New plugs, wires, air filter..ran a tankful of high octane. Tune-up. Any suggestions before taking it to a real mechanic.

lights. Dome light comes on with switch, but not by opening door. Messed with headlights and flicked on the brights and the rest of the lights came on. I had no power to the dimmer switch control. Prob just started today.

i was having trouble with the transmission.they said my computer was going bad. is that a common thing? it is being replaced as we speak.how often does that happen? it is very expensive.

just replacing maf sensor , idle position sensor, new catalic converter, new fuel filter, new gas cap and car will start great but then cannot accelerate, or stalls when u try to. i no my battery positive side seems not to tighten dwn, and won t hold a charge. maybe thats why still acting up? being a woman this already frustrating enough. everyone wants to help but nobody fixes it.

why my relay is not getting power or electricity from the battery?

I removed my battery for charge without having any temporary power connection to the vehicle.Have I messed up any computerized device. The clock is late, the radio ask for security code and the engine won't even crank. Please HELP.

No check engine light, had codes pulled anyway - no codes, replaced spark plugs and wires, replaced wire at LF wheel speed sensor, replaced PCV valve, replaced throttle position sensor, replaced fuel filter, replaced air filter, cleaned injectors, cleaned idle air control valve, cleaned mass air flow sensor, cleaned EGR, then replaced mass air flow sensor. WHAT IS LEFT TO DO?

makes somes clanking noises in the tranmission area

Added too much oil, now blowing white smole especially tail pipe...toyoa 4runner..diagnosis?

When I turn ignition all lights including panel lights blinks and go out and don't even crank.After re-installing the charged battery the radio also does not work .It is asking for security code which I don't have. Any help?

3rd time it's done this and i keep buying spark plugs valve cover gaskets etc

Approximately how much will this cost? It is not the actual mirror but the turn signal.

My airbag light flashes a code 73 when started then stays lit after about 5 mins of driving.

Where is the filter?

My check coolant error message lit up on my dashboard display, and will go of when I reset the the info button. However, when I turnthe engine off and park it for a few minutes, the check coolant light will come on again. I have had the lower engine gasket; new radiator; new surge tank; and new thermostat replaced. All these changes occured during the last year while my engine was out of the body of the car for the lower engine work. Now I have the check coolant level light coming on. Please advise.