I was told by a friend that this requires dropping the entire steering column.

I put 40 dollars worth of gas in one afternoon the next morning i was out of gas and no, none syphoned it out

It is very very sluggish even when the pedal is to the floor. If the 0-60 was 8 seconds before, now its 20 or more! The shop has no idea whats wrong can anyone help me??

No overheating, no leak in coolant. A/C works great. I was told to clean my vents, but how?

won't on the first try but on the second, the mass flow has been replaced and the car is still cutting off and chokes

Works OK when I select floor/ defroster. Battery good and alternator voltage checks out good..

I am getting a service traction control error message. It says service stablink

book said there is a hose there of back of water pump

I did some work under the dash, and suddenly my windows don't roll down. All other electric controls work and I've checked all the fuses and circuit breakers.

i need to replace this

replaced air control valve, all spark plugs, all coils, all oxygen sensors, egr valve, and fuel filter. have codes p0171 n p0174 still after replacing o2 sensors.

My front brakes are making a squaking sound when I brake. What could this be?

Tele aid keeps calling, stereo starts up then turns after the car starts ...

What are thet and what should it cost?