My mountaineer will not idle in cold weather and once warm it is still rough. There is not a check engine light on. I just had the transmission replaced last year. Once the cold weather has appeared the idle has started to get worse. This vehicle has high miles. What can the causes be??

have replaced my upper, and lower ball joints and all shocks. when i brake, it feels like i have a rotor out of whack. brake pad, and rotor are fine. Truck has new tires (problem happened before new tires too) and was aligned and balanced when new tires were installed.

Problem only occures when temps get below freezing. Will, on occasion die when idling. After truck warms up, the engine will idle normally, but engine warning light will stay on all winter. Both problems completely disappear in the late spring/summer.

Do you have to have vacum hose and or be able to close off a hose when changing the Charcoal cartrige and or the evap vent valve... all these parts are above the spare tire. i can get to them easily...not sure if it is as simple as removeing a part and replaceing it with the new part.

have spent $1000.00 two different mechanics in two weeks and the light is back on again. replaced the evap purge valve hose and electric harness. light came back on after 50 miles. Took it to Authorized service center, they said it is the evap purge valve. No just replaced it, oh ok then it is the canister. ok so they changed the canister, two days later check engine light on again. Seems you could test the parts before replacing all one peice at a time. please help, running out of money.

does it need chaning?also power steer overfull & high side hose leaks. recommends replacing pressure line. Is this actually needed, do not see any fluid on driveway.

and shortly after the car shut off i then struggled to get it home it died 2 more times within 25 miles and it was having problems shifting. i tried to shut off the traction control so that it maybe wouldnt matter but it kept popping on and saying service traction control then it feels rough running after that i need ideas on how to service traction control please.

i need a diagram

car was purging in an out pior to thst

What else can i look? No codes showing..

Is it like an allen wrench or what? The release button won't open it and I think it needs a key to open it.

im removing engine and replacing but not sure where to bolt engine hoist to remove it.

i had wiring problems got that fixed but im still not getting fuel.

My car was perfect until two weeks ago when I heard water running when I turned the car on. I took the car to dealer a week after because it started to heat up. The dealer told me the head gasket is damaged and they are confirming that this is cover under warranty. My car has over 30,000 miles. Its an engine problem in a new car. I dont understand why they are trying to find an excuse to not fix it. Please help!!!

the battery die on my car I replace the battery and now the car will not start.i took the starter to get test it and is fine the car will turn over but it will no start any sugestions