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had truck put on machine and was told that the crankshaft sensor was the problem were is sensor located at on engine?
where are the drain plugs on this year model to drain the coolant out of the radiator
we rebuilt the engine, now t doesnt want to go
I am trying to find instructions for replacing the front struts. Can someone led me the way. I have never done this and would like to learn.
Brakes squeel when I back out. Does that mean it's time to replace them? How much will this cost?
Need timing belt.Radiator Hose,front wheel bearings tightened, and smalll power steering leak, How much?
have changed plugs wires distribeter cap and router but still have check engine light flashing code reading number 4 cylinder missing
The Tire carrier Latch for the spare tire on the back is stuck. I removed the spare to attempt to repair it but I cant get it open. I really just want to be able to lower the tail gate, but if I have to replace the ...
I have 5 of my eight ignition coils not firing correctly or not firing at all. It started running a little rough but when I really got on the gas it seemed to run fine for awhile. Over a short period that no longer wo...
I am putting my 97 T-Bird together from a heater core replacement. In attaching connectors, I ran into a black male connector coming off the Ignition Lock Assembly that has a mated black female connector but just doe...
The third air mass meter just blew??? Bad meters? or what else can be making the new meters blow?
what causes gasoline to get into my coolant system
had a new battery put in 3 weeks ago. worked just fine for 2.5 weeks until i went on vacation for 9 days. So it sat untouched. Now i get back and it wont start. Took it back to shop and they said the alternator is fin...
changed oil pump did not hand turn motor crank sensor got hit buy sesor plate got ripped off its mount ripped timming belt replaced every thing aligned aall timing marks reassembled now hard to start crankes good once...