i have replaced spark plugs and the code machine say's its miss firing on number 1

this problem happens when I accelerate hard from a stopped position. Other than that, the car runs and drives fine.

where is the daylight driveing module located at on a 2005 chevy 2500 hd

5 codes PO455, PO442, small leaks in EVAP
PO 456 large leak in EVAP
PO 401 EGR system fualt too little flow on system
PO123 Throttle positioning sensor

This only happens when the key is in the ON position and not started.

Can't see how to remove the cover.

The van will go from a cold start to all the way to high temp on the gauge and will start to run rough when it gets to high temp. It will then go down to normal range of temp and will run fine, and then go will back up and back down. I have 3 things that I am thinking it is, but not sure which one it could be.

No previous problems then changed from low to high beam and had NO lights. The lights work just fine on low beam.

The steering on my 2005 kia sedona seems slightly stiff when turning either left or right. What possible problems would cause this to occur, and what would be the estimated cost of each possiblity. Thank You

Engine is still not getting fuel. Engine is turning over and fires when I spray fuel in. Pump is working. Fuel pump can only be installed in 1 direction. Checked fuses & they are good. Help!

i recently replaced the turn signal flasher/relay in my car along with the hazard flasher/relay in my car hopeing that the malfunction would stop, but all the brake lights like to light up when i use my turn signals. the signals in the front work the way there supposed to but everything in the back blinks as well. also if im using turn signals and applying the brake, my doors like to lock/unlock as well. and i've fixed all the grounds in the front of the car in the engine bay but i cant seem to find the ones in the back of the car. im thinking that could also be a problem.

Put it on computer, says there is nothing wrong. Still not starting, intermittently.

The car has 314000 miles and it runs great.

do i need to raise the engine

Coolant system has already been replaced. what is leaking and where is it coming from?