there is no communication between may test tool and the autos data link connector

Lights were flashing, and battery dead. Tried to charge battery, it drained charger quickly, remove battery charger and clicking started again and lights flashing. Cannot start, or do anything. Don't know what to do.

is there a sensor that needs to be changed or fuse?

The idle fluctuates up and down it also stalled and would not stay running if put in gear

has become a constant problem. otherwise runs just fine.

its an automatic transmission

Passed---> load test 14.25-14.40...wire harness ok...removed batt cables for 30 min then 60 min per Ford service dept "Resets computer" no change...Shop installed another reg * ordered from FORD * no change...He ordered another reg...same problem...He said lets built another one...No change...Note *No charge for work*car runs great starts up fast..Thinking batt light circuit n puter bad

Need a switch with lumbar support control.

i feel the transmission drag upon occasion at 20 30 mph upon acceleration and sometimes jerk slightly to get into gear

this occur only when a sombody sit (more then 80 kg) behind the driver seat. What could be the reason.
Please reply to my email: jeejo@jmaxtechno.com

deposits on contacts had to be scraped off

the only thing i have not replaced is the fuel regulater and the main computer system

special tools required?

Can only open driver's side door with key and not remote. All other doors will not unlock and can't be opened.

my belt broke.