While driving to work my ABS light came on. Then my Battery light on. Next the panel functions stop working; the wipers were moving very slow on high speed. My radio went out and the headlights when off. I manage to make it to work; but when I turned off the vechile and tried to start it back up. If got a clicking noise like the battery was dead...What caused this problem. Do I need a new battery or replace the alternative.

The car will not start but will turn over, this just started last night. The car hasn't had any other known problems, this was even a surprise.

time to replace u-joints

When the car sits for a few minutes the readings...avg mpg avg mph etc all reset to zero. I was programing the locks, fobs and lights etc ...did I do something to cause it and what can I do to re-program so they don;t reset themselves?

Light goes out when engine warms up.

check engine light on, oil light is on, car has enough oil, the transmission oil is fine too. car uses nothing but synthetic oil. It overheated for a little bit but then it went back to normal but thats when it started making the rattling noise.

cannot start the car because of blown use

This Happened after my car got stuck in snow and i was trying to get out of it. My dad chained my car to his car to help me out.i got out of the snow but the next day it wont move but it starts.

Rebuilding and need to know the timing sequence.

what do i have to do

see previous question and details. Please ansewr the quwstions as applied to a nissan 2003 maxima.

Can anyone tell me if there is a torque requirement on the 33.mm nut that is threaded to the spindle in front of bearing hub assembly on a 2006 Lexus RX330

would removal and installation instructions on a fuel filter.

And make them look new again?

Is there a way I can find out If the radiator fan sensor switch Is operating?