when I open the door the lights went off, but now the parking lights remain on.

my car would not change gears i pulled over put it n park 2 make a phone call tried to put in drive it would not come outta park.i cut it off and then it would not start 4 2 weeks my display says 1 faulty dash 2 break wear 3 esp_now it says no malfunctiion ..." 2002 mercedes c240 it may start every other day or so what is wrong
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went to use my little portable air compressor pluged it in the power supply not the cigarette lighter,then it quits working now the power windows wont work and it wont start,i checked all the fuesses inside and out,when i turn the key on every thing comes on all the lights and gauges, can somebody help me

there appears to be some play in the system


I'm having a intermittent problem with my xterra occassionally shifting into first gear. It's odd I'll drive and sometimes it will not shift into first, I'll cut the car off and it will correct the problem. The codes are Trans shift solenoid B and also Speed Sensor. A week ago I fond my vehicle running in "limp mode" but corrected that problem. The engine wiring harness came loose and burned and seared a couple of wires. One was a trans wire but corrected the limp mode. So any help would be appreciated and thanks.

How do I adjust the transmission linkage cable on a 1998 ford escort zx2? The tanny seems sluggish and is a little slow to shift up or down

it revs up when i start it untill i put it in gear and start letting out on the cluch the only time it stops reving up is when i pull up to a stop light and put it in first gear with my foot on the cluch the truck will drive its self when i lit off the cluch because it revs high i really need to know what i need to replace cause this is eating up my mpg help!!!!

Please help

was told the calaber had locked and wore out the left back brake and into the rotor. Right brake pad, caliber and rotor are fine. Mechanic says I need to replace left rotor, brake pads and install new calibers on both sides. If I don't replace both calibers the car will start to pull to the left and I will be back to replace the right caliber. The estimate for this would be close to $1000. IF, I chose to only replace the left rotor, brake and caliber the cost would be around $600.
Any advice given would be greatly appreciated. I am unemployed and don't have money to throw away but don't want to spend extra money on repairs not necessary. any suggestions on what I should do?

My car suddenly started to act like it's missing and going up hills looses speed and power, starts popping from under the hood like sputtering and is idleing very rough what could it be.

Do I have to use synthetic oil in my 97 Cadillac DeVille?

The car drove fine for 8 miles, we parked, and when we came back out, terrible grinding and other noises.

and i was wondering if there was a safety switch on it or something

I did and the replacement part was nearly impossible to find. Nearly impossible, but I did find one - a Southco M1-44 Flush Pull Latch, also known as a slam latch. And it's lockable, too! Bought it on eBay. Fits perfectly. Was a little annoyed that I couldn't find it on a parts list from Chrysler.