car startyed running reough once it warmed up. checked feul pump. now its running rough all the time and smoking and floors are very hot

The car has a rough ride now and what seems to be an air pump runs alot more often than usual, we have only had this car for a few months. Need more info to know if the shocks need replacement or is it the air pump

i replaced it and it is still jerking when i drive. like it wants to stall out. it also stalls when in park. what now?????

after the heads have been rebuilt.

In looking at this problem I also have noted that neither radiator or AC fan is running. I am stumped

Air conditioning only works on high fan why?

ac drain tube stopped up,and its' location

The temp guage does not go up very far and when I turn on the heater there is very little heat and the temp drops down to nothing.

The part (ignition switch lock cylinder replacement) alone was 591.97. And then another 187.50 to remove and replace. Plus 75.00 for diagnose. My key would not turn in the ignition.
Now I have to wiggle it for about 10 seconds before it will turn over. That is what started before. I think I got ripped on the part. Does this sound right to you?

mygh dealer suggested I have the timing belt replaced, although I am having no problem at present

we have a 2005 subaru outback, about 90,000mi, good driving habits. we had the transmission fluid flushed, but were told the transmission filter didn't need to be changed because subarus have a lifetime guarantee on them. shouldn't the filter be changed too? thanks.

do I have to replace the whole rack or is there a seal that can be replaced

tires have 27k miles on them.

Happens mostly when first starting and after driving for a while...

My mechanic said he refueled it but I have come to find out that he's very dishonest so I really don't know if that was done or not.