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airbags were disabled when i purchased this car and can't figure out where they were disconnected.

when driving over uneven road surfaces like reair and patchd up roads, pot holes, ramps The steering wheel may jerk to either the left or right and car veers either to left or right.

The steering whell may not return to central position so more effort is needed to control steering wheel and keep vehicle positioned properly in driving lane.

A mechanic checked it for me and said it is telling him it is a missfire problem. I notice also, that the engine compartment is very hot - the hood is hot to the touch. The temp gauge is at the halfway mark

The top right corner of the radiator (driver side)looked like where it was leaking from. A small leak mark ground indicated this. I replaced the threaded connector where o rings are located. Now it's leaking from the passenger side and the water mark is much bigger. What can it be?

or .3 miles. It will restart and then run fine until the next fill up. The van has 119,000 miles on it and has done this since I bought it with 48,000 miles. This happens about 80% of the time.

When I have the heat on in my car it blows fine when I'm driving, but when I come to a stop (ex: stop light, stop sign, etc.) it blows out dramatically cooler. Any suggestions what the reasoning could be? I have checked all of my vehicle's fluids and everything is at normal levels. Thanks for the help ahead of time!

After having a new thermostat installed Tues, I drove home only to discover an oil leak on the driveway on Thursday- not much, but enough to leave a 6inch circle. Couuld this have been caused when they replaced the thermostat and how much $ should this cost me to fix?

Seems to randomly get stuck on E or 1/2 tank, then will work fine the next time I drive. How much should this cost to fix?

all my power windows and locks stoped working fuses are good what else should i lok for to fix

I recently am home now and cleaned up my neglected car and replaced the dead battery. I have no power to anything other than the horn and the ingnition chim works. What could be causing this lack of power

I hit an elevated manhole and ever since the open hood message light is on.

after stopping on the shoulder, the engine turned over easily, but wouldn't start and i had plenty of gas in the tank. engine was not overheated. tried in park and neutral with no luck. checked the fuel pump switch in trunk and it was ok.
i pulled and reset all fuses related to ignition and also pulled and reset the relays in the power distribution box under the hood. about 30 minutes had gone by at this time and i don't know if that "fixed" the problem, but the car started and ran fine on the drive home. any idea what happened? i wouldn't like this to happen again on the freeway!

My car just ran hot what could be wrong with it has never ran hot before.

I notice that the D3 light came on for the first time...what does this mean.

I pulled the old bulb out but was not able to get new bulb to line up to get spring in place.