How to replace the driver side mirror?

how can i disable SRS light in dash?

Last week I took my car in to get several oil leaks fixed, including a gasket they had to take the entire thing apart for, and spent 15 hours on. 3 days after it was fixed, I start driving and the car starts jerking and the check engine light comes on and starts blinking- I slowed down, but even at idle it was running roughly, still jerking, etc. It finally settled out but the light remained on. Today, I turn it on and nothing. Smooth running and no light. I find it something of a coincidence this happens three days after the engine was just partly taken apart. I have previously replaced spark plugs and ignition coils, and the symptoms reminded me of the spark plugs, like a fuel injection issue, but I don't know enough to really know. Could this have something to do with them putting it back together improperly?

The reservoir appears to be buried in the fender well.

do these sensors need adjustment of any kind prior to installing?

My car made loud whistle like noise that went away afar pumping the brakes.

The glovebox is closed ,broken, and I cannot open it.

Both the front and rear metal cross brackets have fallen off the interior of the glass and the rubber around the exterior is dry rotting. What's an easy fix, before I take it to the dealer?

The rubber under and around the window is falling off!!!!

The air conditioning is very cold. Makes a ticking sound when i turned off.

stopped at stop light this morning, twice, the car shut off as if i had turned it off the key. Started right back up but concerned. Only happened when came to a complete stop.

The car runs well and gets up to temperature just fine. when I turn the heat on there is a thumping in the dashboard behind the radio and it just keeps thumping. When I turn the fan up to high the thumping/banging seems to subside, but the unit just blows cold air. Does not matter if the the heater is set on panel or defrost or floor. Any sugestions?

Sometimes when I'm traveling at about 40 - 60 mph an obnoxious fluttering starts in the ventilation system when I have the AC or the Heater on with the fan on. Finally it gets on your nerves. A mechanic advised me that it sounds like a leaf or piece of trash had gotten down on top of the ventilation fan and the fan would have to be taken out, the trash removed and then replaced. A new plastic seal would be required. I need a good mechanic in this area that want charge an old retired man an arm and a leg.

Dealer says humming at 35-50 mph is due to failing rear bearing. With only 77k miles, this doesn't seem right. Has Toyota quality sunk this low? He wants $466 just for the hub assembly, plus $100 to install. I can buy the part at NAPA for $275 and do it myself, but I would rebuild it if I could. Can the hub be disassembled to replace the bearing? If so, how?

I believe my idle adjustment is sticking. When I let off the gas, the engine runs at about 1500 rpm and sometimes stays over 2000 rpm when i put it in park. doesn't do it all the time. not real sure what i need to do to fix it. there is what looks like a solenoid or a cam below the throttle body that seems to be sticking. what is that part called so I can replace it?

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.