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My 94 Ford F150 power steering pump bearing is squeling, and needs to be replaced. it is a 4.9 motor. Can anyone tell me how to replace.

The car leaks oil when it is idoling. Is this because of oil filter or oil pan?

location of expansion plugs (freeze plugs)on my 1996 nissan 200sx

trouble p0111 iat replaced Iat airfilter replaced tran,shift hard

just finished changing oil, and tried several combinations of turning key on and off

Is there a place to lubricate the column and with what? I have tolerated this for about 5,000 miles. Summer or winter, the same squealing. No noticeable change in steering pressure required. The slower the car speed the more pronounced the squealing.

how do you replace this part

Some one told me it might just be the oil filter and a sensor. The oil does need changed. Nothing is leaking, smoking or smells like it is burning. Can I drive it to get the oil changed. I just want to know if I can drive it to get the oil changed and see if that is all the problem is. I can't afford to get it towed for something this simple. This is the first and only time it has happened. I keep a close eye on oil level, never uses much oil at all.

not sure what to check first

The rear brakse on my 1999 chevy tracker have like a large flange or disc covering most of the braks parts. Can this be removed, or is there a trick to doing it? Does anyone have a brake diagram for this year? Thanks all

the noise seems to be coming from drivers side

The car is automatic transmission. When i give my car gas it does not move.

This happens when I turn the steering wheel in any directions

is a ford explorer sport trac 2008

First time ever happened can not take and put into neutral all electrical dead radio clock