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no one seems to know.

when i put it into gear it seems to be slipping all fluid is full and good color. when i let the pedal out in first it just like idles and doesnt even stall out like my clutch isnt engaging. its like this through all the gears.autozone says i need a knock sensor replaced

to hold it down hard

This has been going on for several months, have not found a shop that truly understands the electronics and mechanical sides.
1. EPC light will come on and off without Check Engine light, then it will come on with the CE light.
2. I change the MAS approx. 8 months ago.
3. The airbag light is always on.
4. The coolant light stays on for approx. 5-10 minutes before going off. I have replace coolant, thermostat. Still does it.
5. Brake lights work
6. It's a 5 speed standard
7. As I drive it with more codes will be thrown, all around throttle body, throttle sensor, pedal sensor, and MAS.

change spark plugs

The engine cranks and eventually starts but it takes time. This only occurs if it has not been used for hours, because it will start normally after just being driven. After starting the idle is erratic for about a minute before it catches to where it should be. The car drives fine after that. There was one instance in which the Transmission light came on also on a very cold morning and it rode horribly when i slowed down. This only happened once and since then it has not happened again. I have heard so many things that it might be. MAF, crankshaft sensor, fuel pressure, battery, etc....Anybody experience similar problems?

Can i replace the tires and rims of my 2003 hyundai elantra with the stock tires and rims of a 97 Volkswagen Jetta GLS? If so, would there be any complications or precautions i should take beforehand or afterwards? Would it be cheaper to simply buy new tires for my hyundai?

Trying to install the replacement belt but pump pulley is at max tension. need to release tension to allow belt to go on

The check engine light is coming on giving a lean exhaust code somewhere.

I had a electrical transmission problem a couple of months ago that the mechanic replaced a sensor in it and seem to fix it.
I went out to start it one day and it was dead, so I replaced the battery, now I had dash lights, but when you turned the key it did nothing, no click nothing. So I replaced the starter with a new one. Still I have dash lights, fuel pump powers up, power windows work, everthing except starting. Iam at a dead end, I replace the starter relay in the under hood fuse box and that did'nt work. I do get a click out of the fuse box under the hood now.
Do you have any suggestions?


the car started driving like choking and will hesitate to move,and then finally stop driving but will start. what could be the problem?

I was trying to fix my sunshade to my sunroof, that had came off the track, and I had fixed that, and when I had gotten it all put back together, I had noticed that all three housing units of my interior lights, my reading lights in the overhead controls, power sunroof, and
built-in garage door opener was not working, and I had taken it all apart again to see if I had pulled a wire or connection to soome wires apart and did not see anything like that and now my sunroof is stuck open and the only thing I can think of is a fuse is making those things not working.

Could it be egr valve just reading about this on other cars. does my Jeep have an egr valve??? The rough idle and gas usage sound similar

I was 99% sure I had a cracked manifold which was causing my 02 sensors to code as bad. Took to a reputable exhaust specialist and says there are no exhaust leaks . But after that took back to shop and engine light was on and code said another sensor was bad..had it replaced this is the 4th sensor that has been replaced mopar only as per repair people. Within 24 hours the engine light came back on and was coding the same sensor that had just been replaced...the jeep still runs rough especially at idle and reverse...still has a diesel sound ..I don't know what to do now don't trust anyone. I have had so many unnecessary repairs done by the dealer and 2 other shops..could this be electrical or fuses or something like you think because I'm female they keep messing with me, keep talking about getting deep in my engine although the engine sounds OK especially at higher speeds seems to run OK. There are no other codes other than 02 sensors...this Jeep has 59,000 miles on it and has been well taken care of have never had an engine light or sensor problem until this past fall.....I really can't afford to just throw it away and thought I would get at least 2 more years out of it. Just put brand new tires on it in Sept. still has nubbies on them Please Help me the dealer here is not trustworthy have heard many people say this..why in the world are the sensors going crazy???