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when applying brake pedal brake lights will not work and car will not go in gear. what part may not be working.

what should i check?

Then i will try again to take the car out of park and it will work. then when I put the car in park again and try to put it in reverse .it want come out of park again so now I'm not driving it .because I don't want to get stuck at a gas pump for 30 minutes anymore b/c my car want get out of the park gear this just doesn't make any sense I brought this car brand new have a few more months and it will be paid for & now its doing this need answers now!!!!

does anyone have suggestions
seems to happen going over any time of bump big or small even hear it when closing driver door

or is left or right sides individually ok too

For the past two years this Lexus has a hard to describe loud noise, like a high speed scraping, well you reach 5200 RPMs. To reproduce the noise, all you do from a stop is floor it and when it reaches 5200 the noise happens. Then the trans shifts and the RPMs drop to 4600 and the noise is still there, but slightly less. It isn't speed dependent and A/C or alternator load doesn't matter. I just changed the timing and standard belts and pulleys. I was going to try it with the A/C and Alternator belt removed. Then if I can drive it with the P/S belt removed. I replaced the exhaust front pipe and welded all holes in the exhaust behind the rear cat. In the two years the noise hasn't gotten any worse or less.

but is not shifting properly

Last couple of days now, gage light will come on,water pressure running hot, but then will go back to normal,heater takes long to work.twice I had to add coolant.I checked for leaks,radiator,hoses, around engine,no leaks that i can see,no coolant on ground either.

There is a crack on the head gasket causing me to sometimes loose power when driving.

No heat or air blowing changed the resistor, did not fix the problem

is there a rheostat, or do I need to check all of the bulbs?

also cooling fans arent working

I have had the issue happen 3 times. Once at 5000 miles, again at 20,000 and again at 22,000. The car sits for a few days in the cold and then doesn't start. If you hold the key and give it gas it will start up. Its not a battery issue car is only a year old.

Car was taking to mechanic that put a scanner to the vehicle and claimed a P171 code and the problem was a bad O2 sensor.
A gas cap was brought because the other was defective and allowing air to enter the tank. The has been running with no check engine light or code present for eight days. Is the problem with code resolved.

MY car will not srart at all,the key turns but it do notmake a sound, some say check the wire to the starter, i just put a alternator on, ball joint on the front right .the problem is where is the starter located at, the guy thats working on my car cannot find the starter, is it the starter?someone please answer me. i miss my car,i need a wheel did it Sunday but now it willnot start at all