I have had tires balanced, alignment, still have vibration

Grinding noise is being made and live in very mountainous region. How much will/should this cost me including labor? Generally speaking of course. ballpark figure...

Both front and rear differentials are going bad at the same time.

The engine is a 3 cyclinder.

my head and tail light work fine.so whats going on with the fog lights? the light on my dash that tells me when the fog lights are on stop working too.

How do I replace the knock sensor on a 96 Acura TL 3.2 I just got a PO325 code.

My car wont come out of park.

What is the procedure to replace the radiator on a 1994 Ford Taurus with a 3.8L engine?

Everytime I drive and turn on the A/C

Replaced the alternator/voltage regulator and belt. There was no where to attach the top of alternator to anything. the belt tensioner was adjusted and was tight. there was noise and then tension was loosened seemed ok. Now charging light flickers on dash. I went to dealership and was told care requires a top mounting bracket that bolts to block. But bracket and bolts are no longer available. So What can I do? Any and all answers are much appreciated. :)

My AC was working fine on my way to work. After work, I started my car and the AC was just blowing warm air. No warnings or error messages, just loud clicking. Seems like the noise is coming from a pulley by the engine. Any ideas?

Just got new tires put on last week. Could soemthing have happened to the pulley when the new tires were being put on?

I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks

when starting and moving alone auto seems to have a problem shifting normally into each gear. this doesn't accur every time but too often. checking levels of fluid is correct. Gear shift-light will blink on and off as if it's not set right or loose. Can you help?

there is no communication between may test tool and the autos data link connector

Lights were flashing, and battery dead. Tried to charge battery, it drained charger quickly, remove battery charger and clicking started again and lights flashing. Cannot start, or do anything. Don't know what to do.

is there a sensor that needs to be changed or fuse?