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car will start but once i stop pressing gas it dies...making a knocking sound also...
besides fuel pump what else regulates fuel supply
turn signal wont work at all but warning flashers do
after short distance loss of power shaking.changed plugs wires dist fuel pump filters. no change getting worse
can you get to the fuel pump from under the back seat or do you need to drop the tank to change it?
the engine won't go over 30 mile per hour and rpm's no more than 2000 even in park.
my motor has been shaking really bad for the past 6 months and now when i start it, it shakes for a second and cuts off. i was told by advance auto parts that my motor mount is broken. i replaced the one by the left f...
drivebelt problems... if the car sat for 8 months could it just need to be tightened?
My A/C and Heater no longer come on at all. Also, the lights for defrost or max ac or whatever do not come on either. I have been told I need to replace the entire panel and that it's 375-475 to replace. Is that corre...
We need to replace the hood and lights on our wagon, LE model, but can't find any where that lists the wagon separate. Are the hoods interchangeable? What about light assemblies? We don't want to pay a restocking once...
i was driving my truck it ran fine and when i got to where i was going the truck stalled and i cant get it to start back up we put it on a computer and no codes
my car uses alot of water. there is no leak, but i have to keep putting water or antifreeze in it or the heater wont work. the low coolant light keeps coming on. water last for about 2 weeks.
if timming is not right will it still start or can it cause the motor to not start and just winde out when you try to start it?
what do i need to do to replace sparks in rear.I relize its hard but any special tools or advise.thku
when i switch on the defroster heat come out of the ac vents instead.the rear heating works ok but icant get air to come out to front windshield