what is the cost of the flyweel.

antilock brake light turn off

I have taken it to the mechanic and they told me it was the head casket instead of the main relay.

<forfe] driving down the highway is not the same as before,i have to press down the pedal to try to maintain some speed.

replace a belt a month ago...it broke....new one started tiring up...

there is spark to the spark plugs.has good fuel pressure.the injectors are receiving voltage[checked with noid light] the main relay clicks twice. I got it started once and checked the timing and it was ok.It sputters on first attempt but not on any other attempts. Note the time it started it ran fine.


I can hear the switch making from the drivers main control but the switch on the actual door does nothing. how easy is it to change switches?

The dash on my mercedes say "from start" with mileage next to it. what does this mean?

could it be the servro motor, what are the costs

It wont move. The jeep starts up but when I shift to move the jeep does not move. It was grinding a little bit and had a burning smell before it happened.

All windows are up when it rained but even when there is no rain it is soaked, thinking maybe a/c but not sure. The carpet is so soaked i have mildew in carpet and it smells. Just wandering if there is a plug or something i can do or if this is gonna have to be put in shop(rather would like to fix myself)

2006 sienna

Problem started a year ago with an intermittent check engine light. Rough idle after being run for a while and then restarted, also lacks power at times.

I also replaced the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and it acts like the lines hold pressure not allowing the clutch to fully engagee the flywheel.