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My center brake light is out and i looked in the trunk and can't see how to get to the bulb
reset swich for fuel pump
Where is the resistor on the Neon, I am taking one out in a junkm yard and prefer to knoe before I get there
I am certain thjat my fuel pump is defective. I als know that it is located in the fuel tanl
I have been chasing the P0305 code....... #5 cylinder misfire....... I have replaced....plugs, plug wires and coil. I have chased all vacuum leaks I could find. I have cleaned the air system and i think, the injectors...
From Pep Boys, there are 2 error codes with transmission. P0750 - ir solenid circuit error P0700 - transmission at fault present What are we looking at in terms of cost and time needed for repair???
The power windows, power locks and rear window wiper all stopped working at the same time. We have checked the fuses, all are good. Please offer some help as to what might be wrong and how to repair it. Thank you v...
What is required for my Saturn Outlook 80,000 mile check up? I love my Outlook and am so sad that GM decided to kill it.
2003 Sedona 135,000 miles, riding down the road and all the sudden engine loses power for a second and then powers back up. The van has also stalled at a traffic light, but starts right back up. This happens about eve...
car had no rear brakes,i installed a rebuilt master cylinder,car still has no rear brakes. also has new brake pads
Reno Dodge claims the clicking sound in the engine during warmup and 1st 5 miles of driving is from a faulty Exhaust Manifold?
My sport light on the dash has decided to just flash all the time. I did not put the car into "sport" mode
some of the front suspension parts have extensive rust damage. Need a price oo repairs
where is the fuel pump located on a 1991 Park Avenue 4 door
when you try to close the drivers door it wont it bounces back most of the time you have to use your finger to push the metal latch up then try again can it be fixed?