I have a 2001 grand am se1. I recently change the shifter since the shifter would not snap properly into reverse. Now I noticed that the key comes out, when the card is parked, in any gear. Please help. I know this will help if I park my car uphill but I want it to be the was it was made stock. Is there a fuse that is blown?? I want the key to be pulled out only in reverse, and not otherwise.. any idea why this is happening??

we look at the brakes to make sure they wernt stuck

If you pull the sensor line mentioned above it will run but the car seems to run rich poring out black smoke

2.4 cylinder engine. Engine has been using water for a while.

The seat adjustment to recline down worked (obviously) but it won't come back up.

I changed the bulbs, and checked the fuses and changed the brake light switch


I am at the no return stage where I have cut the old boot off (it was had it anyway) and unbolted the rack both ends and the oil lines. Do I undo it from the colum, the are two cap srews by the look behind the vacuum brake servo under and over the alloy housing for the colum. These look like they would release the whole rack which would come out like an odd tee shape, one with a very short leg. Then I could see that the boot would slip over the rack easily.

Now it's got to where it spins more before starting, and when I first start it in the morning it skips for about a min. then runs great.. Can you help me?

car ran fine one day after alternater was replaced all the coolant leaked out the side of the engine

I've gone through 3 rebuilt alternators in the past year. I have an aftermarket stereo pumping 200 Watts which I'm sure stresses the electrics (but with no headlight dimming). My starter starts clicking when things are starting to go bad (for the alternator) and it's clicking again. I want to find out wazzup with the grounding and improve it - how do I check and what do you recommend? (I can't find any grounding kits specific to the VR-4.) Would a stereo amp capacitor help?

power booster is new,ascalipers and master cylinder

The doorlock button and the emergency flashers do not work at all.

I was told that i have to buy the rear hub axle system to replace they can't press the bearings on that year

have replaced the fuel pump relay , no change can hear pump ,has pressure at the fuel rail