Transmission fluid is leaking from line or lines running along underneath. Not sure where it is leaking from. What does it take to replace them?

it would alternate between cold and hot then one day it just stayed blowing hot air

Cars starts normally if UNLOCK is pressed but VATS engages automatically even when just sitting in car with engine off for few minutes. Can this be automatic feature be turned off? How? I still want to have remote lock,unlock and remote open trunk.

theres nothing easy about it and i was just wanting to know if there even is an easy way

what could i do to approche this problem

Still cannot locate flasher

I can hear it on acceleration only, everything works great, power steering, shifting, it is not a belt squeal but a very distinct howl but seems to go away completely when the car is warm any suggestions, thanks

driving first 3 to 4 miles

When replacing the battery of an Audi q5, should anything be reprgrammed and if so how?

computer display say error in tracking control and 4WD malfunction, the 4wd button beside the ashtray is flashing, i went to see the mechanic, he couldnt see any error on his computer, please help.

moaning noise coming from between steering components while moving.

just bought a 2005 audi a6 quattro w/ 64,000 miles. about to move to hawaii and not to sure about what to do considering the upkeep is so expensive for this vehicle

i had autzone reset the codes and it hasnt happened anymore

No pattern as to when this happens

fuel line had a leak and i stoped using the car. this is my only method of transportation and fuel lines are not your tipical car problem i need help.