which piston connects to which distributor

I have a blown head gasket, can you give me an estimate of repairing it.

The Van goes to critical temp and still fan will not work or even hum

front blower only works on high for a short time then the 30 amp fuse blows

Would this be a thermostat problem? If so, how hard a job is it to change the thermostat on this vehicle?

replaced fuel pump and filter.

2003 4 dr ford explorer 4.0 SOHC V6

starter replacement?
is this for the starter cylinoid?
starter replacement?

El Cheapo here again.
I located a Bosal front cat converter on-line from thepartsbin.com for $179. (with a 12 mo. warranty). This is much cheaper than the part cost you mentioned ($850). Should I be suspect or is it common to be able to find car parts cheaper on line and I should be delighted?

someone opened the gas cap door and bent it as far as they could agaisnt the car. i am not sure how to fix this

Will removing battery for winter storage deactivate any of the
features codes, i.e. radio, keyless entry, etc.etc. that would have to be re-entered when battery put back in?

have 2004 town car(Sig) and am wondering about Synthetic oil use. I believe in it's better qualities, but have heard pros and cons about it. Any expert opinions about it?

recently purchased 2002 Xterra , left dealership and speedometer/ odometer stopped working? any ideas ?

checked everthing possible,including changing injector and plug,noid light,everything is the way it shoild be but keeping getting,205 code help me loosing mind and money..............

The newest audi's, onto my 1999 audi?