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i just bought my civic when i test drove it seemed perfect after a couple days past it started making a knocking noise on the top end of the engine, i accelerate it and it sounds like little knocks and ticks when the ...
My local dealer service has been trying to fix this problem for over six months: AC/H does on and off. Either it will not turn on when I start the car and then (sometimes) it will come on when I hit a bump. Or, it w...
There's no air flow from the front vents except on the vent settings. There's no heat at all. Would the air flow through the back vents if the blower motor wasn't working properly.
Heater emits antifreeze smell and small amt of fluid on floor
The power steering pump is leaking and needs fluid. The pump has been worked on twice and has always been noisy.
where can i purchase a left front headlight
In order to stop the anti-lock model from running I had to pull the fuse even though the key was turned off
i cannot locate the fill plug on the tranny
need to replace blower motor or resistor but cannot locate them
Looks like this could be a difficult job ???? Anybody do this themselves ? Thanks, AWB ( 4 wheel disc & ABS )
It's automatic. I try to press the button on the gear shifter to shift out of park and it seems stuck. This is the first time it's happened. Car has about 105k miles.
Front driver-side wheel makes a noise. It gets louder the faster I go. When I turn right(at high speeds) it gets louder and I feel it. Whats wrong
I have replaced the heater coil 2yrs ago and just changed the thermastat 2day but still getting no heat any help would be great
My 2004 Nissan Frontier is Jerking or kicking off everytime i accelerate from stop. What is the possible problem of my car.
every time i drive my driverside door shakes and makes noises. how do i fix this