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tell me about the fuel pump
my vsc trac & check engine lights are on my mechcanic says that my computer 4 the vsc trac need to be replace and the check engine light is my cat convertor needs to be replace it is making noise. my concern is more a...
vsc trac light is on
my heat works in the back but not in the front
I've been getting code PO410 "secondary air system" for a while.Now tonight truck starts missfire on cyl 6 and there's an odor like something burning. Code Po306 comes up
I have a 2005 Nissan Titan with 65K miles on it. I bought it a year ago and have been hearing a high pitched whining sound coming from the front drivers side down by the tire when feathering the throttle. The sound la...
I have a 2008 Toyota 4-Runner w/about 40,000 miles. Recently, the dummy light for low tire pressure illuminated so I promptly aired them all up to tire manufacturers specs. Is there some magic trick to extinguishing...
idles up and down and surges by itself
how do you replace the heater core in a 2003 chevy s10
The driver side outer handle is completly brocken off cant open the door from the out side
I just need to find out he pounds to which I have to tighten the bolts for the intake. My question is regarding the intake bolts. How many pounds do the intake bolts have to be when installing them?
ignition switch, how to remove is locked
i took the valve body off my 93 ford f 150 it has overdrive and there is 3 round plate like things 2 of them held in with c clips 1 of them not ,what is the one that is not held in with the c clip and what does it do
My car won't shft into gear. It just freely moves around. I was shifting it into reverse and it. Messed up. What happened? Please help me. I need a diagram or something that can show me how to repair the transmission,...
dual temp controls. drivers side will only blow cold air. passenger side works correctly.