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where is the location ofa flasher-hazardwarninglightingcontrolmodule N OTHING COME ON BUT HEADLIGHT
brakes(wheels) lockup had calipers,brake hoses,pads and master cylinder replaced now all 4 wheels lockup
Hello! I have an issue with some EGR code errors. The following codes have been pulled: P0403, P0405, P0404. Here is what I have tried, without success. Replaced the EGR Valve. Cleaned carbon from the 'port' betw...
how many miles do i need to drive to complete a drive cycle and how fast do i need to drive
I need to know what the size of my master cylinder is...i have to get a piece to my back breaks and it wont be in for a few days so i was going to get a plug for the master cylinder but i don't know the size i would n...
Was driving the vehicle and the radio went off and it said locked under the time. At that same time the heat quit working. Now the radio works but the heat still will not come on. It does not say locked anymore. T...
had truck put on machine and was told that the crankshaft sensor was the problem were is sensor located at on engine?
where are the drain plugs on this year model to drain the coolant out of the radiator
we rebuilt the engine, now t doesnt want to go
I am trying to find instructions for replacing the front struts. Can someone led me the way. I have never done this and would like to learn.
Brakes squeel when I back out. Does that mean it's time to replace them? How much will this cost?
Need timing belt.Radiator Hose,front wheel bearings tightened, and smalll power steering leak, How much?
have changed plugs wires distribeter cap and router but still have check engine light flashing code reading number 4 cylinder missing