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why does my fuse keep blowing for my interior lights door locks lighter
No heat on passenger side 2007 Buick lucerne.
inop odmeter/speedmeter..replaced cluster/and speed sensoir
i have a slow oil leak. not measurable with dip stick,i use synthetic oil.
i have replaced the cluster/speed sensoir/and checked the fues still the odmeter /speedmeter still does not work need help
I went to an auto shop in Downtown LA, and they estimated me $900 for parts and labor for clutch cable replacement on my '98 Dodge Neon.. I was wondering if this is the price everyone is charging, or should I just get...
Hi, my regular shop diagnosed a fan issue - the heater blower motor assembly needs replacement as the shaft is bent. Should this cost about $900? Their est. included a new VW part - is a cheaper aftermarket assembly a...
The check engine soon light comes on at high speed driving. Once I stop the car and shut the engine off, the light stays out when restarted. At time the light comes on under heavy acceleration. The car had the main...
I felt like the car was trying to get away from me. I pulled off the road and put the car into park. The rpms kept going up. I turned the car off and let it sit for a few minutes. When I turned the car back on it ...
The engine is running about 190' but the heater will not get hot; only warm.
I have a 2000 Dodge cummins put a new blower motor and fan in it works on all speeds also comes out of defrost,vents, and floor fine but just dont blow very good, wondering if it could be a vacume problem?
truck starts up fine but will not idle at all. the engine will stay running if I keep my foot on the pedal. Any suggestion?
Just recently my 2005 Ford mustang automantic V6 started acting up. by this i mean i noticed on evening that the lights on the gear shift (P-R-D-1-2-3) were no longer lighting up. Now every so often they will come on ...
i was driving and ran out of gas then it begins to knock loudly