The vehicle has 160,000 miles. The struts have never been replaced. Do you usually replace 2 or 4. Thanks.

Both front axle boots are torn. The cost quoted to repair was $413.71. What does it mean that they are torn?

also ABS & park brake lights on.
Problem occurs while driving. Will reset when I turn key off
and start the engine back up and thens comes back on 5 to 10 miles later

It usually is coming on when I am sitting at a stop light or stop sign. When I turn the car off and start it up again, the message does not come on again until sometimes days later. The car just turned over to 40,000 miles. Has anyone out there had this problem? What is going on with my car

Before the car use to kick luckily but now it is off completely, after scanning i only found this codes P1490 and P1489. Please help.

the shifter will not shift into any gear

Checked fuzes and all are fine. Tried blower on all settings for heat and AC including every setting between floor and defrost. I have tried the dimmer on the dash lights with no luck.

and flushing out the brake system?

to replace right upper and lower ball joints

The car wont start and battery is fully charged. The vehicle just died while going 80 on the highway and never was able to crank back up.

the car will not take off it boggs down then take off runs about 15 ft does it again put in both o2 sensors egr mass air flow new fuel pump tps timing belt timing belt tensor checked the conv. no codes in it

just changed the brakes

Whenever you step on the gas pedal and accelerate the tachometer needle normally goes up and goes back down and starts to move its way up again right? But with mine it never goes down and it just keeps rising, for example Ill be going at 20mph and its at 2, then at 30 and its at 3 then finally when im at highway speeds at say between 60-80ish its borderline on the red but never goes across to the red zone. I already got it checked out but they mechanics said nothing is wrong, Im a little weary on that; but if anyone could help it would be great.

The check engine light is on but i have no power to the data link connector hence unable to check for codes,also engine idle speed seems to high. i also noticed engine runs good but has lifter/injector noise?

code po752