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ineed to take the dashboard to replace the wiper control moclue
wiper stop working
a few weeks ago her front lower control arm broke on the drivers side replaced it and took it for a drive and noticed the loud noise then.( had never drove my daughters car up til then) had another person get in car ...
Where is the On Board Diagnostic Port for the Accura RL?
I have a problem with warm to no heat. the upper and lower radiator hoses are hot one side of the heater hose is hot the other side warm could the heater core be plugged? if so could i try to flush out the system? or...
My heat in my car is not working. When I turn on the defrost I smell a burning smell. The windows don't fog up, but the air that comes out is COLD! What is wrong?
At first, I was getting intermittent heat, now I get none. Engine heats to normal temp according to the dash gauge. Fan motor(s) are working fine. No heat coming from the vents. HELP!!
I need to know where the fuel pump is located and how to replace it on this car
We have a Gmc Sierra 1500 2001. I drive this truck every day back and fourth to work with no problems. When we pull with this truck a check engine light comes on blinks then goes out. Any suggestions.
i have a 1999 s type jaguar it starts when it is cold but after about six miles if i turn the car off it will not start again sounds like it is flooded
How much does a new ignition and new keys cost?
My 1999 lincoln continental 4.6 litre v8 motor failed emmission test, paid a guy to tell me needs b1s2 sensor. I have no idea which one it is the dealer says there is 4 of them the part store here says 2 before and a...
never had a problem just quit wont start it turns over a bit but wont start even though fuel oump already has been replaced because told by mechanic that was the problem.
Hi, when i start the machine the motor has a sound maybe in the manifold exhaust, but after 1 minute the sound disappear. Is possible replace the Manifold Gasket to delete this sound????
My heater has stopped working in my 2000 Ford Explorer. Does some have the answer to why the heat is not working when you turn it own? Only cold air comes out. The defrost works and the air conditioner. Will it co...