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Can the 2 seats in the middle be taken out and replaced with a bench seat in my 2004 Nissan Quest?
i had a trans put in my car 3 mths ago and maintence req light came on dash? i was told thier is a way to reset this light>..
My ESP light keeps coming on in my Mercedes C240 and I can't accelerate when it comes on. If I cut the car off and start it again it will go off and I can accelerate again. I have had the acccelerator sonsor pedal, ...
Have a odd squeaking noise coming from front left suspension. Can hear it any time the car is rocked or turned. It is not the brakes. Any ideas?
no heat blower working new anti freeze new hoses
replaced fuel pressure regulater no better. New plugs and wires,no better.had fuel pressure checked was fine.also new fuel filter. Can be running just fine then begins to just sputter and stumble on po...
How does the wheel speed sensor cause a check engine light. If it does should I replace the sensor?
The blower motor in my 2005 Cherlolet Impala stopped working completely. It does not work on any speeds and there was not any warning the motor was going bad. It worked one time I was driving it and the next time it w...
Heater runs good when engine is heated up and van is moving but blows cool air when idle
What fuel injection cleaner do I use?
found fuse box under hood ..but no (key/legend) to refer to
There is no windshield wipers fluid coming out to wash my windshield what is wrong?
while driving, just after a freeze and thaw, I got about a quarter of a mile down the road and all of my service lights came on. There are no signs of trouble with engine or electrical systems. what could the problem...
When do you replace shocks and strutts on this vehicle? Is it mikleage or some type of problem?
where is the location ofa flasher-hazardwarninglightingcontrolmodule N OTHING COME ON BUT HEADLIGHT