BAS/ESP warning light stays sometimes.Is it something I need to fix right away.Will It cause my car to fail the annual safety and emmission inspection?

my mitsubishi 2003 outlander has two fans. the one on the drivers side work when the engine get hot or the air is put on. the fan on the passenger side dose not go on at all. what do i need to do?

Would also like to know if I can add a concentrated gas treatment for carburetors and injectors

Fuel line leaking where it goes into the motor but can not get the line off.

Two mufflers, tailpipe and other piping, plus labor, has been estimated at @ $1,000.00 at a national chain. Is this about right?

I would like to know how to remove the fuse block under the hood of my 1997 Saturn SW2

Thanks and have a great day.


bulbs and they seem to be ok

how much to do a tranny replacement in a Ford Windstar 2002? approx is fine. especially if you have had to have one replaced in this or a similar year winstar.

or low when i turn the corner and then picks back uo wheni straighten the vehicle

My rig has 73K miles on it...used for towing primarily, though recently used as daily driver, about twice a week.

this happen like a year ago,and ever sence still the same,what could be.

The car is very far from me, i want to know if there is any other thing like programing or just to buy key befor i travel to where the car is.

worked off and on for a week now nothing. checked fan its good.

tried disconnecting battery,reconnecting still have engine light

I found water build up in intake at firewall...unplugged leaves detrius from the drain...hose vent at bottom...fan and ac worked fine for one day...stopped howling... worked 24 hrs after my cleaning out the drain...water was dripping onto passenger side floor prior to my finding the water build up...How do I replace fan and motor and relay? I cant get the fan to blow or howl now...air was coming into the compartement when the fan was howling...Now nothing