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Just bought this car. Now I learn that I've got to worry about a timing belt at 60,000. Why? I never had to replace a belt/chain on all of my previous American cars. Is it because it's a belt? Why didn't Hyundai use a...
couldn't get pump off truck
is it popssible for the oil pump to leak oil ?
How do you replace an ac compressor on a 2002 Monte Carlo SS 3.8. When replacing, remove it above or below the motor? Any helpful hints for my father??? Please help!!!
2003 Altima will sputter and not run at times. Check engine light comes on and goes off. Code said Cylinder 2 & 3 misfire. Code erased and will not show back up. Put Seafoam gas treatment in car. Sputtered once si...
I changed the filter and fluid...didnt smell burned or was not filled with any metal shavings...engine runs good...shift lever and PNP properly synced, but vehicle will not move when placed in D, 1, 2, or R. Any help...
Can I swap my 2004 Saturn Vue Vti transmission with a chevrolet cavalier?
problem is that speedomitor stops working or tells wrong speed fast or slow.
won't shift into park
the car smells like gas inside it showed that it was a small hose leak replace one the engine light is off but it still smells after one week
The last 4 times I've drivin the pickup I'll be driving along in town and then like clockwork the engine shuts down. It's not like stauling where I can start up again and keep going, it's dead. Then I can come back ...
recently change both alternators and batteries but still shows that lower alternator is in fault i have the edge programmer installed and the code reader is what it shows (code p-1106)
My 96 Camry sustained front end damage and I need to replace the Radiator Support... Is it welded in or bolted in?
The compressor and the A/C work, but the clutch makes a slight rattling noise. I saw a blog that said the air gap should be between .035-.085, but it is less than .032.
heavy take offs the truck shifts smooth good oil levels change brakes change oxygen sensors