when the car is sitting still is when the car starts to heat up as long as the car is driving down the road its fine . i recently replaced the thermostate and the upper intake ,lower intake gaskets .

My door locks are malfunctioning and causing my battery to drain. I removed the Door Lock Relays from the interior fuse box, and recharged my battery. The battery did not drain, so I know the relays are not the problem. The next step that I was told to do, is to check the interior door lock switches.

the dash went black and it would not crank over, I had someone give me a jump start and the dash lit up when we hooked up the cables, it started and ran for about 2 mins then died again, I was able to check the alt at that time and was putting out 13.9 volts and the battery checks out good (6 mos old), we tried to jump it again and the same results as before, runs about 2 mins and dies, all the fuses and fusible links are good. any suggestions

light flashes and gauge goes up and down

My pressure guage still reads 100 but after 3 days the system now blows hot air. I added 2 cans of refrigerant and it blew good cold air but now there is no sign of cold air? I guess I just did not do something right. Thanks

i have no spark at the plugs

Can front ABS Ring be replaced without replacing entire halfshaft and estimate cost for repair
Can you supply step-by-step instructions?

How do you replace Front ABS ring?

It's almost like the cruise control gets turned on. I can be driving through town and it randomly starts accelerating. I'll pull in the nearest parking lot, put it in park, which will immediately shoot the RPM's up to 3000. If I turn the car off, sometimes that helps immediately, sometimes it takes a few minutes of waiting. My speed doesn't seem to make a difference, happens a few times a month.It, obviously, makes stopping slower as well. I've taken the car in to 4 different places (and spending over a grand I couldn't afford) and nobody can find anything wrong. They can't recreate the problem, of course, and act like I'm crazy when I'm trying to explain it.

I would like to check it myself at home with out taking it to shop.

you can drive it for a while,and put antifreeze in it but after a while the cR RUNS HOT AND THE ANTIFREEZE COMES OUT FROM THE TOP OF THE BOTTLE.

you can drive it for a while,and put antifreeze in it but after a while the cR RUNS HOT AND THE ANTIFREEZE COMES OUT FROM THE TOP OF THE BOTTLE.

Engine light code PO141. Replaced O2 sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2), checked wiring from sensor to harness (OK), swapped EFI relay (90084-98009) with same part that controls window de-fogger (980084-98009). Engine light stays off until car reaches normal operating temp and continues to stay off while driving. But, after turning off the engine and restarting it, the light comes back on.

100 and system was blowing cold air. Now 3 days later after blowing the fan for a short trip home it is blowing hot air but pressure guage still reads 100 and the fitting to the low side port is cold to the touch. What could be wrong here?

the code that came up saID O2 SENSER BANK 1