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heater just blows contines cold air.
I have a 2003 toyota tacoma 4x4 2.7 liter. Emgine light staying on. This is what I have done so far. I changed the emission sensors on exhaust. Had engine light cleared. Engine light came back on. Replaced air mass fl...
friend's car--had battery replaced at a shop. Soon after, engine quits while driving normally--starts right back up. There was some prior damage from 18 wheeler truck tire hitting front of car, but the engine quitting...
hi good day sir, he loss my volvo s80 2001 model key.and hi need any order key,pls can you sale for me ? if yes reple to
Engine goes into red zone and wispy vapor starts to come out from under hood. If this is "water pump needs replacing, what is average cost of repair?
Gear won't shift out of park. Was intermittent, now it just won't release at all.
How to change the spark plugs? Please give a detailed description. Thanks;
Where can I find the manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP)on my 1997 carvan 3.0? I have looked in the repair manual but the picture there is not much help.
can not find the ignition module on my car
My daughters Hold Light is flashing, what is causing this?
My car with 39,000 miles resently started making roaring type sound. With serp. belt on the car sounds like the noise is coming from the lower part of motor. Take the belt off,the sound goes away. Could the belt tensi...
2002 Dodge Ram Truck 1500 with a 5.9 engine stopped running while on a trip all at once. No code found in the computer,checked out electrical system, no voltage going to the coil or coming out, engine cranks but will ...
The VSC on and off lights come on and stay along with the check engine lights?
on the rear axle in the dashboard display,both tires keep flashing check in red. problem #2 drivers side electric door lock will not open.#3 where do i get a door key made as well as getting a key for my spare tire lock