right rear caliper and hose is brand new but it started to lock up

right rear brake locks up

right rear brake locks up

On bumpy rodes only. the car has about 65,000 miles,but it has been doing this for at least 40,000 miles.

cold air suddenly stopped. blowers blow hot air. is there a fuse or could it be the relay?

key is stuck in ignition and will not shut off motor

2007 Lucern CXS, 86K miles. I am replacing the rear pads and rotors for the firs time since new, I am the original owner. Using a "C" clamp (as I have done on many vehicles)and an old brake pad, I find that the caliper puck will not retract on either side. I had no problems with the replacement of the front pads and rotors when done at 55K miles. Is there a special procedure to retract the pucks on the rear calipers?

i put new battery tryed both key everything turns on but doesnt start i tried everything on owners manuel book n still nothing the car sat for three months

The van runs nicely with 100,000 miles, but the pcv has never been changed

p0175 code
changed o2 sensors , changed coils and plugs truck still will not idle smoothely

have replaced plugs,wires,dist-cap and rotor button,new fuel pump assembly. still won't start.And yes tested coil and resistance is within range....can you test the throttle position sensor and could that make it not start? turns over fine,also checked timing chain..not broken.

where is the pressure sensor and is there anything else i should be looking at

my brakes have the sound of air escaping from them. there is plenty of brake fluid. this happen after about 10 miles now they don't work.

how do I change from kilometers to miles on the odometer. I have tried the reset

i have changed the thermostat, the water pump is not leaking