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after my car warms up, my heat only gets warm and sometimes blows out cold air. What could be the problem?
where is the wing nut located?
How do I change the air filter in my 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero turbo 2.3 four?
Had to move the truck from my friend's house to mine and it ran fine, even with the engine light on. It sat with a good battery for about 10 months in the arizona heat. Every once in awhile, I started it to keep the...
What can cause a the tail lights to stop working? The fuses are ok and the bulbs were replaced.
I drove my Saab 9-5 Aero turbo four automatic through standing water during a heavy rain and as I drove out of the puddle the engine died and wouldn't start back up. I pushed the car over to the side of the street an...
My drivers window, both rear windows, Both Mirror, Drivers Seat and Trunk Release do not work. I was told it may be a window control module. The right door features all work. And the back windows do not work from th...
How do I change the fuel pump and fuel filter
car jerking while acceleration at low speed. what is the problem? how much the repair cost will be? thank u.
Misfire at cylindar #1. Does any one know which of the 6 cylindars is cylindar #1.
when cars park at down slope to the passenger side
It started today I was on the highway coming home from work it started smoking and i couldnt go pass 40 mph then it didnt wanna start
the battery was replaced and maybe the positive lead was taken of vs. the ground lead. Would that cause for Heat not to blow out?
the check engine light came on a while back then cut off after only a day ,the auto store machine said faulty wiring due to a faulty vent solenoid?????clueless!!!!!a few weeks ago we were going down the road and the c...
fuel gauge does not work. what can i check before i replace fuel tank sending unit