Very noisy, like the muffler has a hole in it. Engine light is on.

It seems I have a coolant leak(only when the engine is running) which seems to be coming from a water line junction or distribution piece that looks maybe to be plastic. It is under the resevoir tank/ air cleaner inlet, down about a foot or so. It has a hose(maybe 2) coming into it from the radiator and 2 hoses leaving it going into the firewall. It has a device that looks like it might be some sort of vacuum switch with a wire or small hose leading off of it, right beside this junction. Is this associated with the heating system? What would this part be called so that I can order a new one? Apparently, it has a crack in it and leaks when under pressure.

we smell gas inside the car at all times.

I have no cover to tell me which fuse goes to what. I bought a book 1996-2005 Ford Taurus Haynes Repair manual and it shows the box but it does not identify which fuse goes to what. I know the blower motor is fine and the resistors behind the glove box are all fine. The fuses under the hood are also fine.

radio wont make sound, turns on though

My ford Mustan wont come out of park

radiator has a crack in it

This car purchased at city abandoned car auction, sat for 10 years, no battery until I put new one in. I fixed and runs good but no radio. LOC appeared. Buttons 2&3 got a four digit # 6914. Tried AM/FM and nothing. Tried again on 2&3 and INOP. Cleared with one hour. Again ^(!$ and thinking previous owner entered but did notgetSEC googled clock set and tried to reenter 69 and 14. No dice. I may have incorrectly tried the buttons for hr and min. I'm stumped for a correction. Local Gm dealer wants to charge to unlock, no info from them. HELP

ill put my key in push the buttom & nothing happins , the lights radio everything else works, ill wiat 5 mins or so then it will starts .it may not do it for a week or so...HELP

I bought this car used last year and it has a moisture leak in the passenger side head light but i cant afford to buy a new one. I keep burning out bulbs and im on my last spare. Any suggestions?

the oil light comes on when car comes to a stop and the car shuts off when driving

ive a problem with the rear air ride

What else does this involve? Other belts to be replaced?

2003 Chevy ac low pressure guage

My person who changed my oil said it wasn't a fuse, relay or freon problem so it must be an electrical problem. Could this be because I recently had a new battery installed? What type of money are we talking to fix an electrical problem associated with the air conditioner?