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the fuel gauge just stays on empty and do,nt move

Looks like connection between tubing and sprayer is not working or lost or missing and do not know what that part called

all of the readings stopped working and i hear a noise. i needed windsheild wiper fluid and the light is not lit up anymore

have a clicking noise in passanger side front and drivers side rear. doesn't do it all the time.

There's a crack in the heated side mirror. Purchased the replacement, wondering how to go about replacing it.

Need time and price for heater blend door replacement on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

My ignition lock cyllinder just fell out. Pops in and out and works . what broke? would u fix this or just carry parts in my man purse?

where do i start?

My gas light just stopped working today. It read 3/4 of a tank full, I filled it, and it didn't move---still registered 3/4 of a tank. What has caused this, and how much will the repair cost be?

while idling in park my diamante attempts to die out, as I give it gas it backfires. It hasnt been running for awhile either only started, doesnt have a catalatic converter or 02 sensor on it right now just a straight pipe.

Was told to disconnect neg battery cable on new battery for few minutes, than connect..did that and radio came on for few seconds and then went off again. Repeated same thing and the sME HAPPENED AND ALSO NOW THE DASH READS have charging sys checked. Alternator working fine, can drive about 10 miles and battery lite goes out, but same thing happens again next day.Any idea on how to elimate this problem?

the bas/esp light on . found out the brake sensor is in the boster for this 04 ml350. understand these go bad alot, but dont know why they moved the sensor from above the brake paddle to inside the booster.. brakes seem to be working fine.

A squeaking sound is emitted when the engine is running.

Bought car used in 2009. I was given the 5 digit radio code and it has worked before. Never had the security code. Is this something I can get from a dealer? Security Led flashes and code led is lit on the radio. Code is also on the display.

it won't allow me to insert a cd. Then it makes a buzzing sound when locking or unlocking the doors to the car.