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my van start acting like it wants to cut off when you are waiting at the red light, and when you step on the gas it act like it wants to cut off, this happen on thursday.
I get engine noise and poor reception over radio. not all the time. Is there anything i can do or any adjustment of any kind. Jack.
What brand is the best type of engine oil for this car?
I have a 2000 2.0 liter 4 cylinder hyundai elantra - what is the maintenance schedule for the timing belt? And is it free-wheeling or interference? Thank you.
how would a car act when fuel injection is clogged
I was told my Jimmy has a floating suspension. When hitting a common bump it sways back n forth (side to side), everyone in the truck, heads will bobble back n forth, what is the best way to fix this, and how much can...
amp gauge was reading over 19 amps i unpluged the battery from the alternator to get it home. does the alt need replaced or could it be something else.
how to replace rear brake pads on 2007 AWD equinox.
how to install power steering pump?
Trying to check fuses for electric seats and can't find them
how do i replace the power window motor on a 2002 mazda b 400 pickup
Where is the therma stat?
My yellow oil light just came on, what does this mean>
rear main seal clutch replacement estamite cost