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vehiclle will die after 10 minutes of operation and not start for about an hour, then dies again.

vehiclle will die after 10 minutes of operation and not start for about an hour, then dies again.

and the D light keeps blinking. What can I do?

all lights work it just dont try to start

turned over did not start turned key again nothing secruity light is on

trouble code indicates crank pos. sensor which has been replaced what else?

Do I need special tools ?

Check engine light is on and codes 0455 and 0449 are showing. i have already changed the gas cap and cleared the codes and the light comes back on. I think it is the purge valve soleniod, but I don't know where the cannister is?

hanger and the baffle. Will need a new center pipe and muffler/flang Cost $1082.

Can I get it done with Subaru parts at none Subaru shop?
Is Meineke Car Care Center in Norwood Good? Or is better to pay more and use Subaru?
How much do you think they will charge?

I need the diagram of the fuse box in the glove compartment. I need to know where all the fuses belong.

I have a 99 with a leak that looks like it is coming from an elbow fitting for a heater hose. The fitting is at the right hand bottom of the plenum. I have not found much info? I wonder if anyone has replced this part? looks like lots of gasket problems with the intake. This fitting looks like it may be a SOB. Any info will help.

Mechanic said it had 4x4 troubles. I put it on ice and throttled up, seemed solid. Lil grease on lft front rotor may cause excess abs noise ? are these ok outfits? We need a vehicle and i believe we can get a deal on this one.

02 Altima 2.5 4 cylinder. There is oil in my 3rd and 4th spark plug well. The engine will not turn over. When it was running it burned oil very quickly, about a quart per week. The oil smells like gas. Is there anything I can do to fix this and get it running again?

already tested battery,and starter.

driving down the road or shifting thru the gears it will act like its running out of gas, so i changed the fuel pump,it still does the same thing ,it will all so pop thru the throttle body wen u try an keep it going