must remove and take to auto upholster shop. Is this something the average person can do? Lexus dealer wants $800.00 to do it.
what would make the vehicle,say low oil pressure when the vehicle goes up to 70 mph.
In the old days there was a vacuum modulator on the outside of most automatic transmissions. Is there one on this BMW model.
error code said IAC valve
while driving the oil warning light comes on it goes away if I raise the RPMS can you please tell me what can cause the problem
My 99 Dodge Ram V10 is blowing cold air and not heat. The Water pump,themostat, heater core, and complete flush of system has been done. Anyone have a solution as this problem before I spend more???
while driving car stopped wont go forward or backward no warning engine runs fine
if it is below 40 degrees this truck will start but run real rough for a 10 to 15 minutes after that it seems too run better. what is the problem?
when i cut my ignition off the heater fan keeps blowing and some of my dash lights stay on,if i move the key back to just about the start position it stops,help
i have a 1997 mercury villager gs van. the temp. gauge went to h. i changed the thermostat added the right amount of coolant. when i took it out for a test drive the gauge went all the way to h again. there was no hea...
how do we adjust the rear whipper is not hitting the window right?
How do i repair a speed sensor