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how do i install a new water pump.

I have change the gas cap with an oem piece,check the fill neck and tube and it looks ok and i have tried the drive cycle test to see if the monitors would be ready so i can go for my inspection sticker and pass the emissions test.How can i go further to diag my PO455 code?

and the brake lights do not come on

wont go over 20 mi per hour, could this be the converter.

it just stoped working

please help me

and if so how do i do it

would like specific instructions

I bought one at Autozone..and thought,I did enough looking to varify which One it was..I was told it is directly beneath the oil filter..And the one there IS different than the one I purchased..Help Please..(new to me)Hard vehicle to figure out..And cant wait for a manuel to come in.Needs smogged,and engine light is On,due to this..verified "ECT".

what color is the wire for the brake lights so i can test to see if there is a wiring issue..

Started after I changed the spark plugs. The engine idles down intermittently and shudders slightly like it is going to shut off.

my motor works. i have no movement when i press the switch.

remove and replace headlight assembly on a 2010 Buick LaCrosse

The center right vent blows cold air the others are warmer.I bought the car on 06-12-2010 and has 16581 miles.
It takes 20 to 30 minutes on the interstate to cool the car down on hot weather with whole car air on. Had the dealer check it twice, they said everything okay, air at right temperature. No answer why one vent blowing cold and others warmer.I asked about restricted air flow, no answer. When I say warmer I mean it's cool but not the same as right vent which seems the right temp.I checked the internet and found a few others(2)who have experienced the same concerns. THANKS, John

it gets quieter as you something needs to get warm