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2000 saturn sl2 ...if the passanger side door lock/unlock button is not in the perfect spot all locks continuously vibrate/clicks and it just started happening with the drive side... what do i need to replace

window regulator?

This car has electric power steering. It quit, but when it sits for awhile it works for about two or three blocks then quits again. Fuses seem to be o. k. Is there an easy fix or do I have to take to dealer. Let me know the details if its possible that I can fix it.


It is always this way

the abs pump is leaking fluid

I had a leak in the radiator that was replaced when they did it they didn't clamp the hose so my transmission fluid came out. It was replaced and the hose tightend, but it continues to jerk and then not want to move in gear.

My husband changed the sparkplugs and replaced the fuel relay fuse and still no luck

I was told by an oil change shop that I really needed this, because it would fail in a week or two. I am very suspicous of there compenence.

& turning.. I also noticed that when I left this morning I heard it again.

the car runs at the right temp. the only thing i see wrong is that the coolant is going in to my radiator overflow tank and not going anywhere. After a long drive the coolant will spray out of the cap on the overflow tank. i also see that i have small bubbles when the cars warm and on but also after i turned the car off for about 5 mins. i have changed my radiator cap and the thermostat

it will start and no matter if i put on the gas it wont stay running,

When I start my car it seems like it takes a while for the car to turn over (only a few seconds but longer than i am use to), then when it does turn over there is white/blue smoke that only last for about 10 or 15 seconds then after that it runs fine. I should also say that it only happends when the engine is cold. Not sure what to do, just bought it and wondering what i should do. PLEASE help me out!

No warning no rough idle no bucking or hesitation. It will restart when I shift to neutral than it will do it again. The car will run fine for a couple weeks than do it again. What do you think. No codes or service engine light.

I am almost certain that the problem is the clock spring. Horn and cruise control do not work. Horn sounds off when panic button is pushed.

how much approximately to replace this?