need to know for 90K service.

Is it in the dashboard or on the firewall?

The engine start running but it get warm it turn off . I check the coil park and the crank sensor. Still can fine the problem to the car .

I have always a noise under my carriage. my mecahnic tells me the struts need to be replaced.

The car has 70,000 miles, but has no been driven hard. We just replaced tires at 50,000 miles. I haven't had any problems with steering or experienced any grinding noise. Could they just be trying to pull one on me? I have had other nissan's with over 125,000 miles and never had bushing problems.

Loud whining noise in the trailblazer,any ideas on what that could be??

how do i use this site

Rear air/heater not working

Code used to go on & off every few weeks and gave me less problems in the winter. Now it has been on for a number of months.

can this be done.they want lots of money to make a new key.

Every thing was working fine when I turned off the car. Several hours later I turned on the car and the heater, vent or air conditioner would not come on. The blower motor was not coming on and it did not make any noise?

Paint has rubbed off due to fingers touching it many times.

The 98 Buick riviera is blowing out hot air. Someone said it might need freon.

Having a problem during acceleration with my G6. When I'm driving it normally and I go to gently accelerate while running below 2000 RPM, the engine begins to sputter like it is wanting to die, then will suddenly accelerate as if I had floored it. This happens I would say about 90% of the time going up hills, but can also happen along level road too. The only thing that seems to keep it from happening a lot is adding fuel injector cleaner (Lucas brand), but it will still do it off and on with this. All the while it has been doing this for the last 8 months, it has never once given me any sort of code. I took it into the dealership but they just said it was carbon buildup on the sensors and were going to charge me over 300 dollars to clean it up. I have heard it might be anything from bad spark plugs to the catalytic converter, but I don't have enough money to play guessing games with it. If anyone has any information about this please help!

Checked fuses they are good. Wondering about the clutch or compressor. Anyone tell me how to check them