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I have a howl that sounds like worn tires from the rear of my truck. Could this be wheel worn bearings or is it the rear diferential?
Reverse gear in auto transmission only works when vehicle is cold.
My truck idles fine when sitting in Park. When I put it in Drive, it wants to stall out. I have replaced all of the "bells & whistles". Any other suggestions as to what I can try? Thanks!
does anybody know - How much is it going to cost to have the ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL Fixed or replaced
How do I turn the passenger air bag on?
The a/c in my explorer blows cold, works well. but the a/c compressor will cycle on and off every couple seconds. it even does that when the heater is on. remains off when neither system is in use. is this normal? an...
My sons car has had a slow leak of coolant and just recently it got worse.
Toyota Camry 2003 I need to replace the power steering belt & serpentine belt.
Is it safe to assume that the fuel gauge is defective if it reads erratically but the digital range readings are precise and after adding fuel the digital range reading looks correct but the needle will read anyware f...
squeaking in driver side wheel when braking louder when cold stops sometime when warms up
replaced sensor 3 times light comes back on why
I have a 1991 Eddie Bauer Version-have replaced the guages on the dash twice & dropped the tank & replaced the sending unit twice as well as the pump-gas guage still doesen't work-no way to tell how much gas I've got-...
When you turn the key it only clicks. In worm weather it will click 8-10 time then start, and in cold weather it will never turn over. The truck is a 5 speed, manual, 4x4.
I went to start the engine and it attempted to start then it made like a whistling sound, sputtered but will not turn over. no diagnostic lights come on. radio and lights working perfectly. It cranked on yesterday w...
replced optispark last summer and car ran fine it has since started to stall out intermittantly changed coil fuelpump relay and coil module still spark quits as soon as you apply the throttle help!!!