when i start the car it makes a noise someone told me its the starter or can be that i need to replace the camshaft position sensor

When I turn my headlights on, my brake lights and cruise control do not work. Cruise control works fine when lights are off and rear tail lights go on when headlights are on. Replaceing fuses has not worked.

i replaced bulbs and flasher.still not working

patrick said fuel pump presure should be 41 to 47 it has 49. this car hesatates wright off idel. i think its tps. but could 49 pounds be to much

Temp gauge reads just below the 1/2 mark.
After a few miles coolant is boiling out the overflow tube.
I tried the heater and it will only blow hot after a min or two at 1500 rpm or higher. The radiator fans only kick in after the heater get to the point its blowing hot air.
At idle the fans do not run even tho water is boiling out.
I am wondering if this is a thermostat or a temp sensor.

All of a sudden the rpm needle does not move .

i have replaced spark plugs and the code machine say's its miss firing on number 1

this problem happens when I accelerate hard from a stopped position. Other than that, the car runs and drives fine.

where is the daylight driveing module located at on a 2005 chevy 2500 hd

5 codes PO455, PO442, small leaks in EVAP
PO 456 large leak in EVAP
PO 401 EGR system fualt too little flow on system
PO123 Throttle positioning sensor

This only happens when the key is in the ON position and not started.

Can't see how to remove the cover.

The van will go from a cold start to all the way to high temp on the gauge and will start to run rough when it gets to high temp. It will then go down to normal range of temp and will run fine, and then go will back up and back down. I have 3 things that I am thinking it is, but not sure which one it could be.

No previous problems then changed from low to high beam and had NO lights. The lights work just fine on low beam.

The steering on my 2005 kia sedona seems slightly stiff when turning either left or right. What possible problems would cause this to occur, and what would be the estimated cost of each possiblity. Thank You