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what color is the wire for the brake lights so i can test to see if there is a wiring issue..

Started after I changed the spark plugs. The engine idles down intermittently and shudders slightly like it is going to shut off.

my motor works. i have no movement when i press the switch.

remove and replace headlight assembly on a 2010 Buick LaCrosse

The center right vent blows cold air the others are warmer.I bought the car on 06-12-2010 and has 16581 miles.
It takes 20 to 30 minutes on the interstate to cool the car down on hot weather with whole car air on. Had the dealer check it twice, they said everything okay, air at right temperature. No answer why one vent blowing cold and others warmer.I asked about restricted air flow, no answer. When I say warmer I mean it's cool but not the same as right vent which seems the right temp.I checked the internet and found a few others(2)who have experienced the same concerns. THANKS, John

it gets quieter as you something needs to get warm

My dad has had a guy working on his truck for a "long" time trying to figure out what is wrong with it, after gaskets and heads checked etc. and all now he is wondering if it is something electrical and wanting me to check on where to get what he calls the "brain" to his truck? Any help I would most appreciate.....

The rotor wears just enough to create a small lip at the outer edge. How do you compress the caliper enough to get the pads out? I know you have to turn the piston to compress it but it's a catch 22 since you can't get to the piston until the pads are out and I can't get the pads out past the lip on the rotor.

i just bought the van it has a 3.8l engine, it has 2 codes present a p0156 and a p1151 the previous owner also stated that it used alot of oil what do you think the fix would be, thanks for the help

I believe the sensor was damaged when a brake pad detached from the brake shoe.

just one wheel.


oli is leaking into the spark plug wire hole

The car was not running when the leak started. I had my son crawl under the car to see where leak was coming from and he said there is 2 hoses and it is coming from the top hose, but cant determine where. I also have a issue where my car makes a knocking sound until it warms up.

that when he was driving it home it appeared to overheat and just die on him. Does this vehicle have the auto kill switch that kills the motor if it becomes overheated? I was told this car has been sitting for 3-4 years butt only has 84,000 miles on it and is overall in excellent condition. Please advise as quickly as possible. Thank You in advance.